Minutes of a meeting of Directors held on Thursday 14Th February 2019 In McArthur's Store Dunbar

Present : Alasdair Swan( Chair);John Band ;Kenny Maule; Quentin Dimmer ( Harbour Master ) Paul Ingram; Andrew Brown ; Eric Robertson ; Steven Anderson; Yvonne Wemyss; Alison Fisher (Minutes)
Robin Hamilton; Barry Fisher; Barry Buglass

Minutes of the Previous Meeting:
Minutes of last meeting held on 10 th January 2019 Approved
There were no outstanding matters arising, other than those covered elsewhere in the agenda.

Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:
Incident Log Review :
Dog in Harbour.
Dinghy pulled from Harbour

Risk Assessment review :
The following risks were reviewed: -
Skipper error – collision with quayside
Skipper error – grounding
Skipper error – collision with another vessel

The question was raised as to whether the mechanical failure of a boat, as had occurred recently, had been properly assessed as a risk and whether prelaunch tests should be carried out before any vessel leaves its berth PI

Safety Management System
Education – within Schools ( Dunbar Grammar ) re swimming in the Harbour. This will be organised by the harbourmaster and delivered by Jimmy Wilson. QD
Bolts to Bins at Battery – to avoid these being either blown into Harbour or vandalism resulting in them being put into Harbour.

Finance Report :
There was a deficit of £509 in the month
Landings were up on January 2018’s figure
Rental income includes the benefit of Caldive’s storage boxes
Advertising is a necessary part of the process for electing directors each year.
The cost of the Hamilton Waste dsposer is now coming through the accounts.
The cost of the new dog bag dispenser was in the janaury accounts
The maintenance costs related to the Mcarthur’s Store Alarm system.
Project costs related to the work done at Johnston’s hole and will be fully covered by a grant from Marine Scotland.
There are no credit control issues to report. Most of the outastanding debt relates to mooring charges which are not payable until the end of March. Many boat owners have kindly paid their mooring charges already.
In general the Trust remains financially strong and performance is in line with budget.

Harbour Management Committee :
Small electrical equipment
The policy is in place that portable equipment should be PAT tested. Quentin has carried out an inventory. Wesley Bradd will check all portable equipment
Faulty Equipment or anything that fails should be reported and fixed.

Safety Barrier around the Harbour
To prevent falls into the Harbour
This would be Railway sleepers bolted to the road/ concrete. Further meeting required on site to discuss. Steve Anderson offered to get a costing for the Sleepers and costings for the overall work would be required.

Harbour Bridge
Robin reported that Arch Henderson have agreed to organise the audit of the harbour bridge. Jane Arbuckle has made a site visit to discuss the work. This will be funded by Marine Scotland. When the results of this work are known it will be possible to estimate the costs of repair that may be needed. RH

Development of the Maggie :
£58,600 Flag grant has been awarded
Planning application has been submitted to ELC The application needs to be registered after which there is a two month delay before a decision is made.
The art work which was being “donate” doesn’t seem to be materialising, so this will not be included in the plans.
It is hoped to have work underway and completed by the Summer, Including the Castle area and Maggie Store.

Weather conditions will determine how much of the North Wall repairs can be completed by the end of March RH

Andrew Brown obtained a Quotation for consideration at the next Harbour Management Meeting AB

Harbour Improvement Plan:
Yvonne has spent valuable time researching and getting involvement from Schools,
for a Beach and Harbour Clean up. All schools were enthusiastic and keen to be involved, marine Life and plastics is a hot topic in schools.
Recycling and Rubbish disposal within the harbour – healthy debate on how it would be implemented and how this would look.
A phased approach is favoured

RNLI Slipway.
Work to start and discussion took place as to the re distribution of Bedrock material. The suggestion by the RNLI Estates office was to distributed on either side of the slipway. The Harbour Trust Board preferred the bed material to be placed on the seaward side of the Broadhaven breakwater as there was concern that this quantity of material could move to cause a problem within the harbour if placed beside the new ramp. AS

Friends of Battery :
The grass seed is growing, thanks to the mild winter. ELC been contacted to apply fertilizer.
Shells, Stones and Mulch required to be replenished in the Seaside Garden, SA will order.
Purchase Brushes and Buckets for ongoing maintenance.
Marquee fixings will be priced. SA
There are a few Bookings made for use of the Battery. Local Theatre Group booked to use Battery over June / July.
Plan to make use of the High Street notice board for publicity for the Battery. SA

Other Harbour Events:
Sparkling Dunbar – Yvonne is well under way with fundraising plans for Marquees and Tents. There have already been various generous donations from local businesses.
Fitness Fundraiser, with a Bake sale & raffle is organised for end of March.
A Sponsored Walk from North Berwick Harbour to Dunbar Harbour is planned for 26Th May. YW

Any other competent business
Update on Annual appointment of Directors
The appointing Panel has agreed to stand – Alison Fisher, Sharon Saunders and Elaine O’Brien.
Barry Buglass resignation was noted with deep regret. Barry has served the Harbour Trust well for six years and due recognition was paid to his contribution to the work of the harbour.

Harbourmaster;s updates
“Fishing for litter” Skip wishing additional skip reinstated
Fuel Tank is to be emptied and serviced on Monday 18Th February
Criminal Justice teams will paint the harbour railings
Final reminders for mooring applications will be sent out after which moorings will be allocated to new customers
Electrical Inspection of all areas within Harbour will be undertaken
Continues to work on the feasibility of the Victoria Harbour pontoon.
Authorisation was given to the harbourmaster to order a new latch for John Fairgrieve’s store QD

Worth discussing with RNLI again SA

Buddy Bench
The concept is that this is somewhere a person can sit and people can join them for a chat/ to be a companion. Positioning to be considered. KM
Brexit – Forms may be required for boats leaving the Harbour if we leave the EU. This needs to be kept on the radar until the politics becomes clearer. KM

Charitable status:
It was agreed that it is necessary to raise the profile and awareness of Harbour Trust as a charity . The general public may not be aware this is the case .

There being no further business the meeting closed.

Date of next meeting:
Thursday 14th March 2019 6.45p.m.