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Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 14th November 2019 

in McArthur`s Store Dunbar 



Alasdair Swan (Chair); Paul Ingram;  Yvonne Wemyss; Robin Hamilton; Eric Robertson; 

Quentin Dimmer (Harbourmaster)


Steven Anderson; ; John Band; Alison Fisher; Barry Fisher; Kenny Maule; 




1 Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 10th October 2019 were approved and will be posted on the website.


2 Matters Arising

  • The RNLI has thanked the Harbour Trust for raising the subject of the road markings and will revert.
  • The winter lighting of the Dunbar Battery is now operational.
  • The statutory accounts have been lodged with companies House and with OSCR
  • The Chairman has written to the owner of the Junior B
  • The design of the collection box will be carried forward









3 Port Marine Safety Code


Incident Log Review

  1. There has been a near miss with a Fork Lift Tuck nearly going into the Victoria Harbour. The root cause was user error and the solution may be to put a barrier along the south pier.
  2. There has been a near miss when a fishermen tripped at the maintenance bay. This facility is a target for improvement.
  3. There was a significant oil spillage out of the Spitfire into the harbour. This is considered to be avoidable and the Chairman will write to the owner. It was also agreed that an oil spillage kit will be procured and that anyone causing such a spillage will be charged for the clear-up (an amount that is likely to be in excess of £400 for a minor spillage and very much more if Briggs Marine have to be involved. All commercial users will be advised of the need to be vigilant about steps needed to keep their oil on their vessel and not allow it to escape into the harbour.
  4. There have been too many cases recently of yacht moorings breaking.
  5. There has also been an incident when a boat tried to get under the harbour bridge when the tide was too high

Risk Assessment Review

  1. Vehicle and pedestrian interface- the largest concern remains the excessive speed with which regular users enter and leave the harbour, including the RNLI and commercial fishermen.
  2. Tripping over fishing equipment – is mainly a hazard at night.
  3. Being hit by a rope during the mooring of a vessel – there has never been a reported incident of this happening and this is not deemed to be a high risk.

Policy review

  • YW was thanked for the considerable work that she has put into producing the Safety, Environmental and Crime policies. They are still the subject of consultation
  • The policies cover the main events which the Trust is compelled to report on by law.
  • There is a further need to capture incidents and near misses. Probably through the use of an Excel spreadsheet as a log of such happenings at the harbour.
  • A small working group will progress this subject.




































  • The deficit of £3,494 in the month compared with a surplus in October 2018 of £2,715. The difference can be explained because of the reduced landing income (£2..4k); increased maintenance costs (£2.2k) and increased repair costs (£1.7k)
  • The Fishing Fleet mooring revenue is down this month
  • Landings for the month were 50% down on the equivalent period last year. With unfriendly weather conditions continuing it is likely that 2019/20 will be a good but not a record year for landing income.
  • Sales of Marine Diesel were however good in October  (up 73%)which may bode well for November landings income.
  • Services  are for the re-imbursement of professional fees in connection with the ramp extension. These have been invoiced, acknowledged, but not yet paid by the RNLI.
  • Maintenance costs  included the cost of weed spraying (£349) and servicing of the harbor bridge (£2,058)
  • Repairs were for the work done breaking out and tar patching parts of Victoria Harbour
  • Waste management  costs were the first uplift of waste oils this financial year. This service appears to be working well.
  • Designated Funds  at the foot of the Balance Sheet are shown at their March 2019 levels. Best estimates at the end of October are -
    • Fixed Assets Fund                      - £293,868
    • Harbour Development                  - £   4,971 (to be used on Maggie)
    • McArthur’s Store Fund                - £     4,859
    • Thelma Band Fund                    - £     6,829 (incl Marquee costs)
  • Applications for  partnership grants will be submitted this month to meet the grant deadline.
  • An analysis of October’s donation was requested.
  • Confirmation was needed that Easyfundraising money had been received

2020/21 tariff:

The draft submitted to the last meeting was ratified and can now be published on the notice board and website.

There has been a proposal that the 12m maximum should be removed. This change would not be of any financial significance to the Trust and is more a point of principle that should be considered first through the DHMC next year. If approved it will be incorporated into the 2021/22 tariff.







































5 Harbour Management Committee

  • It was noted that here has been no sight of Boy Owen’s insurance and the Chairman will write to the owner.
  • There has been a request for the Cromwell Harbour to be dredged. It became clear that the scope of what needs to be achieved has to be clearly defined because although there is a view that more water is required for Acturus there was also a strong view that not too much needed to be dredged as other owners did not want their boats to be settling on the rock. When the scope has been defined there is no clarity yet as to the methodology to be used to dredge Cromwell Harbour. Only after getting agreement on the scope and the methodology of the project will it be appropriate to move on to discover the costs and possible sources of funding
  • The problem of casual fishing was raised by the DHMC. Fish hooks are getting caught in mooring lines. The recommendation that casual fishing should only be permitted in good weather from the North Pier was accepted. The Harbourmaster clarified that this policy must be applied universally if it is not to be seen as discriminatory and this was agreed.
  • It was agreed that a permanent fence where the heras fencing had been placed last summer would adequately secure the North Wall in bad weather allowing people to gain access to Dunbar Battery over the bridge. Costs are to be investigated.
  • Consideration was given to the risks that people expose themselves to when they walk round the south side of Dunbar Battery to fish off the rocks in bad weather. One option under consideration is to place a further barrier along this pathway, but no decision was taken on this subject.
  • The timber edge protection of the South Pier has been costed. Alternative solutions will be considered as the cost was much higher than expected.




















6 Projects


  • Work is due to start in December on site

Harbour Bridge

  • MacScott Bond has been commissioned to complete the next stage of the work on the bridge.
  • MacScott Bond will be asked about the merits of a dehumidifier
  • Tenders are out for the next stage of the work on the bridge and responses are being evaluated.
  • A follow-up Bridge Sub-Committee meeting will be convened


  • The EMFF grant has been awarded
  • East Lothian planners required the project to be divided between the two harbours, doubling the application costs and causing PI considerable inconvenience. This is completely out of order and the planners quoted the two applications for notices in the Victoria and Cromwell Harbours as a precedent that future applications have to be split separately between the two harbours.














7  Harbour Improvement Plan

  • A condition report has been received on the state of the harbour walls. At the moment Marine Scotland has no funds to award in the current year but Dunbar is well positioned should funds suddenly become released.
  • An AG Thomson quote has been received to concrete the road in front of the Cold Store with a view of eliminating the ponding on the South Pier. Further consultation with the fishermen is required. It will also be necessary to have a project plan as fuel deliveries and access to the far end of the harbour will not be possible during the work.
  • There was a discussion as to how much of the current damage to the road was being caused by the forklift truck turning and how much by the power washing of the creels.
  • The Users’ Meeting has been advertised and booked for 5 December at 7 p.m. in the Gibb Rooms at Bleachingfield.








8 Any other business

  • The Harbourmaster has arranged with ELC for a street sweeper to come round the harbour on an occasional basis


9 Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th December