Minutes of a meeting of the Directors held on Thursday 11th October 2018 in McArthur’s Store, Dunbar

Present: Alasdair Swan (Chair); John Band; Barry Buglass;
Alison Fisher; Barry Fisher; Robin Hamilton; Paul Ingram; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss

Apologies: Steven Anderson; Andrew Brown; Kenneth Maule; Quentin Dimmer (Harbourmaster)

Minutes of the previous meeting:
The minutes of the meeting held on 13th September 2018 were approved.
There were no matters arising other than those covered elsewhere in the agenda
Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:
1. Incident log review
There were no new incidents to report.
2. Risk Assessment review
The following risks were reviewed –
Vehicle falling into the harbour
Dropped load or lifting incident
Crush or pinch when mooring

Although there have been no reported incidents connected with crush or pinch when mooring it was felt that the likelihood was greater than had been previously been recorded. The risk assessment will be adjusted accordingly.

3. Safety Management System
There have been no recent changes to the SMS
Finance Report:
There was a small surplus in the month of September
Landings were down 31% on September 2017’s landings. An element of this 
may be attributable to the timing differences in receiving dues. This matter 
will be reviewed again next month.
Check with the harbourmaster that the Orca (Victoria Todd) is paying her 
launching fees
Income from visitors’ fees was very low, presumably reflecting an absence of 
visitors to the harbour.
There was an investment of £12,000 in the Broadhaven Breakwater during 
the month and more was achieved than had been expected for this money.
A few unpaid debt issues were discussed, mainly attributable to the ill health 
of harbour users.

7. In general the Trust remains financially strong and performance is in line with budget.
Statutory accounts:
The statutory accounts for 2017/18 have been signed off and lodged at Companies house and with OSCR.
Harbour management committee:
Harbour bridge –
It was agreed that a meeting would be arranged with ICI to establish the exact scope of the work that ICI had quoted for.
A new remote control unit is required and authority was given to procure a replacement for £350
Fish boxes –
The idea of a bespoke container to improve the housekeeping around the harbour is being considered by the DHMC.
Victoria Harbour pontoon –
The harbourmaster is still evaluating options.
South pier hazards –
Rhona Bell is willing to move the Tastie Toastie if this will help – (Rhona will require the Trust’s assistance to achieve this) – but the priority is to move the Rockhopper’s potato boxes which present the much greater and more immediate hazard.
Environmental policy –
This is still work-in-progress with the DHMC
Fishing for litter –
Arrangements have been made for the skip to be uplifted. The Harbour Trust remains supportive of the spirit of this initiative but will need to be convinced that a more appropriate skip and better response from this organisation will be achieved when space becomes available again.
Toilet –
The hire agreement will be terminated with Nixon’s
DFA fork lift truck container –
A draft agreement has been discussed with the DFA and the terms were approved by the meeting. The agreement will need to be signed before a container comes on site.
RNLI slipway –
Documentation has been received from the RNLI and this will be circulated so that approval can be given off-line for the Chairman to proceed with the legal contracts.

North Wall artist –
Ali Cleary’s latest correspondence was shared with the meeting. There was concern that some artwork might not meet with the approval of local residents and the proposal to put reverse graffiti on the North Wall merited discussion with the residents. The board also felt that any funding for these art projects needed to come from specific grants and that it would be inappropriate to use general funds for this purpose. The Chairman will write to AC.
Moorings committee:
Boats Out Day was completed successfully and thanks were passed on to all who were involved.
Harbour policy, terms and conditions 2019: Harbour charges 2019:
Final version will be circulated
Walls –
Marine Scotland has offered the Trust £107k for wall repairs that can be completed in the current financial year.
Branders –
The first of the branders have been fitted. The rest depend on weather and tide conditions being right and resources being available at those times.
Broadhaven breakwater –
Work has been completed.
Development of the area under the Maggie –
The target remains to get a project paper to the FLAG committee for the November meeting. A tender process is under way.
Harbour improvement plan:
Harbour Users Meeting –
The Harbour Users’ Meeting will be held in November.
It will be publicised on the notice board and in the next newsletter The content will follow the usual Powerpoint/Open forum approach.
Friends of Dunbar Battery:

The grass re-seeding project was approved, subject to the reminder that it was always intended to be a slow-growing grass area. The lesson learned is never again to cut the grass too short.
A pre-booking scheme will be designed and implemented.
A donations box would be an asset provided it was emptied on a daily basis.
There is also a need to look at the possibility of a door (or a door within a door) at the Battery entrance to reduce the wind factor. A design needs to be agreed and then costed.
Any other competent business:
Remembrance Day, Sunday 11th November 2018 –
The programme will be circulated on Dropbox to the Board Assistance at the evening event will be appreciated from all Directors.
Signage at the slipway -
This is out of date and needs to be replaced.
Fundraising –
A fundraising initiative will start in January to build up a fund in the memory of Thelma Band who gave so much to the harbour.
Clean up campaign –
Discussions will take place with the harbourmaster to determine how best we can mobilise resources to clean up the harbour and its surrounding area.
The next meeting of the directors will be held on Thursday 8th November 2018 following the Harbour Users’ Meeting