Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 9th January 2020

in McArthur`s Store Dunbar 



Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; John Band; Barry Fisher; Paul Ingram; Robin Hamilton; 

Kenny Maule; Yvonne Wemyss;

Quentin Dimmer (Harbourmaster)


Alison Fisher; Eric Robertson;  




1 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 14th November 2019 were approved and will be posted on the website.


2 Matters Arising

  • The design of the collection box will be carried forward
  • The slots in the Victoria Harbour quayside is helping the ponding problem. The effluent from the DFA Cold Store is still a nuisance, stinking in the summer. The DFA will be written to reminding them of their obligation under their lease not to cause a nuisance.







3 Port Marine Safety Code


Incident Log Review

There were no incidents to report in December

Risk Assessment Review

  1. Vehicle falling into the harbour – there are to existing controls which will be added to the assessment viz. the speed limit and the weight limit. The plans to put a border along the south pier would also reduce this risk further.
  2. Dropped load or lifting incident – no change recommended.
  3. Crush or pinch when mooring – no change recommended.

Policy review

  • YW was once again thanked for the considerable work that she has put into producing the Safety, Environmental and Crime policies. In principle these policies were all adopted and will now be proofread before being incorporated into the Safety Management System

Speeding over the bridge

The introduction of speed bumps was once again considered, previously rejected for fear that they would damage the quayside.

It was agreed that speed bumps would not be introduced at this moment in time. The immediate action will be to repaint/replace the 3Tonne sign and add a 5mph speed limit sign. If drivers continue to ignore these safety signs then speed bumps will be brought in  


Safety review 2019

The safety performance in 2019 was reviewed at the meeting

The report will now be finalised before publication

Designated person

It was recommended that Captain Ron Bailey be appointed as the Designated Person if terms of appointment can be agreed.
































4 Finance


December report

  1. The landings income and fuel drawings reflected a poor period of weather last month
  2. The deficit of £1,602 in the month of December included the following items.
  3. There were donations from the Carol Service amounting to £59. The decision of Churches Together to allow the Harbour Trust to seek donations at this event was gratefully acknowledged,
  4. There was a bridge maintenance cost of £2,644. There was also a cost of £134 for road sweeping by ELC.
  5. The repairs cost of £250 was for the cutting of the drainage slits in Victoria Harbour to remove the ponding.

Financial commitments

The board considered the level of financial commitments to ongoing projects and it was agreed that no further major harbour improvements should be taken on until there was certainty about the final costs of these projects


It was noted that the RNLI has a long overdue debt which will be chased up

Credits for boats sold

There was a review of the policy for mooring fees for owners of boats sold during the year.

The general rule is that no credit is due when a boat is taken out of the harbour or sold during the course of the year.

At its discretion the Harbour Trust has in the past credited customers when advanced notice has been given before the year in question that the boat is up for sale, in which case additional time has been granted (through a reduced mooring fee) to allow the sale to be completed. Where a commercial user has had the boat in the water for less than 6 months of the year, a credit of half of the mooring fee has been awarded in the past on this discretionary basis. Every case has been treated on its merits.

Consideration was given to the Harbour Trust’s policy on potato box storage where the owner pays no mooring fee. At its discretion it was agreed that the Harbour Trust would allow this storage to be left at the harbour at no cost provided it was satisfied that the owner intended to return in the near future to the harbour. If not, the items stored will need to be removed from the harbour as the storage capacity is strictly limited.

One customer in this position will be written to.

Potato box storage

New boxes have appeared on the South Pier and the harbourmaster confirmed that he knew about them, was satisfied that they were not blocking any operations and could identify nowhere better to place them.

However, it was agreed that no further boxes could come on site without creating the very problem that had been solved this year.

It has been suggested in the past that there should be an annual charge to help focus minds as to whether this storage is actually required.

The matter will be referred back to the Harbour Management Committee to see whether a better solution can be found to reduce the number of potato boxes rather than by the introduction of a new financial charge.

In the meantime, the harbourmaster will count the existing number of potato boxes on Harbour Trust property (excluding those on the common ground in front of the Fishermen’s Monument) to establish a maximum number that will be permitted to be placed on Trust property. Thereafter harbour users will need to wait for a box to be removed before a new box will be allowed on site.

