Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 14Th March 2019 In McArthur's Store Dunbar

Present: Alasdair Swan (Chair); John Band; Robin Hamilton; Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master) Paul Ingram; Andrew Brown; Eric Robertson; Steven Anderson; Alison Fisher
1. Apologies:
Kenny Maule; Barry Fisher; Yvonne Wemyss

2. Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
Minutes of last meeting held on 14th February 2019 were approved.
There were no outstanding matters arising, other than those covered elsewhere in the agenda.

3. Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:
Incident Log Review :
None reported

Risk Assessment review :
Mechanical Failure of boat alter wording to Technical Failure with the added control of Sound the fog horn and test engine astern.
Control - prelaunch Test on all vessels prior to leaving Berth.
- Sound the fog Horn
3 Risks were reviewed: - Unexpected wind strength and direction
Unexpected tidal conditions including swell.
Electrical PAT testing is now complete.
The responsibility for PAT testing in the Stores lies with the tenants, not with the Harbour Trust, but the organisation of the service by the Harbour Trust does appear to be the most sensible way of proceeding and appears to be appreciated by the tenants.
AS will write to the tenants to check that they are happy to proceed on this basis with PAT testing on all equipment used within the stores charged against their rental income as an allowable cost. AS

4. Finance Report:
The surplus for the month was £731
Most of this was attributable to the £630 of donations raised for the Sparkling Dunbar Harbour Festival which will be needed to cover costs that will be incurred later on in the summer.
Landings which related to January were 5% up on January 2018
The Tastie Toastie paid for last year’s electricity. We will check to see whether Bisset Seafoods has been charged for electricity. AS
Maintenance costs included the pest control charge and the PAT testing by Wes Bradd.
The project costs related to Arch Henderson’s fees and will be recovered from Marine Scotland.
The financial position of the trust remains good.

5. Harbour Management Committee:
Padlock for Lockers - these have been obtained
Electrical and Mechanical survey of the bridge is almost complete
Bridge and Walls – further detail covered under Projects
Harbour Clean-up will take place in April during environmental week. Yvonne has been asking Fisherman what they want disposed of and what is to be kept.
“Ask the Harbour Master” – Q & A of the role of Harbour Master during the Environmental day on April 16Th. Quentin will be away for Easter Holiday and Denholm reluctant to replace him. Volunteer required to this task on.
Safety barrier – requires further discussion on the best approach to do this and if Sleepers are the best material. Quentin will ask the fish Lorries for their views.
McArthur’s store lights to also be fixed. AS

6. Projects:
a. Development of the Maggie:
Planning application now registered.
Next steps:
Write out to the two leading contenders, informing them which contractor has been chosen to proceed with the work. SA
It is hoped that by April, any final decisions will be made and work can progress.

Potentially there will be 6 Stores to be rented out or used internally. Decisions on this to be made in the summer, once the work has been completed.

The original potential art work hasn’t materialised. It was agreed that any temporary Art Exhibits / Exhibition could be displayed, if appropriate, for a limited period of time.

b. Walls:
Intensive work has been achieved over the months, thanks to low tides. In Mid-February, a lot of the undermining work was completed, with further work being done over March, with the next low tide around 18/03/2019. This will allow for a further 3 or 4 areas of undermining to be done along with buttress and blocks work.
Stones are now placed at Breakwater.
There are various areas inside the North Wall and at South wall steps, where there appears to be voids, requiring attention.
Investigation required into Quayside as there is a suspicion of a further void.
Should there be money left from the grant, it is hoped to be able to look at the Parapets concrete, where there is signs of corrosion, but specialist assessment will be sought. RH

Harbour Bridge:
An audit of the bridge took place 13/03/ 2019 by a Company specialising in Mechanical repairs. The bridge is in a state of serious disrepair.
Bearings – 4 loose bearings on the south side and 1 on the north side. These are serious faults. These require full investigation, as they hold the bridge in place.
If the bridge is up for long periods of time this impacts on the bearings. At times of bad weather the bridge is often up, to stop the public going over for their safety.
This could also be a costly repair. Advice will be sought via Arch Henderson / Jane Arbuckle/ mechanical engineers. RH
Hydraulics - to be further reviewed / investigated. RH
The Superstructure of the bridge - is in good condition apart from some minor remedial repairs to wood work and painting.
Agreed: The bearings should be checked fully and any repairs done, with costings sought to do this. Explore how cost could be met and by whom. Possible that grant money could be obtained from ELC, under emergency work. RH

