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Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 10th February 2022 

at McArthur’s Store


Directors: Alasdair Swan (Chair); Paul Ingram; Tania King; Kenny Maule; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss;.


Associate Director: John Band.

Guest: Alison Wilson


Apologies: Alastair Cook; Dave Dunbar; David Nairn; John Williams; Robin Hamilton.


1 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th January 2022 were ratified and approved.

Matters completed:

  1. Appointment of  the harbourmaster – Fiona Kibby has been appointed and starts on 18th April.
  2. Recruitment of new directors – a social media appeal has been drafted and will follow on from the formal notice which has been published.
  3. The Appointing Body this year will be Paul Ingram, Sharon Saunders and Elaine O’Brien
  4. Invoices for annual skiffs will be sent out to Alison Fisher at the Rowing Club and are on the Master Mooring Schedule.
  5. The CAF Donate platform is now active, and specific fundraising plans can be devised (e.g. for Tide & Time)
  6. The North Wall bench material has been ordered.
  7. The letter has been sent out asking for the North Wall creels to be moved by the end of March so that temporary toilets can be installed. Quotations for these temporary toilets for the six months between April and September will now be sought to fit in with the events programme.
  8. The January walkabout was completed as planned
  9. A grass cutting service has been arranged.
  10. The Toilet working group has met. The next meeting is on 1st March.
  11. Eric has the slipway launch tickets for the season.
  12. New interpretation boards have been ordered.
  13. The power to the Dunbar Battery stage has been re-established.
  14. The lighting to the front of  Dunbar Battery has been restored.
  15. A cover has been introduced to protect the distribution board.
  16. The flue has been replaced at McArthur’s Store

Matters carried forward:

  1. South Pier roadworks
  2. The RNLI Liberty Pay system will be investigated to see if it has any application at the harbour.

2. Port Marine Safety Code

Incident Log Review

There were no major or minor incidents reported during the month. 

Risk Assessment Review

The following risks were assessed –

  1. Vehicle/pedestrian interaction
  2. Trip on fishing equipment
  3. Hit by ropes during mooring of vessel

In relation to the first risk, there was a discussion about the inadequacy of the speed bump in front of the bridge. What an effective solution might look like will be discussed with Kevin Thomson.

Boy racers have been seen (and spoken to) about abusing the bridge by speeding over it. We may need to revisit the idea of a gate in front of the bridge if this is the only way to protect it.

In relation to the second risk there were mixed views as to the detritus that is being left around the harbour. The last harbour walkabout commented on how tidy the fishermen had kept the harbour, but there was a view that this situation had deteriorated. The matter will be kept under review, and it as acknowledged that the arrival of a harbourmaster will have a impact here.

Fire Risk Review

The fire alarm was tested today and found to be in good working order.

3 Finance Report

January management accounts:

The January report had been circulated prior to the meeting.

  1. There was a deficit of £1723 in the month of January. This is normal at this time of year when activity is relatively low.
  2. Wages costs were lower, as the management of the harbour was undertaken by volunteers in the month.
  3. Fuel prices were escalating at such a rate that the Harbour Trust actually lost money on the sale of gas oil in the month, with the sale price lagging behind the purchase price.
  4. The project costs relate to a report from Arch Henderson on the condition of the harbour. Half of this cost is recoverable from Marine Scotland,
  5. Although the total debtors figure looks large this month, most of the debt is not due until 31 March 2022. 

Mooring applications:

Good progress is being made.

About 75% of the invoicing is complete.

Reminders will be issued to those who have yet to apply for a mooring.

Marne Scotland Grant claim

The first claim now needs to be submitted.

4. Harbour Management Committee

Litter management

Four options were tabled to tackle the problem of litter (in particular fish&chip and pizza boxes being distributed around the harbour.

  1. Do nothing – as there are plenty of bins in existence and the public need to be educated to use them.
  2. Use domestic wheelie bins which will also cost nothing – but are likely to end up in the harbour in strong winds.
  3. Introduce another 1100 litre metal bin (cost £1,775  in the first year – including £375 capital cost -  and £1,400 p.a. thereafter) to be sited beside the notice-board – considered by some on the Board to be an unsightly and unnecessary intervention in the centre of the harbour.
  4. Introduce another Big Belly type bin – the most expensive of the options, but one that might be grant aided, if chosen.

No decision was made at the meeting and the subject will be kept under review with the new harbourmaster.

The notices on the existing bins may be too subtle for the members of the general public who are causing the problem and the wording on these notices will be reviewed to see if the messages need to be more stark.

The existing broken litter bin base  (near the notice board) needs to be removed with an angle grinder and levelled so that it does not become a trip hazard.

Damage to forklift truck store

The door has completed blown off its hinges in the wind.

The matter will be referred back to the contractor who built the stores.

The PIR light is also faulty and does not turn itself off, and should be attended to at the same time.

Damage to the store roof at the end of Victoria Harbour

This is being repaired by Alan Gillespie.

Flue replacement at McArthur’s Store

This has been completed by Lothian Heating with the kind help of Alan Gillespie who provided the cherry picker


The owner is not responding. The boat will need to be lifted out of the water, removed by the owner or sold. A formal letter will be sent by the Chairman.