Creel storage

It was noted that access to the main points around the harbour will be needed for the major projects and that access cannot be blocked by creels.

In the past the commercial users have been very co-operative with A G Thomson when access is required, so no particular action is required other than to let the users know where not to place their creels.

























































5 Harbour Management Committee

There was no DHMC meeting in January.

The Committee will meet again in February.



6 Projects


  • Work is now due to start on 20th January
  • Planning permission has now been obtained.
  • CCTV coverage is not included in the current costings and will be co-ordinated with the CCTV project
  • The cost of renting one of the new units is likely to be £100 per month plus VAT which is equivalent to the container hire cost currently in use for the forklift truck.  The new units will have power supplied to them.
  • There are three customers who have already asked to rent the three units but no formal leases have been agreed with them.

Harbour Bridge

  • The Bridge Sub-Committee met in December
  • Oil samples have been taken
  • Pressure line valves have been changed
  • The bridge is now performing well
  • Further work is being undertaken to determine the cylinder refurbishment programme. Two cylinders have been replaced since the bridge was built and an attempt will be made to discover when this change took place
  • The decision to place a gated fence along the north wall with suitable signage will allow the bridge to stay down in wild weather – a recommendation made by our consultants.
  • Arch Henderson is providing RH with an overview of the options for the harbour bridge


  • Planning permission is still awaited
  • Some brackets will need to be swopped, but this will not impact on the overall project cost


























7  Harbour Improvement Plan

  • The Users’ Meeting was held as planned on 5th December and the minutes have been made public on the website.
  • A grant application has been made for –
    • Wall repairs
    • Bridge cylinders
    • Maintenance Bay
  • Marine Scotland may not allocate any grant monies and projects will need to be completed in a very tight timescale
  • Costings for the new toilets are still being sought. There is no grant funding identified for this project
  • South Pier sleeper project is currently on hold pending the raising of the necessary funds

8 Annual election of Directors

  • Publicity needs to be arranged
  • The need for succession planning was discussed with particular needs for engineering, project management, legal and accountancy skills together with basic trade skills. The Board was asked to encourage suitable candidates to apply.
  • BF intimated that he expects to move away from the town at some point over the next year at which point he will stand down from office.




9 Any other business


Ditch the disposables

It was agreed that the Harbour Trust would support this project in 2020 at the Harbour Festival at no cost to the Trust. YW was authorised to write to the organisers confirming the Trust’s participation in this environmental initiative.

There will be a refundable deposit requested from customers using the re-usable containers

Google Drive

Given the difficulties some Directors are experiencing with Dropbox there will be a meeting to set up a Google Drive database


The Harbour newsletters are now held by the Dunbar History Society in pdf format.

They are also held on Dropbox and form an invaluable record of the activities of the harbour over many years,

Hi Vis jackets

It was agreed that harbour staff should wear their high visibility uniform at all times so that they can be easily spotted when needed.


A resident has written to express concern at the possibility of dredging Cromwell Harbour as she considers it to be a risk to the kittiwake population. The meeting noted this concern and will seek expert advice on the subject. There is no immediate prospect of this project taking place.

Electrics at the Battery

KM and JB have already made good progress with the electrics and will now look at improving the lighting in the vaults to make them safer to use and will seek to weatherproof the external sockets.

Conflict of interests

It was agreed that there are no financial conflicts between the work of the Directors and their roles in other organisations or in their private lives.

There has always been a need to disclose any possible conflicts of interest to our independent examiners e.g. Sea Cadets, Yacht Club, Rowing Club, East Coast Community Events.

The current disclosure documents will be updated before the next meeting at which time it can be determined how to give this disclosure the best level of publication.

Sparkling Dunbar – Harbour Festival 2020

Saturday 15th August, subject to final confirmation re tides

Round Scotland Row

10 skiffs will arrive at Dunbar on 30th August and it will be important that Dunbar provides an appropriate welcome for the crews.





































10  Date of next meeting – Thursday 13th February

It was noted that PI will be in the chair for the March meeting in the absence of AS and that it will be helpful to ensure that there is a quorum for that meeting