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DHT Board Meeting  - 10th October




SA, KM, 

  1. 1.Minutes of Previous Meeting


  • YW wanted to clarification that RNLI were responsible for some of the costs associated with the road markings – AS confirmed he would write to RNLI to confirm
  • AS confirmed that SA would turn on the lights for the battery – for ‘winter’ setting.
  • AS reminded board members to send KM items for the newsletter.
  • AS delighted to be informed that the boat lift out day had gone smoothly and safely.








  1. 2.Port Marine Safety Code and Health and Safety report


Incident Log Review

  • The Board reflected on the recent incident of swimming under the bridge with both an adult and a young person.  The potential for accidents through swimming remains a concern for the board.




Risk Assessment Review

  • PI confirmed that he would be adjusting the risk assessments in light of the incident noted above.
  • PI noted he has made three changes to the RA – in particularly he noted a change to the risk from falling off cliffs – this had been upgraded to ‘yellow’, following a review.
  • BF suggested that a ‘control’ could be a regular engagement with statutory/voluntary agencies, with the responsibility for coastal safety, to enable the trust to outline its concerns and enable a free exchange of information.









Leaflet on harbour dangers

  • Board re-affirmed its desire to provide information to the general public to make it clear of the dangers of swimming and tombstoning in the Harbour.  Additional signage and life-rings to be considered as part of the response.



Accident/Incident procedure review

  • AS circulated the policy – as per the PMSC
  • Any further comments should be sent to the Chair
  • Policy reaffirms the importance of logging incidents immediately – to enable the board to better understand the regular risks within the Harbour area.




Graham Vale

  • The board wanted to thank the considerable contribution from Graham Vale and wished him well in his retirement.



  1. 3.Finance Report


October Report

  • Landing up on Prior month but on par with Prior Year.
  • Debtors remain manageable.  Two Final demands are about to be sent out before debt collectors are instructed.
  • It was noted that the cost of skip and container high was high for September.
  • AS noted that he had restructured the management accounts to better reflect the restricted and designated funds held in the Trust.  AS circulated a paper outlining the balance of these funds and the definition of each Fund.
  • AS to provide a report to the ELC partnership grant fund with particular reference around the Harbour Bridge.



Food Policy

  • YW circulated the Food Policy for discussion
  • Board thanked YW for her work on this document
  • Board unanimously approved the policy
  • Policy and applications to be published on the website



2020/21 Tarriff

  • AS drafted and circulated proposed Tarriffs for 2020/21
  • Cost increase is 3%
  • Review of the publication of the Harbour charges will be made at the next DHMC and finalised at the next Board Meeting




Statutory accounts sign off

  • Board confirmed Chairs authority to sign off the statutory accounts
  • Accounts will be logged with relevant authorities e.g. OSCR
  • Board confirmed that they were content for the Trust to adopt a business credit card.




  1. 4.Harbour Management Committee Report


Junior B

  • MCA have confirmed that it is not a licensed boat
  • Chair to write to the owner to confirm that the boat will not be allowed in the Harbour in 2020






Coast 2 Coast School

  • Annual charge for launching to be requested in 2020




North Bridge Barrier

  • Heras fencing solution was discussed
  • Further solutions to be investigated including a gate at the corner of the north wall
  • Item deferred.



McArthur’s Store Waste Collection

  • The Waste bin had been overfilled (weight)
  • More regular collections to be considered



Harbour Master Office Wall

  • It was suggested that pointing may be required on this wall
  • RH to discuss with Harbour Management Committee




Cromwell Quay

  • HM requested clarification about the Trust’s position on abandoned boats.
  • Board agreed that a policy, with resultant clarification, was desirable.
  • ER and AS agreed to look at a draft policy to be shared and explored with the DHMC








Cleaning of the Slipway

  • Clarification that HM has responsibility for the cleaning of the slip although it was noted that this was often undertaken by the RNLI




  • Identified water ingress for a Power outlet had been identified and will be made safe




  1. 5.Projects


Maggie Project

  • No further update




Harbour Bridge

  • Sub committee to meet in near future
  • Contractors have undertaken inspection work – some loss of oil discovered in the ram – further discussions to be had around possible reasons.
  • Quotes for work identified in the audit to be considered at the next sub committee meeting.
  • Condition report for whole harbour has been received – RH working with Arch Henderson on package of work suitable for a grant bid – this may include remedial work for the bridge.  Package of work will include research work on area on north wall where movement has been identified.











  • No confirmation has been received from Marine Scotland – delay due to personnel issues.  Verbal agreement has been received.
  • PI still working on online planning application for the system – still not sent to ELC – approval not expected until January – with money required to be spent by end of April
  • Practical testing of the system to be undertaken





  1. 6.Harbour Improvement Plan


Collection Box

  • Drawings have been completed for 3 different designs.
  • Quotes will follow – and available for the November Board Meeting





Drainage outside DFA Store

  • Item discussed at the DHMC meeting
  • HM and RH to investigate and report back at November Meeting




  1. 7.Friends of the Battery


October Update

  • Pix in the Stix event went very well – board with to extend thanks to the group for their excellent organisation.
  • SA reported season had been positive and busy.
  • Potential Fundraiser in autumn to be put towards Harbour Festival







  1. 8.AOCB


  • Public Users meeting to be convened – with potential to discuss development of toilet facilities within the Harbour area.
  • PI  - noted that the Hoverboard user, that had recently used the harbour – had been engaged about their ability to operate the system.  Board discussed the difficulty of operating this within the working harbour.  It was agreed that the increase in activity in the harbour was also creating an increase in congestion and potential conflict.
  • RH reminded the board that they (Rotary) would be working with the Trust to light up the Battery (purple) for Polio Week.  RH and JB to liaise with SA
  • Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 14th November
  • Date of December Meeting – 12th December  - Members to confirm whether they will be able to attend to the Chair