Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 11th July 2019 

in McArthur`s Store Dunbar 

Present: Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; Paul Ingram;  John Band; Robin Hamilton; Yvonne Wemyss 

Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master)

Apologies: Barry Fisher;  Alison Fisher; Kenny Maule; Eric Robertson;

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th June 2019 were approved.

Arising out of these minutes it was noted that the marquee for the Harbour Festival has been purchased.

Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety

The three outstanding incident reports are still outstanding. To these need to be added the recent sinking of a boat in the harbour.

The process for completing incident reports is not working. It is specifically defined in the Safety Management System. The extract will be circulated to Board members and the process will be revised and updated at the next meeting.

The idea of asking the RNLI to help train harbour users in Boat Safety Check procedures was tabled.



The risk assessments associated with –

  1. Collision  - Loss of product onboard
  2. Collision – Fire or explosion
  3. Incorrect loading of vessel – Grounding alongside

- were reviewed. 

Comments on the last of these included consideration of the fact that there was relatively little heavy loading of our regular boats, so the emphasis needed to be placed on the Harbourmaster ensuring that visiting boats had fully trained skippers and were following the harbour regulations.

Not directly connected with the loading of the boats, it was however noted that the regular inspection and clearing of the harbour basin by the harbourmaster reduced the risks of damage when boats do ground  on the harbour floor.

Harbour Bridge risk assessments:

It was agreed that –

  1. Paul will meet with Quentin to brainstorm the risks in the following categories –
    1. Operational 
    2. Structural
    3. Usage
    4. Vandalism
    5. Ancillary (including training)
  2. Paul will then join the next Harbour Bridge sub-committee meeting to review and build on the findings.
  3. The recommendations will then be reviewed by the Harbour Management Committee
  4. The risk assessments will finally be signed off by the Harbour Trust Board, either in September or October.





External PMSC audit:

Capt Graham Vale was thanked for the audit report and it was noted that Dunbar arbour remains in compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code.

A reply to the audit report is now due

There was a discussion about the clearance required to clear the harbour bar and the harbourmaster agrees with Capt Vale that if in any doubt he should instruct a visiting boat to stand off (if asked for guidance on this subject).


First Aid cover:

The Harbour Trust is unable to provide 24/7 First Aid cover.

First Aid kits are provided for Store users.

First Aid cover will be provided for major events.

Finance Report

The June management accounts had been distributed before the meeting.

  1. There was a small surplus of £994 in the month.
  2. Most of this can be attributed to £952 donations from the work of the Pirates of the East Coast, Battery tours and Easyfundraising to finance the cost of events around the harbour.
  3. Landings were 19% down on June of last year but are still 63% up in the first quarter
  4. The repair costs of £765 related principally to the bridge inspection work and the repairs to the seabird camera electricity supply. 

There was a discussion about three customers who have either not been invoiced or not paid their mooring charges. These matters will be investigated…..Walton, Huntly, Fairbairn.


Harbour management committee

Area outside the Cold Store:

It was noted that the DFA is planning to install a channel for the water to run off from outside the cold store into the harbour.

It was decided that the Harbour Trust would work with the DFA to establish a solution that would deal with any output from the Cold store and with the ponding in the same area of the harbour that has been a problem for some time now.  Once the solution to the drainage has been determined the surface of the road in the area also needs to be repaired, after which the best road markings can be inserted. Steven Anderson has been in touch with the Council and also with Fastlane White Lining who may be interested in doing the work for us. It was decided to consider using them for refreshing the existing hatched areas’

The challenge is further compounded as Arch Henderson is advising on the state of the South Pier in this area and there will be no point in undertaking the above work if it is shortly to be dug up to undertake more substantial wall repairs.

Once the solution is costed it can be agreed what work should be carried out and what contribution the DFA might make.

It was also noted that any drain should be positioned so as not to inconvenience the berthing or unloading of the boats.




Oil spillages:

The problem of oil spillages into the harbour often relates to spillages into the ships’ bilges. Some of the older boats are most prone top this. The harbourmaster’s plan of action was approved and will now be implemented


Toilets at the harbour:

The Harbour Trust is aware of the need and demand for toilet facilities at the harbour. Planning permission has been obtained for new toilets along the South Pier but the Trust is sensitive to the views of harbour residents who have been hostile to all of the proposals, including the approved one.

An approach to the Sailing Club to explore ways of using the Sailing Club property has failed to deliver a positive result.

It is also not clear where the funding for a project  for new toilets would come from.

The need to have worked through how the toilets would be maintained and managed is also a fundamental part of the project and this has yet to be fully evaluated and signed off.

These matters will now be taken forward and developed

Unlicenced leisure boats:

Concern was expressed at the possibility that at least one leisure boat may be conducting commercial trips out of Dunbar while unlicensed by the MCA.

