Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 9th July 2020


Because of the coronavirus, this meeting was held remotely via Zoom.



Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; John Band; Alastair Cook; Paddy Crerar; 

Paul Ingram; Kenny Maule; Robin Hamilton; Eric Robertson;  Yvonne Wemyss.



Quentin Dimmer 

Apology: John Williams



1 Minutes of the previous meeting

Alastair Cook was warmly welcomed onto the Board as a co-opted Director, filling a casual vacancy.

The minutes of the meeting held on 11th June 2020 were then approved.


2 Matters Arising

Matters completed –

  • Oil spillage communication – the matter has been referred to the MCA.
  • Bye-law clarification re pollution of the harbour
  • Notice for kayakers has been procured.
  • Navigation lights have now been installed.
  • The North Wall fence sign has been procured and is on site.
  • The wooden cannon is expected to be installed on Dunbar Battery on 14thNovember at the same time as the 275th anniversary remembrance ceremony for the loss of life following Bonnie Prince Charlie’s uprising.
  • Craning in.

Matters carried forward until the crisis eases –

  • 3T and 5 mph 
  • “Beware Falling Rocks” notice 
  • Cold Store drainage
  • Painting of railings and bollards
  • Maintenance Bay costing
  • Insurance review
  • Kedge anchor advice
  • Public entertainment licence
  • Electrical engineer’s store



























3 Port Marine Safety Code

Incident Log Review

There were no major incidents to report in June. 

Minor incidents included –

  • Kayakers unable to cope with harbour entrance swell and capsizing
    • Discussed a t the previous meeting
  • Broken mooring
  • Harbour user collapsing because of ill health

There was a discussion about skippers who have no sailing experience. Next year’s application for moorings will invite new users to identify what experience they have, encouraging those with none to get in touch with the harbourmaster who has offered to provide training. The Sailing Club has also looked at the possibility of providing training which could help to secure its own future.

Risk Assessment Review

The following risks were assessed –

  1. Collision – loss of product onboard
  2. Collision – fire or explosion
  3. Collision – sinking
  4. Collision – injury to swimmers

The assessments were approved, and no changes are to be made to them.

External audit update

Ron Bailey has proposed that the audit be conducted remotely on 20th July.



































4 Finance

June Report

  1. The deficit of £3,375 in the month of June includes £1,833 of CCTV project costs, most or all of which will be recovered through a grant in due course. It also includes £1,100 of CAD professional fees for the toilet drawings, and a fee for our Designated Person
  2. Landings were 2% ahead of their 19/20 level
  3. The Mooring fee income and retail outlet income were lost in their entirety, as the first half of the year’s fees have been credited to harbour users. 
  4. Fuel sales were 44% of their 19/20 level.
  5. Launchings were 192% of their 19/20 level, reflecting the easing of the lock-down restrictions.
  6. The Covid grant of £10,000 is being spread over the first six months of the year to ease the pain of the loss of mooring fees, landings and fuel sales.
  7. The credit control position is satisfactory, but customers who traditionally pay at the harbour office are being encouraged to pay by other means while restrictions remain in force. 
  8. The credit control position remains satisfactory. 


Statutory accounts update:

The statutory accounts for the year ended 31 March 2020 have been lodged at companies House and now need to be sent to OSCR.






























5 Dunbar Harbour Management Committee

An outdoor meeting was held on Dunbar Battery, respecting social distancing.

Litter bins:

There will be a review of the old-style litter bins which the sea gulls continue to empty at will. These need to be removed or replaced with a better design. The logic behind installing the Big Belly was to remove these unsatisfactory bins.


The harbourmaster is working well to come to a solution which will see Carioca come off the hardstanding in Cromwell Harbour.

Deputy Harbourmaster:

The Board wished Denholm Horsburgh well as he recovers from a recent operation and will continue to give him every support until he is able to return. In the meantime, James Bisset is standing in  as the responsible person when the harbourmaster is not on duty and the Board expressed its thanks to him. David Kittrick has also offered to help when James is unavailable. The harbour management team is also being supported by the kind work of Derek Boomer, a retired taxi driver, who is collecting slipway payments for the Trust.

Quayside protection:

There will be another look at alternative ways of protecting the south quay.

Sleeping policemen:

The Board re-confirmed an earlier decision to install sleeping policemen on either side of the harbour bridge.






















6 Projects


Good progress is being made now that restrictions have lifted.

Harbour Bridge

MacScott Bond is looking to agree the dates when the bridge will be raised for three days to enable MSB to replace the drawings of the hydraulics that they have lost. There will be no cost to the Trust for this operation


Orders have been placed for the poles and the materials



7 Harbour Improvement Plan

Storage at the harbour

Further progress has been made in rationalising the current storage.

A report will then be produced to show who owns how many storage units (potato boxes and pallets) and why these are needed.

It is hoped that the harbourmaster can then exercise some control over where these authorised units are placed.

The subject will be reviewed again at the next meeting



Building consent has been applied for, after which it will be possible to get the project costed so that funds can be sought.

Trunking on the north side of the bridge

Work is expected to start on this next month.

Plan for harbour retailers

A group of directors will meet to draft a policy on ‘Retailers at Dunbar Harbour’ to consider the different interests, and to determine the capacity of the harbour to accommodate retailers, defining where the pitches should be in 2021.






















8. Any other competent business


Equality policy

Yvonne’s proposed changes were agreed, and the new policy has been adopted.

Access interference

JW expressed concern at the old creels that are blocking  access to the Cromwell Harbour slipway and the quayside between the Castle entrance and the Harbourmaster’s office. The harbourmaster undertook to have a further look at this problem. Most of the creels are now in the water.










9  Date of next meeting – Thursday 13th August  6.45 p.m.