Boats on the Common Ground

These are outwith the control of the Harbour Trust but, on behalf of the residents,  the Trust and the Dunbar Fishermen’s Association try to ensure that the site remains a credit to Dunbar. Two of the boats are up for sale and their removal will certainly help.

Harbour Bridge left open

This remains a regular and persistent problem, with fishermen unwilling to close the bridge once they have sailed into Victoria Harbour from the Broadhaven.

Electrical repairs

A comprehensive list of repairs will be drawn up for David Brady.

Skip hire

It was agreed that a large skip will be made available for the use of the fishermen for one week at the end of March 2022.

Details will be available for the March DHMC meeting.

Harbour walkabout

The fishermen in McArthur’s Store are breaching the fire regulations. The corridor must be kept clear at all times and although the creels are tidy and allow access, the establishment of a tea station is completely out of order and prevents safe access from the stores in case of fire. The tenants will be written to at once to clear the corridor.

The barrier needs to be re-tied to prevent access to the dangerous steps along the North Wall.

The Ridge will be asked to  complete their work to the steps in time for the Tide and Time Festival

Toilet Working Group

This group has et as planned. Much work remains to be done. The next meeting is on 1stMarch at 6pm at McArthur’s Store. Any director who wishes to attend should notify the Chairman so that they can be brought up to speed before the meeting.

5 Retail and events

A. Retailers

The retailers will be the same as last year.

All retailers will be issued with a formal licence. It will be clearly stated in the licence that all statutory requirements are the responsibility of the trader.

The kwh used by the two meters (Victoria Harbour and the South Pier) will be assessed to see whether the idea of putting in dedicated supply points and sub-meters is practical and worthwhile. It was noted that the South Pier supply also services the davits.

B. Events

Tide & Time

The planning of this event has made substantial progress with many contributors confirmed. Funding has now been granted from Dunbar Community Council, Dunbar and East Linton Area Partnership, East Lothian Community Rail Partnership and Dunpender Community Council to the value of £9,450. The DHT website is being updated regularly. See Events (dunbarharbourtrust.co.uk)       

Dates: Sun 29 May – Sun 5th June 2022 (DHT Event)

Dunbar Battery

Sat 28th May – Private Event

Sat 4th June 2022 – Private event

Fri 10th June – Black Agnes Festival

Sun 19th June – Civic Week Finale (tbc)

Sat 9h July/ Sun 10th July – Battery Theatre Company drama production

Sat 16th July – RNLI Lifeboat Day

Sat 13th August – Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival (DHT Event)

Sat 20th Aug/ Sun 21st Aug – Edinburgh Graduate Theatre Group drama production 

Fri 2nd -Sun 4th Sep – Dunbar Music Festival (tbc)

Sat 10th Sep – Private Event

Please note that each event requires a contribution from the DHT and the support of all Trustees is desired to ensure successful events.

6 Harbour Improvement plan

A. Maintenance Bay

Maintenance Bay improvements  will start during latter part of  February and carry on until end March.

B. Other commissioned work

  1. Undermining repairs to the sheared blocks will take place during the low tides  between 3rd  and 5th  March and  the 19th and 22nd  March 
  2. Investigation into concrete wave wall ( cores) will take place on 11th  Feb.
  3. Other items of repair work will be during Feb/ March

      List of repairs

  • Investigation into spalling on concrete parapet & panel of blocks outer NW
  • Further rock on breakwater
  • Plates, planks and painting lifting bridge
  • Trip hazards quayside 
  • Minor repairs Broadhaven & Cromwell
  • New bollards Cromwell
  • Handrail harbour entrance
  • Edge protection harbour entrance
  • Step repairs

The above were identified in the 2021 consultants Condition Survey of harbour, by the former harbourmaster, and  by the fishermen.

Work depends on tides, swell and the availability of materials 

Also, possible improvement targets -

Additional branders/ ladders in Cromwell Harbour …awaiting a project paper

Grouting of Cromwell slipway 

GPS survey of the North Wall

North Wall Mural update

All local schools Innerwick, Stenton, West Barns, East Linton & Belhaven Hill now have marine ply boards primed by JB and RH. 

They aim to complete murals by the end of April.  JB/RH will then varnish the boards and arrange for their transport to the harbour and erection on the north Wall.

The five 2021 panels by Dunbar Primary will be erected again showing the wildlife of Dunbar.

We have asked the schools to consider harbour people, equipment & buildings as topics, so these will be different from last year.

James Bissett has offered to power wash the North Wall before the murals are erected.

7.  Any other competent business

Craning In Day

8th April 2022

Welfare Committee

The next meeting has been deferred until July.

Notice Board

The board cannot be opened and requires attention

Harbour leaflet

Prices are being obtained before a final decision is made.

YW is also meeting up with Jo Waddell to identify how the Harbour Trust can best engage with the revamped Dunbar website

Sale of fish from boats at the harbour

The subject of licensing will be kept under review.

Main chain

The Sailing Club is addressing this issue with a pilot project this Spring. The Club can use the Trust’s spare chain as it sees fit.

Harbourmaster telephone

The location and message on the phone will be reviewed pedning the arrival of a new harbourmaster. People are finding it difficult to contact anyone at the harbour.

Cromwell Harbour Dog Bin

This needs to be moved away from the monument and the bench.

Date of next meeting – Thursday 10th March 2022 in McArthur’s Store