Recommendation: Keep the bridge down to avoid further deterioration. To mitigate the Public safety risk – a short term solution should be a notice with a chain informing people not to go over the bridge. A long term solution could be lockable gates. Alasdair will enquire locally for an estimate for gates. AS
Alasdair will also write to the fishermen and people using the bridge regularly, as to what the findings have been and the new procedures for use. AS

7. Harbour Improvement Plan:
a. Environmental Improvements
Keep Our Harbour Tidy (KOHT):
Purchase of new bins underway
Harbour clean-up, fishermen aware skip will be available. Fishermen to advise on what can be cleared and what should be retained
Open day progressing well. Promotion of event will be launched on social media and other publicity forums, in the last week of March. KM has agreed to do harbour tour.
Ask the Harbourmaster TBC with Denholm and the short film is underway.
Further exploration of recycling facility ongoing

Fitness Fundraiser, Sun 24th March – progressing well, includes raffle ticket sales with the support from several local businesses
Pirates of the East Coast, sponsored walk – registration will commence end March.
Sparkling Dunbar – Members of RNLI have agreed to assist with First Aid at the event. DHT to provide First Aid pack.

RNLI Slipway: this has been delayed due to issues with the Contractors and then the nesting time of Kittiwakes.

CCTV - Andrew Brown had submitted a quote to the last meeting, circa £10,000.
Paul Ingram put forward an alternative solution, which would be wireless. It would involve creating a Harbour wide Wi-Fi Network. This would support approx. 10 Cameras, with HD transmission, digitally recording all Live Video Streams.
Additional benefit would be the ability to have a password controlled captive web- site interface to Wi-Fi___33 network access to internet. This would also allow video streaming to / from the Battery and Dunbar Harbour webcam from CCTV streams. Single supply of Phone and broadband to the Harbour, with VOIP connection to provide phone service throughout.
There would be the requirement to have mounting poles for the cameras and Wi-Fi Antennae (approx. 6), this will require planning permission.
However, the overall cost would be much less, with a guideline cost of approx. £2000, but this requires confirmed after further research into the various components required.

Friends of Dunbar Battery : SA
The grass is growing with the wetter weather. Council has been back to feed it – Barriers still up while the grass gets established.
Equipment purchased; brushes and buckets for ongoing maintenance of Battery.
Few enquiries have been to use the Battery over the coming months.
Battery taking part in Earth Hour.

Other Harbour Events
2020 Coasts and Harbour –
National event to encourage coastal communities to put on events to encourage people to come to the coasts around the country. Dunbar Rowing Club has already signed up for an event with other rowing clubs along the coast. It is anticipated this will coincide with Dunbar Civic Week to raise both profiles. KM

Any other competent Business
Railings at the top of the Castle have collapsed, the rest are rusty. It will require to be a like for like replacement. Alasdair will ask Iain Watt for a quote for railings to be replaced. Gordon Easingwood is planning to work on the steps up to the Castle. AS

Quentin Dimmer (QD) has identified that there is Research AIS (Automatic Identification System) point at the top of the Castle. This could be utilised in future for navigation purposes.
Update on Annual re- appointment of Directors
Panel members have been appointed. Following advertisement there would appear to be no new applicants. Barry Buglass has resigned. The Board once again extended their appreciation for the many years of service that Barry has given to the Trust
The Appointing Body will meet to consider the reappointment of Board Directors later on this month. AF

Paul Ingram (PI) has done some research and fact finding on doors for the Battery. Having doors would reduce draft and the wind into the Battery and could be closed for specific Events. Any existing hinges could be repaired or replaced, the style of door would require to be decided and agreed, with everyone mindful that any doors would require to be agreed by Historic Scotland.
Paul also presented a proposal for wet weather cover for the Battery; this would extend the use of the Battery, but requires further consideration.
John Band, along with the Dunbar Christmas Lights Team, has secured 10 stalls which are for general community use. To secure use of the stalls all that is required is a donation to the Christmas Lights Fund.
Steve Anderson (SA) will look into having the fixings put in place for using with a marquee or tent within the Battery. SA

Date of next meeting:
Thursday 11th April 2019