Minutes of a meeting of the Directors held on Thursday 13th September 2018 in McArthur’s Store, Dunbar
Present:Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; John Band; Andrew Brown; Alison Fisher; Paul Ingram; Kenneth Maule; Eric Robertson; Quentin Dimmer (Harbourmaster)

Apologies: Barry Buglass; Barry Fisher; Robin Hamilton; Yvonne Wemyss

Minutes of the previous meeting:

The minutes of the meeting held on 9th August 2018 were approved.
There were no matters arising other than those covered elsewhere in the agenda

Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:

1. Incident log review
There were no new incidents to report.
The incident with the young kayaker drifting close to a fishing vessel while wearing no life jacket has yet to be recorded.

2. Risk Assessment review
Vehicle pedestrian interaction, trips on fishing equipment and a hit by ropes during the mooring of a vessel were reviewed.
It was agreed that more attention needs to be given to ways in which to flag up that people are entering a designated working area.

3. Safety Management System
The term “harbour user” will be defined in the next version of the SMS. AS

Finance Report:

1. There was a surplus of £12,746 for the month.
2. Landings were an exceptional £11,078 in the month, with arrears from June's landings being received as well as a high level of July's landings. Year to date the gross income from fish landed at Dunbar is up 12.8% on 2017's figure.
3. Income from launchings continue to be disappointingly low.
4. However the number of public moorings is well up on last year.
5. The success of the Harbour Festival is reflected in these accounts, producing a surplus of over £300, thanks to some generous public donations.
6. The 'expensed equipment' is a spare fuel nozzle which the harbourmaster has recommended should be kept in stock to ensure the continuity of fuel supply.
7. 'Maintenance' costs in the month covered the annual fuel calibration, a new lock for one of the fishermen's stores and the quarterly pest control bill.
8. There are still a few old accounts that are proving difficult to collect. These are heading for the debt collector now.
9. The bank balance remains healthy after the payment of the retention monies for the Dunbar Battery project. However out of this money payments need to be made for various committed projects such as the completion of the Branders project and the Broadhaven Breakwater project.

Statutory accounts:

The statutory accounts for 2017/18 have been examined by Whitelaw Wells and the Chairman was authorised to sign them on behalf of the Trust

Harbour management committee:

Harbour bridge –
There was further confirmation that Andrew Brown and John Blyth are engaged with this subject. Improvements have been made to the electrics and the =boards since the Board last met. The plan to refurbish the rams remains work-in- progress.

The harbourmaster asked for the introduction of sleeping policemen to be introduced on either side of the bridge as speeding over the bridge remains a constant problem.

Enjoyleisure site –

As agreed at the last meeting the site has been cleared of the rubble which now forms part of the Broadhaven breakwater.

Potato boxes –

Potato boxes remain on the enjoyleisure site and the fishermen have undertaken to throw away as much of their redundant stock as possible. The harbourmaster will arrange for the Trust to provide a skip for this purpose provided the exercise is conducted in a swift and efficient manner. There are the equivalent of c 24 potato boxes up on the enjoyleisure site and there is nowhere to safely position these on the harbour property. There was a discussion as to whether to ration the number of potato boxes by introducing a storage charging system for them but it was agreed that it was far better to ask the fishermen to reduce the storage requirement by a careful review of the contents of the storage boxes.

The harbourmaster expressed concern at old nets simply going into landfill and will discuss with the fishermen whether there is an environmentally friendly way of disposing of or recycling these ropes.

Toastie Tastie –

The DFA has suggested that it would be safer to move the Toastie Tastie van towards the castle. Rhona Bell is happy to accommodate this request and it was agreed that the van would move at the end of the season.

It was pointed out that there seemed little reason to move the Toastie Tastie van if the Rockhopper potato boxes were going to remain at the corner. This matter will be referred back to the Harbour Management Committee as there seemed to be an inconsistency in the approach to these matters.

Road repairs –

It was agreed that the road around the south pier required repairing and the harbourmaster will produce some costed options to remedy the defects.

Incident reports –

It was confirmed that incident reports 50 and 51 were signed off by the DHMC and can now be closed.

Toilet –

The DFA has confirmed that it sees no need for the Nixon’s toilet at the far end of the South Pier and as this is rarely used it was decided to terminate the hire contract to free this part of the quay for the storage of creels.

