Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 11th April 2019 In McArthur's Store Dunbar

Present: Alasdair Swan (Chair); Paul Ingram; John Band; Alison Fisher (minutes); Barry Fisher; Robin Hamilton; Kenny Maule; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss
Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master)
1. Apologies:
Steven Anderson
It was noted with regret that Andrew Brown had tendered his resignation from Dunbar Harbour Trust and the Chair was asked to write to him to thank him for, and to note, his contributions to the work of the Trust during his period of office. AS

2. Election of the Officers:
Chair………………………..Alasdair Swan
Vice Chair…………..……Paul Ingram
Company Secretary….Alasdair Swan
Minute Secretaries…..Alison Fisher/ Barry Fisher

3. Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
Minutes of last meeting held on 14th March 2019 were approved.

Matters arising from those minutes –
Letters to the McArthurs’ store tenants re PAT testing are still outstanding. AS
All retail electricity for last year has been invoiced and paid for.
The lights in the McArthur’s stores have been fixed by Caledonian Electrical, a local Dunbar firm who have been very helpful.
The wording for the Harbour Bridge sign was agreed and the sign will now be ordered. AS
The castle railing s job has been inspected by ICI and a quote is now awaited QD
Alison Fisher, together with her fellow members Sharon Saunders and Elaine O’Brien were thanked for acting as the Appointing Body in 2019.

4. Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:
Incident Log Review :
None reported

Risk Assessment review :
The directors considered the risks associated with –
Unexpected wind strength or direction
Unexpected tidal conditions (including swell)
Minor amendments were approved PI

Bridge safety:
It is now policy to keep the bridge down whenever it is not needed to be raised to allow boats through.
Raising the bridge will no longer be a way of preventing people from getting to the North Wall in bad sea conditions.

The Harbour Staff are therefore authorised to close off the entrance to the bridge and put up a sign to indicate that it is the order of the Dunbar Harbour Trust that no-one should gain access to the far side of the bridge until the Harbour Staff deem it to be safe again.

5. Finance Report:
March was a month most noted for the wonderful work that Robin Hamilton supervised in connection with emergency wall repairs and the harbour bridge. It also brings our financial year to an end.
Statutory accounts will now be prepared and submitted for independent examination by Whitelaw Wells
Landings were again up on last year and the gross fishing income landed at Dunbar was 8.37% up on last year, and encouraging indicator for the health of Dunbar’s fishing industry.
The harbourmaster arranged for the tank to be cleaned out during the month which cost over £1,000. This is good practice and it can be reported that the tank was clean and we have nothing to write off by way of unsaleable sludge.
We have found a Dunbar electrician, Caledonian Electrical who has done excellent work around the harbour and in the stores.
The project costs will be recovered from Marine Scotland.
There is £43 of debt overdue by more than 30 days so there is no need for a bad debt provision this year.
The financial position of the trust remains strong at the year-end.

Annual review of harbour staff salaries:
It was agreed –
That salaries should be increased by the rate of inflation;
That the pension contributions should increase to 5%
That the deputy harbourmaster’s earnings should be smoothed to reflect the additional days that he works every year.
As at present the harbourmaster will not get paid when he takes leave in excess of his annual allowance.

Harbour Management Committee:

Mooring chains
The Harbourmaster’s recommendation that the main chain, the secondary chain and the thirteen cross chains should all be fully inspected and recorded was accepted. The Harbourmaster will now work with a team of Directors to come up with a proposed method of working and a cost budget to be submitted to the Board on or before the July Board Meeting so that there is time to consider the report and then place the order so that the work can be done once the boats come out of the water in October. QD

