Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 8th May 2019
in McArthur's Store Dunbar

Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Andeson; Paul Ingram; John Band; Barry Fisher (minutes); Robin Hamilton; Kenny Maule; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss
1. Apologies
Alison Fisher; Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master)
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
• JB noted that there may be some inadvertent confusion created in the minutes.– to confirm: the board policy has not changed and the default is for the bridge to remain down when not in active use.
• Gas Oil discussion: the majority decision was based on a secret vote – 6:5 voted in favour of sticking with the status quo e.g. There will be no change in the class of diesel supplied.
• Sleepers for North Wall: Kevin Thomson is in discussion with QD and James Bisset looking at bringing forward the proposal for board approval.
• Board approval for the lights in battery to be on in the evening during GMT. In the summer they can be switched on as required.
• Letters to the McArthurs’ store tenants re PAT testing are still outstanding.


3. Port Marine Safety Code and Health and Safety report
Incident Log Review
• Board Member aware of potential security incident but no formal report received. The incident may have been a Health and Safety incident and will be reviewed accordingly.
Risk Assessment Review
• The four risk assessments relating to collisions were reviewed and it was agreed that no changes were needed

PMSC Audit
• June 13th is to be confirmed for the meeting with Captain Vale for the external audit in the presence of PI and QD
• All other directors were encouraged to attend if available

4. Finance Report
April Report
• The principal feature in April was the closing off of the Emergency Walls repair project which resulted in high grant income and high project costs.
• Overall there was a small surplus in the month of £1,756
• It was a good month for landing income. It is possible that May will show a fall in the value of the catch landed at Dunbar given the adverse weather conditions.
• There is work to be done in May on the mooring charge debtors, particularly as there are some well kent names on the list of overdue debt.
• The cash position is currently strong. It would be stronger were it not for “Making Tax Digital”, a new government initiative which has slowed down our latest VAT repayment. Hopefully the matter will be resolved this month.
• The demands on cash remain as high as ever with many of our current projects relying on our own internal resources.

5. Harbour Management Committee Report
May Meeting
• RNLI work to be concluded on the 9th of May
• The other matters raised are covered elsewhere in these minutes.

6. Projects
Maggie Project
• Planning from ELC still not received but is due imminently
• SA has approached Blueprint seeking a building warrant for the shed element of the project
• Quote from the Architect has been received.
• Groundworks can proceed

Harbour Bridge
• Technical report has been received from the Bridge Engineers including recommendations.
• Bearings will be removed in sequence and inspected.
• RH recommended obtaining quotes for the repairs before bringing to the June board meeting for confirmation.
• Sub group to include board members and QD to be involved in reviewing the document.

Wall Repairs
• All payments have been complete associated with the repairs
• The placing of the large stones on the Broadhaven breakwater will be undertaken by AGThomson in the near future.

7. Harbour Improvement Plan
Environmental Improvements
• Open Day – confirmed as the 3rd of July – all partners have confirmed their attendance. YW requested support on the day from fellow board members.
• Recycling project remains ongoing
• New Bins to be ordered immediately
• General discussion around the potential for identifying further areas for storage around the harbour ensued. It was agreed that further storage was desirable and work could be undertaken on this issue.

• Project has been submitted and received by FLAG for consideration

Castle Railings
• Initial quote was considered expensive – further quotes to be sought for board consideration. Board members to provide chair with any companies which could be approached.
• AS to approach Historic Scotland for the potential of this project to be considered for Grant funding.
• Names of the best contacts in HeS to be provided to the chair

8. Friends of the Battery
May Update
• Number of events planned for the summer – all of which are listed on the Friends of the Battery website.
• Potential for Gates for the Battery are currently being explored – principally to reduce the level of wind funnelling through the building during events.
• ELC have provided services to re-seded the grass within the Harbour – however it has proved difficult to ‘take’ – further considerations may be required if the problem persists.

9. Other Harbour Events
May Update
• Film company has approached the Harbour Trust re. filming which will go ahead in the week beginning the 12th of May.
• Donations for the Harbour Festival £2,184 without Gift Aid received.
• Pirates of Dunbar Fundraiser – 10 registered to date. 26th of May.
• Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival will be August the 17th
• The purchase of one or two Marquees will be considered at the June Board Meeting. In the meantime, there will be a further review about positioning and erecting of the different sizes of marquees

10. AOCB

• Potential water ingress at bottom of the Castle to be investigated.
• Date of Next Meeting – Thursday 13th of June 2019