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Minutes of a meeting of the Directors held on Thursday 10th January 2019 in McArthur’s Store, Dunbar

Present: Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; John Band;
Barry Buglass; Alison Fisher; Barry Fisher; Robin Hamilton;
Kenneth Maule; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss
Quentin Dimmer (Harbourmaster)

Apologies: Andrew Brown; Paul Ingram.

Minutes of the previous meeting:
The minutes of the meeting held on 10th November 2018 were approved.
There were no matters arising other than those covered elsewhere in the agenda

Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:
Incident log review
There has been a recent incident with a dog falling to his death in the harbour. The dog’s owner also got into serious difficulties by following his dog into the water.

2. Risk Assessment review
The following risks were reviewed all involving the technical failure of a vessel –
Possible collision with the quayside
Possible grounding
Possible collision with another vessel
The current risk assessments on these subjects were approved without further amendment.

It was noted that the question has been asked again as to whether railway sleepers along the south pier would increase or decrease the safety of the harbour. This matter will be kept under review

3. 2018 Safety Review
The draft was reviewed but not approved as it did not fully capture the incidents that had occurred during 2018. The incident log will be completed before the review is signed off. QD

The set of measurable objectives with actions designed to mitigate identified risks were agreed as being –

Continued review of three risks at every Board Meeting ;
Education at the Dunbar Grammar School about the dangers of jumping into the harbour;
Harbour walk-rounds by Directors each quarter.
Removal of the bolts under the Dunbar Battery (which previously secured the bins).

Finance Report:
There was a small surplus in the month of December
Landings were up as predicted. Year to date landings are 6% more than in 2017/18
Skip hire is £795 more than last year, reflecting the Harbour Trust’s commitment to keep the harbour tidy.
Repairs of nearly £1,000 in December related to work need to repair the Broadhaven Breakwater, the pier outside McArthur’s Store and the south Pier davits.
The debt position is good.

2019/20 budget:
The Revenue budget for 2019/20 was agreed.
There was discussion about the prioritisation of the Capital budget, which is party influenced by the level of grant funding that can be secured.

Highest priority will be given to:
Major work on the Harbour Walls
Refurbishment of the Harbour Bridge
Additional storage under the Maggie.
Environmental projects

Also under consideration are:
Additional investment in the branders project, dependant on the success of the stage that has already been completed.

Harbour management committee:

Harbour bridge –
Arch Henderson (Jane Arbuckle) will be on site on Monday to advise on the best ways forward for effective bridge maintenance RH

Toilet –
A suggestion was tabled that the Harbour Trust should secure a larger porta loo that could be moved around the Harbour. There are no details yet as to how this would be secured, who would maintain its cleanliness, and where this would be sited, so this is currently work-in-progress.

Moorings committee:
The 2019/20 invoices are now out and several users have already paid their mooring charges for next year.


Development of the area under the Maggie –
The FLAG grant has been awarded and a planning application has now been supported. There is a Civic Pride grant application pending.

Arrangements for the Civic Art work have still to be finalised.

The main contractor has been selected.

Harbour Bridge –
Arch Henderson will advise on a list of competent contractors who can look after the bridge.
After full audits have been conducted a maintenance plan will be agreed.

Wall repairs –
There are major undermining issues that we hope to address in February and March when the tides are favourable. There are lower priority repairs that can be tackled in safety if the weather is rough.

Plans are in place to deliver the stones for the next stage of the Broadhaven breakwater.

Tidal gauge –
This has still not been fitted at the mouth of the harbour.

Harbour Improvement Plan:

Environmental improvements –
There will be events in week commencing 15th April 2019 to encourage schoolchildren to be aware of the environmental impact of pollution on the harbour and the sea. There will be clean-up days on Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri. There will be an Open Day on the Tuesday.

The request to re-install two dog litter bins and two cigarette butt bins was approved. YW

The requirements of the Port Waste Management Plan were discussed. The Harbour Trust does provide the facilities for visiting boats and harbour users that are required by the law. There can legally be a mandatory charge for these facilities but the Harbour Trust provides its waste disposal facilities at no additional charge. The primary responsibility under the law is for the boat owner to remove the waste responsibly.
This basic waste disposal facility for boats using the harbour needs to be differentiated from the waste produced by individual businesses at the harbour. Progress is being made to encourage the businesses that operate on the quayside to tidy after themselves, and the Harbour Trust will continue to assist when it can to enable obsolete creels and equipment to be removed tidily from the harbour. It does however remain the responsibility of these individual businesses to remove their own industrial waste. If the Harbour Trust is asked to provide facilities to clear this waste there should be a charge on the polluters.

The concept of a recycling centre at the harbour was discussed. No conclusion was drawn and further work will be undertaken on its cost, location, ongoing servicing, and the probability of success. It was noted that previous attempts had been frustrated because harbour users did not use the recycling bins for their proper purpose.

RNLI slipway –
Consents have been issued for the RNLI to undertake this work.
Agreement with the Crown Estate ahs been received.
The interfaces with Boats-In Day, the Wall Repair project and RNLI Day have all been discussed and the projects will all be able to work side-by-side.

Castle stairs –
Gordon Easingwood is keen to lead a team of volunteers to restore proper access up the stairs to the Castle.
It will always be too difficult to allow full public access but it will be positive if we can get safer guided tours to the Castle.
It was noted that the railings at the top of the castle will soon need to be replaced.

Friends of Dunbar Battery:
The grass has taken well.
Trip signage needs to be organised. SA

Any other competent business

Annual appointment of Directors –
Alasdair Swan, Barry Buglass, Barry Fisher and Steve Anderson are required to retire by rotation but all four can stand for re-election if they so wish.

An advertisement will be placed to see whether anyone else is willing to put themselves forward for election. Notices will be posted. BF

Tom Shearer has now retired. Sharon Saunders will be the obvious replacement for him on the Appointing Body and she will be invited to represent ELC. AS

Elaine O’Brien expressed a wish last year to stand down, so a replacement for her may also be required. AS

Alison Fisher was appointed to deputise for Alasdair Swan on the Appointing Body as he is up for re-election. AF

Appointment of other Officers –
It was agreed that at our April Board Meeting we should seek to elect a Vice Chairman and a Secretary at the same time that the Chairman is elected.
Matters raised by fishermen -
Yvonne tabled that two issues of current concern that had been communicated to her were –
The lack of CCTV coverage in Cromwell Harbour
The absence of a sink in McArthur’s Store

Quotes are being gathered for the upgrading of the Harbour Trust’s CCTV coverage and it was noted that past frustration has been caused because so much of the activity under investigation has taken place in the dark when the film has not been clear enough to establish the identification of those involved. Any new system needs to be able to operate in the dark at a quality that will be admissible in court.

Once the McArthur Stores tenants have produced a plan and costing for the sink and confirmed a willingness to pay for the work the Harbour Trust will seek the necessary approvals and will commission the work.

Retailers –
It was recommended that invoices should be sent out to the retailers at the same time as the mooring charge invoices..

Date of the next meeting:
The next meeting of the directors will be held on Thursday 14th February 2019 in McArthur’s Store at 18:45