Low sulphur diesel
It IS public policy for users to reduce sulphur emissions.
There is nothing illegal however in what Dunbar Harbour Trust is doing. Harbours up and down the country sell Class D Gas Oil to their fishing fleets.
The higher sulphur in Class D helps to lubricate the older engines. If we decide to return to Class A these boats will need more lubricating oil reversing some of any environmental advantage.
New engines are produced to use Class A.
The newer engines require Class A to keep their warranties intact
Much of the publicity relating to “prison sentences” has nothing to do with the Class A v Class D debate but refers to Heavy Fuel Oil which the big ships use. Heavy Fuel Oil is a major pollutant.
The specifications for Class A and Class D are identical in all but sulphur content and some additives that Class A has to use. Both classes are legal but Class A is better for modern engines.
Class A is more readily available and therefore supply is more secure.
Class D is not dirty (apart from the sulphur issue when burned at sea). In the life of the Dunbar Harbour Trust fuel tank there has never been any trace of sludge or deposit.
Class A is consistently more expensive, often 3 to 4 %, than Class D.
This price differential was a matter of great concern to the fishermen and led to friction with the Harbour Trust. Taking into account the need to support the fishing industry in Dunbar the decision was taken to switch to Class D.
There have been few supply problems since the switch, all of which could have been avoided.
It is not practical to supply both classes at Dunbar.

It was therefore agreed that the Chairman would write to everyone who uses the fuel oil tank to seek their views as to which class of diesel they would prefer to be supplied with -
Class A:
More environmentally friendly
In line with public policy
Meets the requirements of the modern engines
Better supply availability

Class D:
Better lubrication for the old engines
Lower costs for our customers
There has been peace and stability over fuel oil prices since we made the change.

The Chairman was instructed to use the above briefing to write to all the purchasers of our fuel oil. They should be asked to return a sealed voting slip (to be kept confidential), voting for either Class A or Class D. AS
A Nil return will be taken as the individual having no preference.
The replies will be sealed and will be opened by the Chairman in the presence of Robin Hamilton and the Chairman. The individual votes will be kept strictly private and confidential and only the result will be declared. RH

Matters raised by the DFA:
At a recent meeting with the Chair the DFA raised the following matters -
CCTV cameras:
The DFA welcomes this initiative, subject to the usual caveat that the cameras must be properly installed and used for the correct purposes. Cameras that pick up night-time crimes will be particularly helpful.

Sleepers along the south pier:
Protection is required along the south pier for safety reasons.

The Trust has asked AG Thomson for a quotation. QD
The Eyemouth solution was tabled as an option to possibly follow.

Area under the castle
It was brought up that it was once suggested that this area be flattened and used for net making. A few DFA members are unhappy at the prospect of a piece of artwork being placed here .
Katie Fairgrieve pointed out that there were health & safety issues to consider as this was now an area of high industrial activity with forklift truck movements and the refuelling area being used 24/7

The Trust will not be flattening what was the historic entrance to the castle without very careful consideration and consultation.
There is only the one forklift truck and all operators have been properly trained. There have been no reported incidents of irresponsible use of the FLT, and this matter will be kept under constant review along with the other multiple vehicle movements that are part of a working harbour.

Landing berth
Landing berth and another Davit was suggested for this same area.

The Trust has been advised not to develop on this part of the pier because of its structural weakness.

Vehicle parking
Double yellow lines are needed for outside chiller/freezer . It was noted that fish effluent is running from the chiller. It is a lease condition that the DFA should avoid any pollution in the area and in the absence of any drain it is important that the users clear away any effluent. Resurfacing of the area might ease some of this problem, particularly if a drain could be built into the solution

This met with approval and will be acted upon. QD

McArthur’s Store water supplies
The DFA is developing its ideas about a new water supply in the first floor lobby and is waiting for a costed plan from its plumber. Alasdair Swan offered the use of the Community Room so that the fishermen can get more pleasant water provided that the DFA could guarantee that the facilities were locked up and properly alarmed after they left.

Diesel grade
The DFA is unhappy with the proposal to change the class of diesel

7. Projects:
a. Development of the Maggie:
Currently in the middle of the planning process.

b. Walls:
As a result of the grant received from Marine Scotland the following emergency wall repairs have been completed
Underpinning toe of outer north wall at chainages & date.

