Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 8th August 2019 

in McArthur`s Store Dunbar 



Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; Paul Ingram;  John Band; Alison Fisher; Barry Fisher (minutes);                    Robin Hamilton; Kenny Maule; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss 

Quentin Dimmer (Harbourmaster)




1 Apologies

  • No apologies


2 Matters Arising

  • None not included in Agenda


3 Port Marine Safety Code


Incident Log Review

  • QD suggested a new way to catalogue incidents into the following categories; Environment, Health and Safety and Criminal – board agreed that this should be implemented.
  • Death of harbour user – QD had prepared a timeline of the incident and worked closely with the relevant authorities. The board extended its sympathy to the family.
  • Tombstoning – consistent reporting to police by HM and AHM– QD reported that there is an increasing risk of an accident owing to the riskier nature of the high level jumping.  Cost of damage (£250) to the safety signs was discussed.   Board members discussed their continuing concern about the potential for an accident – particularly with people swimming in the entrance of the harbour.  Board agreed that further information should be spread using both social media and the Courier to further educate members of the community about the dangers of swimming in the harbour.
  • A draft leaflet on the dangers at the harbour will be prepared for consideration at the next meeting

Risk Assessment Review

  • PI suggested reducing likelihood of incident from cooking on boats as this happens infrequently.
  • PI suggested raising the likelihood of incidents on davits on the risk assessments
  • It was agreed that both recommendations should be adopted at the start of the process. Mitigating controls leave both risks as ‘low risks’ at the end. Monitoring will continue to ensure that the use of davits remains a low risk.

Bridge Risk Assessment


  • Further advice for harbour users will be provided when bridge is opened for safety reasons

PMSC Audit Review

  • To be brought forward at the next meeting




































4  Finance Report

  • Small surplus recorded YTD
  • Landings are up 57% over the prior year and the highest ever for the month.
  • Debtors are increasing and will be looked at closely over the coming month
  • One late paying food vendor will contacted immediately and the policy on those seeking annual pitches will be reviewed prior to the next meeting.
  • A donations box may help to capture income due to the Trust – campervans, launchings. Ideas on how this might be implemented practically will be explored.
  • Statutory accounts up until 31st of March 2019 are currently with the accountants and are expected to be returned next week when they will be passed to OSCR and Companies House once approved by the Board.













5 Harbour Management Committee

  • Cromwell Harbour Electric Box – ER raised concerns about the need to change this box or repair the cabinet which is exposing the electrics inside.  QD confirmed that he will attend to this.
  • Speed bumps for the bridge to be trialled  - but additional signage to be considered.
  • Toilets – demand from general public still exists
  • Harbour rubbish – increasing agreement from harbour users that more can be done to tidy up the harbour area.
  • New bins have been installed improving capacity around the harbour.  YW is working with ELC to consider further potential improvements where possible.











6 Projects


  • SA has met with landscape architects to scope out works.  Drawing have been concluded and will be submitted to ELC

Harbour Bridge

  • Engineers have undertaken inspection of the north wall that was completed in February and March.  No concerns were noted.
  • Engineers undertook an inspection on one of the bridge bearing – inspection has demonstrated that wear on them is not as bad as anticipated – remaining bolts have been tightened and close inspection will continue.   Immediate attention is not required.
  • 4 firms have been approached to quote for more substantial work identified in audit (e.g. hydraulics,control units)
  • There are a number of loose planks on the bridge – remedial work has been commissioned.




















7  Harbour Improvement Plan


  • 3 quotes have been received – 4th still to be received for the equipment
  • Quotes for installation has yet to be received.
  • Electrical contractor has been consulted about the locations of poles etc.
  • Full submission to FLAG should be made by the end of this week

Castle Railings

  • AS reported that he had approached HS about potential funding
  • General agreement that the railings should be replaced but further partners for this project are to be sought.

Drainage outside DFA Coldstore

  • RH investigating solution with QD and engineers



















8  Friends of Dunbar Battery

  • Busy programme of events over the summer with a number still be undertaking in August in September
  • Thanks to volunteers for their help in supporting range of events over the summer – lots of work has gone in to maintaining the area.


9  Other Harbour Events

  • Sparkling Dunbar – itinerary has been circulated
  • New marquee has been delivered – it will be erected on the Thursday ahead of the Festival.



  • Board discussed the potential need to draw up  a policy for licensed boats in the harbour to ensure that all vessels comply with relevant legislation.  Board deferred matter until further information is received from the MCA
  • Fuel spill units have been deployed across a number of boats have been successful in two recent incidents – good example of harbour improvements.
  • JB requested coloured gels for the lamination of the battery for international polio day – unanimously approved
  • IT storage solutions being investigated to ensure that a long term solution for photograph archive is achieved.
  • The Harbourmaster explained that James Bisset had kindly volunteered to stand in as Assistant Harbourmaster on a voluntary basis to allow Denholm Horsburgh to get a break while the Harbourmaster was away for more than one week on  holiday or on unpaid leave.











11 Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th of September.