Moorings committee:

The process is in place to communicate with all harbour users in December to apply for a mooring for 2019 by the en dof December 2018.

The process for applying for hardstanding will remain unchanged although it needs to be made clearer that the space is limited and priority will be given to those users who have had hardstanding in the current year.

Harbour policy, terms and conditions 2019:

This document needs to be finally approved at or before the November Board Meeting so that it can be sent out with the application forms for moorings and published on the web-site.

A draft will be issued to the Board for consideration -
The draft should also be considered by the DHMC for comment.

The main changes relate to –

  1. Advertising policy
  2. Retail unit policy
  3. Campervan parking policy

Harbour charges 2019:

It was agreed that the harbour charges would increase by 3% next year. A draft tariff will be issued for consideration at the next meeting.


Branders –
The branders are now at the pierside at the Cromwell Harbour and await the fitting of the brackets.

Broadhaven breakwater –

Work is nearly completed on Stage 1/3
100 x 1 tonne rocks will be moved into position from the Broadhaven. There was some doubt as to whether this number had been brought in and this will be checked with Kevin Thomson.

Development of the area under the Maggie –

New 20ft containers can be bought for £2750 plus VAT
A price has been received for part of the concreting from Ag Thomson.
A price has been received for the floodlighting and CCTV camera coverage.
G Brown has been contacted re the masonry work.
A price is needed for the utilities to the site.
The Trust has been asked to include a fork lift truck salt spreader for the use by the DFA. The current process involves the harbourmaster’s use of a shovel. Although the Council frequently salt the area on the relatively few occasions when this is necessary. This spreader needs to be priced.
The intention is to get an Expression of Interest in to the FLAG Committee by next week so that a project can be submitted by mid November.

Harbour improvement plan:

Pontoons –

The Harbourmaster continues to explore the options for pontoons in both of the harbours.

Harbour Users Meeting –

The Harbour Users’ Meeting will be held in November.
Given the relatively low attendance in recent years it was suggested that this meeting might be held on the same night as the November Board Meeting.

Friends of Dunbar Battery:

Congratulations were passed on to Steven Anderson who on behalf of the Trust has received the Retrofit Award for 2018 from the Architect’s Journal. The jury decided that Dunbar Battery is - “a playful and joyful space which is ‘so engaging for adults and kids’”. The panel also liked the way in which the existing wall on the site was salvaged and re-used to create a simple but effective design. During the last month the first wedding as well as further concerts have been held successfully on Dunbar Battery.

Pix in the Stix is bringing outdoor cinema to Dunbar Battery for the first time on 22nd September, weather permitting. The show was sold out almost immediately with the organisers requesting that the audience be restricted to 80.


Funds are needed to replace some of the grass, shells and stones prior to next year. The hatch is to be secured.

Health & Safety:

Notices will be erected to further remind parents of their responsibilities to look after their own children in the historic monument. 

Information on the plants:

Visitors have asked about the plants on Dunbar Battery and this information will be placed on the website.

Any other competent business:

Remembrance Day, Sunday 11th November 2018 –

The beacon has been purchased and will be tried out on site when it arrives.

A team of two Directors will be needed to support Gordon Easingwood on top of the castle.

A further team of stewards will be required to stop the general public falling into the harbour.

Risk assessments will be completed this month. The Fire Brigade and Coastguard will be informed

The final details of the programme will be sent out to the Board before the next meeting.

Newsletter –

Kenny is away during October/November and Directors were asked to take photographs for the newsletter in his absence.

There are currently 130 people on the newsletter circulation list. Anyone can be added by contacting Kenny or the harbour office.

Recognition for Dunbar Harbour –

Viridor’s National Magazine and the Bird Society’s e-bulletin have both promoted the recent improvements to Dunbar Harbour.

Dog litter bag dispensers –

There were mixed views as to whether it was proper use of the Trust’s funds to provide litter bags for dog owners and, indeed, whether such an initiative would be successful in reducing the amount of litter from dogs that are separated from their owners. However it was agreed that the option would be explored with costs for the erection of the dispenser and the ongoing cost of providing bags being available for consideration at the next meeting.

North Wall steps:

The work done in this area has not proved to be fit for purpose and alternatives will be explored by the Harbour Management Committee.

Big Blue –

This may be the last season for Big Blue and its success will hopefully lead others to consider filling the void with a similar offering next year.

The next meeting of the directors will be held on Thursday 11th October 2018.