The Chairman will write to owners who may be tempted to conduct such operations reminding them that the Trust will not hesitate to report them to the MCA and remove them from the harbour if there is proof of such illegal action.


Electricity box at Cromwell Harbour:

The 13 amp sockets are being exposed because the box is constantly being broken into.

The recommendation that the supply be terminated did not meet with approval. The supply had been installed to help harbour users with the maintenance of their boats at Cromwell Harbour and he action of a few should not prejudice the benefit that many get from this facility.

This is an area of the harbour that hopefully will be covered by CCTV before long but in the meantime the Chairman will write to the DFA to seek its support in identifying who is damaging the electricity box.

In the meantime the harbourmaster will once more secure the box.



Speeding vehicles over the bridge:

Various options were considered and it was agreed that sleeping policemen would be installed to slow traffic down to 5 mph before approaching the bridge.


Abandoned boats:

The current problem boats are Robbie Brunton’s Harvester and Stephen Wight’s Red Boat on the Common Land. There have been complaints from residents about these unsightly boats.

The Harbour Trust is highly supportive of anyone who is taking active steps to maintain or repair a boat on a short term basis but will work with the Council and the DFA to have detritus removed from the Common Ground.


Development under the Maggie

There has been slow progress in auctioning the conditions attached to the planning permission

The building warrant drawings are awaited.


Harbour Bridge

The sub-committee has met again met under the chairmanship of Robin Hamilton.  

The work has been broken down into four sections with the following references to the audit report -

  1. Immediate items of work .(12.2,12.3 12.7 &12.8)

  1. More extensive work items (12.1,12.4, 12.5,  12.6 & 12.15)

  1. Work by AGT ( 12.9 &12.11)

  1. DHT items operation, records ,training ,risk assessment etc

       (12.10, 12.12 to 12.14 and 12.18 to 12 22)

1. Immediate items 

Annual service plus fluid sample, top up reservoir , manifold leak and hose replacements . Also north leaf slower than south leaf on going up/down

Macscott Bond has been commisioned to action this work

2. More extensive work 

A tender will go out to contractors suggested by Arch Henderson

Napier Bros, West of Scotland Engineering & RL Engineering plus Macscott Bond

3. AG Thomson have now inspected 4 of 8 bearings. Checked lining, axle condition and tightened loose bearing caps. Arch Henderson will inspect in August when they carry out remainder of wall/quayside condition survey and advise further work/investigation on bearings

 AGT also to quote for axle corrosion protection

4.There was a discussion on the merits and disadvantages of a manual gate before the bridge but this was put on hold pending the review of the impact of the sleeping policemen. More work is needed on the training programme, signage and risk assessments, but all of this is under way.



Harbour Improvement Plan

Environmental improvements

The new bins are yet to be installed.

Photos required when they are in place for the Newsletter



The Council has reported that the contamination of recycling bins has made them to be of limited value so no further action will be taken on this subject for the time being. The focus will move to identifying the achievable items on the Marine Environmental Checklist.


The Keep Our Harbour Tidy Day was a great success, appreciated by all who attended. Thanks were expressed to all contributors and helpers.


A FLAG grant application needs toe completed by the end of August


A planning application needs to get under way


The specification of the equipment was tabled.

Castle railings

An approach has been made to HeS for financial support.


Friends of Dunbar Battery

Dunbar Battery has been well used over the summer and has put on many popular shows including  -

  1. Bands of the Battery
  2. Battery Theatre Group – ‘Mary, It began with a lass…’
  3. Tesla Coils
  4. Dance School
  5. Civic Week Closing Service

Other Harbour Events

Arrangements for Sparkling Dunbar are now under way


The new marquee will be available in August.

Sparkling Dunbar will include –

-       A Beer tent

-       5/6 food vendors, including The Paella Chef

-       Bands

-       10 craft stalls

-       Forth Wild trips

-       Rowing testers

-       Bouncy Castle

The Sailing Club is considering whether to make the toilet available for the day.

Any other competent business

The NnG tender has arrived and will be circulated.


The possibility of moving from Dropbox to Google Drive was considered and remains an option. However the deletion of a video from Dropbox may solve the storage problem experienced by many Directors.

A letter of appreciation will be sent to Julia Barton


There was discussion about the reluctance to clean up around the harbour. It was proposed that a charge of up to £250 be imposed where a harbour user has been asked by the harbourmaster to clean up after him/herself and subsequently refuses to do so, resulting in the clean-up being undertaken by harbour staff. The matter will be discussed at the next Harbour Management committee prior to being inserted into next year’s Harbour Conditions.


It was agreed that the standard charge for the hire of the Trust’s marquee would be £150, plus VAT

Date of next meeting

8th August  2019 at 6.45 p.m.