Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 13thJune 2019 

in McArthur`s Store Dunbar 

Present: Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; Paul Ingram;  John Band; Alison Fisher; Kenny Maule; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss 

Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master)

Apologies:Barry Fisher;  Robin Hamilton

Minutes of the previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 9thMay 2019 were approved.

Arising out of these minutes it was agreed that the first marquee would be purchased out of the funds raised for the Harbour Festival


Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety

There were reports on three incidents which need to be formally recorded

  1. Uneven road surface trip hazard resulting in a fall.
  2. Swell hazard resulting in potential damage to boats which had been inadequately moored.
  3. Collision risk – when fishing boat had a near miss with rowing skiff when leaving the harbour too fast and too close to the castle.


The risk assessments associated with –

  1. Adverse swell conditions
  2. Crew error
  3. Unplanned movement of berthed vessel

- were reviewed and no changes were recommended

The external audit was completed earlier in the day by Capt Vale – this may be his last year in the office of Designated Person – and follow-up actions will be reviewed as soon as the final report has been received.


Finance Report

The May management accounts had been distributed before the meeting.

  1. There was a small surplus of £870 in the month.
  2. Most of this can be attributed to a £750 donation (promised but not yet received) from Cut Media for the Danny McAskill film.
  3. Landings were up on last year
  4. The maintenance costs include the gardening charge for the year and a weed spraying session,
  5. Repairs relate to the cost of work done top the South Wall
  6. There are a few debtors to chase up but the cash position remains strong. 

Harbour management committee

The subject of the Harbour Bridge was considered later on as part of the main agenda

It was noted that the RNLI is not happy with the lip on the new ramp and the risk of people falling off the edge. The RNLI will address these issues as part of the snagging process

Parking in front of the DFA Cold store remains a problem and yellow lines are required in front of this facility. The main culprits appear to be the fishermen themselves but it was agreed that yellow lines need to be introduced. Discuss in the first instance with Gordon Whitelaw.


Boat trailers on the hardstanding will be encouraged to park more considerately or to move their trailers elsewhere.

It was confirmed that A G Thomson is quoting for safety barriers along the South Pier. To be followed up.


The introduction of barriers in front of retail units did not meet with approval as there is no proprietary right to a particular pitch. However it was agreed that the areas in front of these pitches need to be kept clear so that the public can see what is on offer.

The idea of James Bisset using bollards on a trial basis was approved subject to  the following conditions –

  1. A plan of the exact position of the bollards needs to be formally approved by the Board prior to the bollards being installed.
  2. JB needs to understand that the pitch can be moved at any time on the instruction of the Harbourmaster. There is no permanent right to this pitch.
  3. The harbourmaster must be given a key to the bollards so that they can be taken down in an emergency.


The hole on the Cromwell Harbour pathway has been referred to A G Thomson for repair


It was noted with gratitude that Iain Combe had power washed the seats on the North Wall.

The subject of Lady Angela’s chain was raised as this presents a risk to other boats in the harbour. This matter will be taken up with the owners. The Harbourmaster believed that the matter had already been addressed.



Development under the Maggie

Planning permission has been granted and a condition will be that we will need to have an archaeologist on site for the excavation.

Blueprint will be instructed to proceed to Building Warrant


Harbour Bridge

The sub-committee met under the chairmanship of Robin Hamilton  and agreed to proceed with the emergency actions which were –

  1. To take a hydraulic fluid sample for laboratory analysis
  2. To replace the hose assemblies
  3. To repair the North west Cylinder safety manifold leak

A subsequent meeting was held with MacScott Bond and we are awaiting their estimate of costs.

The majority of the costs will lie with the provision of a safe working platform.


The annual service has also been commissioned


AG Thomson have inspected one of the bearings as recommended in the audit.

There was no apparent wear on the lining or axle and they managed to tighten the loose bearing cap.

There are a few issues from the inspection to be taken up.with the Trust’s consultant before proceeding to inspect all eight bearings


The Harbour Bridge sub-committee will meet next to consider the short to medium term plans.


Risk assessments associated with the Harbour Bridge have been drafted and are now subject to further review and development


Harbour Improvement Plan

Environmental improvements

The new bins are to be installed


Keep Our Harbour Tidy Day – 3rd July

Details of duties will be circulated


Commercial storage

There was a discussion about the merits of buying the land owned by enjoyleisure that is above the castle vaults. Bill Axon of enjoyleisure has expressed a willingness to take a purchase offer to his Board but has explained that under enjoyleisure’s constitution any sale must be at full market price (unless it is for clear charitable purposes). Using the land for commercial storage does not meet charitable purposes even if the storage was offered for free. There is no certainty that the Harbour Trust would receive planning permission for such a project. It was concluded that this was not an option to pursue at this time.

It was noted that the fishermen are storing their equipment in a tidy manner along the South Wall and this is appreciated.

It was agreed that the idea of charging for potato box storage would be raised at the next DHMC meeting. Such charges will only be necessary if the tidy storage arrangements are neglected or if demand for storage gets so great that there is inadequate space. It is hoped that demand can be reduced by fishermen disposing of any equipment as soon as it no longer has a useful purpose.



A FLAG grant application is in progress with a target date of September.


A planning application will be initiated as the project now needs specific definition and no surprises.


The specific details will emerge at the end of a tender process when a supplier is chosen

There is pressure from FLAG to reduce the cost of the project, and FLAG would also like to see police approval of the chosen system


Castle railings

No progress to report

North Wall steps

The quotation received from the contractors that the RNLI had used for the slipway was unreasonably expensive.

There is still a metal step option for which we have planning permission and future consideration will be given as to whether this option should be pursued further.

Drainage outside the DFA Cold Store

There is a need to revisit the options for improved drainage in this area where pooling has occurred around the landing site. Address the possibilities with A G Thomson


Friends of Dunbar Battery

The Civic  Week events were discussed and resources agreed.


Other Harbour Events

Pirates of the East Coast raised £875 for the Harbour Festival Fund and were congratulated.

Fraser Stewart’s photographic record was also acknowledged.

Any other competent business

It was decided to ask for the tender document from NnG which will then be passed on to East Lothian Council who have supported this project to this point. The Harbour Trust does not have the resources to respond to this tender on its own.


Sign up for easyfundraising


The life expectancy of the leading lights is 10 years. Obtain a price for replacement bulbs so that a decision can be made at the next meeting


Two boats have been identified as undertaking unauthorised commercial fishing trips with no MCA accreditation. It was agreed that these cases will be referred to the MCA in future and the Harboumaster was asked to instruct those concerned to either get proper MCA accreditation or to desist from the practice


The harbourmaster continues to explore the idea of introducing a pontoon into Cromwell Harbour for the leisure boats

The recommendation for how to inspect the mooring chains will be considered at the next meeting


The Trust should identify a qualified First Aider


Eric reported that 1000 dog litter bags had been used to date, not necessarily all in the harbour area, but he was encouraged by the early stages of this project.

There has been no official request but an informal enquiry about bringing a fish and chip van down to the harbour. It was noted that such a request might be more attractive if it covered the nights where a food offering is not already at the harbour.

There has been no further follow-up from the Planning Department following the repairs to the Broadhaven breakwater

Date of next meeting

11th July 2019 at 6.45 p.m.