Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on 12th March 2020


Eric Robertson; John Band; Paul Ingram; Robin Hamilton; Yvonne Wemyss; Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master)


 Alison Fisher; Alasdair Swan; Kenny Maule; 


1. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th February 2020 were approved and will be posted on the web-site.

2. Matters arising

  • The design of the collection box has been received, constructed in 9mm steel and bolted to the ground.

The estimate for construction and installation is a maximum of £150.

All present agreed this should go ahead and an order placed.

  • Replacement of 3T and installation of 5mph limit sign – QD identified on-line supplier and details passed to AS & ER

YW proposed the replacement of the ‘warning falling rocks’ sign on the West Pier, which is broken and almost illegible. 

  • Max number of potato boxes- Carried forward to next meeting.

Nb. QD ordering a further 12 boxes to accommodate fishing nets, which will be added to those currently located on the EL carpark site

3. Port Marine Safety Code and Health and Safety Report

  • Incident log revue

      2 incidents recorded, both involving the same fishing boat (Sea Salt):

      knives and other equipment were removed from a boat moored in Cromwell harbour and mooring line cut. In view of the theft of knives, QD advised the police. This incident should therefore also be classified as serious. It is believed the perpetrators are adolescents.

It was agreed a formal crime report should be provided for this incident.

      Sinking of a fishing boat moored in Cromwell. Same boat as above discovered full of water. No noticeable damage to the hull, so may have been caused by the exceptional high tide and the boat being tipped over by the quayside as the tide receded. The inboard engine was flooded and will need to be flushed clear of salt water.

  • Risk assessment revue

      Technical failure of vessel resulting in collision with the quayside.

      Technical failure of vessel resulting in grounding.

      Technical failure of vessel resulting in collision with another vessel.

No changes proposed to above risk assessments.  QD proposed there could be a separate risk assessment covering collision of vessel with the bridge. To be reviewed. 

  • SMS Update

Latest version of the Accident , Environmental & Crime policy has been added to the SMS, with text amended as required.

  • Internal Audit.


4. Finance

February Report

  • There was a small surplus of £395 in the month
  • Landings and diesel sales were both down by 17% reflecting the poor weather conditions for the month
  • Balance for the month buoyed by the generous donations received from Seafish Training and the Spott WI following a talk given by the harbourmaster.
  • Debtors still well controlled, the majority of outstanding debt due for payment by the end of March.

It was proposed that ‘Easyfundraising be included in the monthly newsletter and added to the web-site.

Retailers 2020

  • Fizz Bar is no longer progressing their application.
  • Retailer submissions to trade approved:

      Ali Russell  ‘Sno-Ice cream van’. 

      Possible clash with Tasty Toastie and RNLI shop ice cream sales. To be monitored.

      Jane R Designs, ‘Hut at the Harbour’ - Upcycled items

Letters of approval to be sent.

  • Other interested parties:

      Mr Donut Man

      Soup Trailer

      Wild at Heart - Greek food

The mechanism for charging for electricity usage on the southern pier was raised so it can be added to contracts with relevant retailers. Current system to be clarified.


Minutes of monthly DHMC meeting appended to these minutes as agreed at February’s meeting.

Additional notes:

  • Harvester has been removed from the Harbour.
  • Carioca situation unknown. New owner to be contacted to determine plans and to be advise that DHT will be requesting her removal.
  • Cold store drainage. RH has obtained cost for additional works of £2K to add drainage. DFA representatives on the DHMC indicated willingness to contribute. Letter to be sent to the DFA confirming that DHT will support up to 50% of the cost of this work.
  • Picnic bench below castle was re-visited, agreed to consider post completion of Maggies Project .

Costs of regular mowing of the area to be obtained.

6. Projects

  • Maggie development. 

SA not present, item carried forward to next meeting.

  • Harbour Bridge.

MacScot Bond to be contacted re reason for uneven operation of north and south leaves following previous fix.

  • CCTV.

Appeals to ELC and Central planning office for the various decision by planning ongoing.

7. Harbour Improvement Plan.

  • Castle Railings.

Currently they are not deemed pose a risk to visitors and harbour users, so are to be left as they are. Condition to be monitored.

  • Dredging.

Ball park costs of £1200 for sediment testing obtained, which will define SEPA’s requirements for disposal. Decision deferred to next meeting.

  • Maintenance Bay

RH checking with Marine Scotland for possible grants.

  • Drain from Cold store

Item covered under DHMC report

  • Toilets

Building warrant and other ELC approvals costs totalling £1500 necessary before moving to obtaining tenders for construction. - Decision deferred to next month’s meeting. 

8. Annual election of Directors

Progress to be reported at next month’s meeting.


  • RH advised the board that he had uploaded a number of files onto the new Google Drive for access.
  • RH advised that a new internet radio station was starting soon, which could provide a promotional opportunity for DHT.
  • QD advised that ther are currently no government plans for fishing fleets to switch to class D diesel for the time being.
  • QD looking for sources of low cost paint in both blue and yellow for the various items of street furniture around the harbour.
  • YW advised that Taylor Wimpy had again agreed to donate £500 towards Sparkling Dunbar
  • Enjoy Leisure car park
  • It was proposed that DHT contact Bill Axon to arrange an introductory meeting to discuss possible ideas for the car park area.
  • DHT will be supporting Civic week as follows

      On Saturday 13th June the parade, prior to the Crowning of the Civic Week Queen in Bleachingfield, will muster and start from the harbour.

      Rowing activities will take place during the week at the harbour - Kenny will provide details

      Entertainment will take place over the week at Dunbar Battery - Steve will provide details

      Alistair Cook will be photographer in residence in Mcarthur’s Store.

      The closing service on 21st June will take place at Dunbar Battery.

  • Harbour Walkabout: JB & YW will meet once a month with QD

Meeting closed 21.05

Date of next meeting: 9th April 2020