Ch152 20/2
Ch160 21/2 6 locations
Ch 180 22/2 Chainage 0 (battery end nw)
Ch 232 19 & 20/3 Chainage 250 (harbour entrance end nw)
Ch142 21/3
Ch130 22 & 23/3

Repairs to basalt blocks on outer NW where sheared
Ch 35 25/2
Ch 134 to138 26/2 to 1/3 2 locations

Johnstons Hole Repair
Lifting Bridge Audit complete awaiting report
Rock Armour for breakwater 150t delivered to site
Small repairs mainly grouting Cromwell/Broadhaven
/South Wall/Inner North wall
Investigate NW quayside for voids Ch 150 to 162
Improve Cromwell paths
Electrical audit
Ladder and depth gauge repair
Updated Condition Report

Harbour Bridge:
The harbour bridge bearings are to be inspected by AG Thomson. RH
There will be a better idea as to the cost budget needed to maintain the bridge in good order once this work has been completed.
The hydraulics will also need to be reviewed although they appear to be in reasonable condition now that they are being regularly serviced. If complicated work is needed a specialist contractor may be required. Otherwise it may prove to be in the competency of AG Thomson which would be ideal.

Harbour Improvement Plan:
a. Environmental Improvements
Sincere apologies were extended to Yvonne Wemyss and all of those who had lent the KOHT Day their support. The postponement of this event had been caused because of the slippage in the time-table of the RNLI ramp extension. Had the RNLI project been further delayed it would have needed to be postponed until next winter and it will be a huge asset for many of our harbour users as well as being a major improvement for the RNLI. Nevertheless the extra burden on all those involved with KOHT Day was recognised and it was noted that the new date for KOHT was Wednesday 3rd July. Yvonne was asked to pass on our apologies to all involved. YW

RNLI Slipway:
Work is due to start next week. Mobilisation is under way. The work will last three weeks. There will be limited parking through out this period. The Sailing Club is being used as a welfare centre. There will be daily meetings with everyone around the harbour keeping people informed of the progress of the work.

A draft scheme was tabled.
A FLAG application will be submitted this month. PI

Friends of Dunbar Battery :
The grass appears not to have taken very well and will require regular watering throughout the season.

The proposal for the new Battery gate will need to meet building control requirements which will require them to be able to open outwards when events are to be held to eliminate the risk of any crush. The historic hinges open inwards and are aesthetically more pleasing. The restrictions that might be placed by Historic environment Scotland are unknown. These issues will be discussed with Steve Anderson before we proceed further. PI
Thereafter we will meet with contractors (at least two have been sourced already) to seek design solutions and costings
The cover for the auditorium remains work-in-progress. PI

Other Harbour Events
“Pirates of the East Coast” –
The fundraising sponsored walk is scheduled to take place on 26th May. Walk will be from North Berwick Harbour to Dunbar Harbour. There will be some help and support required from Directors at the Battery and throughout the walk. Music and refreshments planned at Battery for walkers on their return to Dunbar.
Yvonne is having difficulty advertising this – so can we share as widely as possible, she also asked if Kenny could add to the Newsletter. YW

“Ballet Rally “ –
This event held at the end of March – to help raise funds for marquees for use in the harbour during the Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival. This was a successful event, so far having raised £1800 – with some more sponsor money to be added.
Yvonne wanted to express her thanks to Tina for organising the Raffle and to Laura the instructor for their help in making this successful. YW

Any other competent Business
A proposal from Fraser Stewart, a local visual artist was tabled. He has asked to become an ‘artist in residence’ in McArthur’s Store to pursue a creative project based in and around the Harbour. The project is subject to a grant application to Creative Scotland. Fraser Stewart is known well to several members of the Board and will receive the support of the Harbour Trust with his grant application.
The Chair was asked to write to him accordingl AS
Yvonne Wemyss and John Band have procured 10 stalls for the Dunbar Christmas Lights Committee which will be available for Community use. The current challenge is how to transport these stalls easily.
Easyfundraising : This is a simple way to help with fundraising with little input. All that is required, is for people to sign up to the Easyfunding raising page. Paul will circulate details again, if we could encourage as many people as able to sign up this will help with the revenue raised. PI
Kenny commented on the Battery Lights being out – possibly just the clock requiring reset. The orginal plan had been to keep the lights on until British Summer Time came in, switching them on during the summer only for special occasions. KM

Date of next meeting:
Thursday 9th May 2019 at 6:45 pm