Minutes of a meeting of the Directors held on Thursday 9th August 2018 in McArthur’s Store, Dunbar

Present: Alasdair Swan (Chair); Steven Anderson; John Band; 

Alison Fisher; Barry Fisher; Robin Hamilton; Paul Ingram; 

Kenneth Maule; 

Quentin Dimmer (Harbourmaster)

Apologies: Andrew Brown; Barry Buglass;; Eric Robertson; Yvonne Wemyss

New Directors:

After consideration of the applications from Yvonne Wemyss and Alison Fisher, both were co-opted to the Board under Article 12 of the Harbour Revision Order.

Under Article 12 if a trustee refuses to accept office, or dies or resigns, or ceases to be qualified or becomes incapable of acting, at the discretion of the trustees the resulting vacancy shall  either be left vacant or shall be filled in manner following:-

(a) the trustees shall fill the vacancy by co-opting as a trustee any person duly qualified in accordance with the  provisions of this Order, and the trustee so substituted shall continue  in office for the period that the person in whose place the  co-opted trustee is appointed would in the ordinary course have continued in office;

(b) at the end of such period the co-opted  trustee shall go out of office but shall be eligible for  re-appointment if qualified.

Under Article 12 Yvonne Wemyss comes up for re-appointment at the end of March 2020; Alison Fisher comes up for re-appointment at the end of March 2021. Both Directors are allowed to serve, subject to re-appointment, until 8th August 2030.

Amongst many other talents Yvonne brings event management skills to the harbour and Alison has considerable project management experience in the health industry. Both have been closely associated with the harbour this year.

After a warm welcome both new Directors were invited to be shown round the workings of the Harbour Trust by the Harbourmaster.

Companies House to be informed of the appointments.

Minutes of the previous meeting:

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th July 2018 were approved.

There were no matters arising other than those covered elsewhere in the agenda

Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:

  1. Incident log review

The following incidents were reviewed.



Near collision in Harbour entrance



Falling over on South Quay

These will now be sent to the Harbour Management committee for their final comments on the adequacy of the improvement measures

The engagement of the Harbour Management Committee on these subjects will be a further improvement on the current safety management process.

The near miss recorded when kayaks were launched in the path of a fishing vessel  with no safety jackets on the youngsters will be recorded prior to the next meeting.

2. Risk Assessment review

Falls from climbing, trips on uneven surfaces and falls to water or onto the deck of a vessel were reviewed.

No changes were deemed to be necessary and the controls were considered to be relevant.

3.   2017 Safety Plan review

  1. The consideration of the effect of risks on people; assets; environment; and business will be incorporated into the Trust’s risk assessment process. – Completed and a regular feature of Board Meetings
  2. This improvement programme will be included in the first minutes of the meeting after the visit of the Designated Person. – Tabled at the August Meeting
  3. The directors will be identified as Duty Holders on the DHT website – The Safety Management System can be downloaded from the “Port Operations” section of the website and this clearly states that the Directors are duty holders.
  4. The roles of the Harbourmaster and Deputy Harbourmaster will be reviewed in the context of the Safety Management System. - Done
  5. A letter of compliance will be sent to the MCA - Done
  6. Safety Management System will be revised to take on board the Designated person’s comments - Done

4. 2018 Safety Plan

This is a formal assessment and improvement programme  created after the visit of the Designated Person for implementation over the next year by the Directors of the Harbour Trust. … per section 1.8 Safety Management System

  1. Communicate the risk assessment and method statement for the paddle boarders to all harbour users so that they can understand the role they play when the paddle boarders are leaving the harbour.
  2. Complete the internal audit report by the end of September.
  3. Continue to review three risks at every Board meeting.
  4. Revisit and assess whether the controls are truly meaningful in the risk assessments and eliminate/replace them if not.
  5. Publish the  performance review of the 2017 Safety Plan
  6. Change the review of the incident reports to maximise the engagement of both the Board and the Harbour Management Committee
  7. The Safety Management System will be revised to take on board the Designated person’s comments

5. 2018 External Report

A draft was tabled and the response will now be sent to Capt. Graham Vale.

6. Other safety matters – 

It was reported that there are four studs protruding from the bases of the old litter bins under Dunbar Battery which now need to be removed.

Finance Report

  1. There was a surplus of £1,406 for the month.
  2. There were no exceptional items of expenditure in the month
  3. Landings were down again on last year... by £778in the month
  4. The Dunbar Battery retention is due to be released shortly.
  5. There was a successful Sparkling Dunbar Festival, which although held in July, will be accounted for in August once all the paperwork is in. This was a financial success as well as a cultural success.

The independent examination of the 2017/18 statutory accounts is due to commence on Monday next. The Harbourmaster asked if it would be possible to keep the Mooorings file on site during the examination as it contains key contact details.

Moorings Committee:

The Harbourmaster has produced a definitive list of those boats seeking hard standing this winter.

This list has been passed to Dave Johnstone and Duncan Forbes who will be compiling a plan.

The plan will then be passed to the Harbourmaster and Dave Anderson (who has kindly agreed to be in charge of the lifting out operation on the day).

Following their review the Harbour Board will be informed at the September Board Meeting whether everything is in order or whether there are any problems to be addressed.

Harbour management committee:

Harbour bridge –

No Bridge meeting has taken place since the last Board meeting.  John Blyth and Andrew Brown have both expressed their willingness to help. This matter is now urgent and a meeting with Ian Watt will be arranged.

Campervans – 

The general view was that campervans should not be banned but needed to be controlled. How this will be done will be delegated to a separate Board sub-committee which will return with recommendations for both the DHMC and the Board to consider.

Enjoyleisure site –

Alasdair reported that he had spoken with Bill Axon of enjoyleisure about the neighbouring land. Enjoyleisure’s immediate concern is its public liability risk with a fork lift truck driving across a path used by tourists and the general public. In due course the answer to this will be to put up notices reminding pedestrians that they are approaching a working harbour and moving vehicles.

Enjoyleisure still plan to erect a barrier which will be managed on their behalf by the harbourmaster under guidelines agreed with enjoyleisure. 

In the meantime it has been agreed that the site will be cleared, the rubble being used for the Broadhaven breakwater in the next few weeks (RH) and the potato boxes to be moved onto harbour ground. 

Potato boxes –

The current number of potato boxes cannot be accommodated on harbour property safely with the increasing demand for storage for a forklift truck and creels.

Some boats have multiple boxes and it was agreed that the Harbour Trust would pay for the disposal of redundant equipment on a one-off basis if fishermen agree that they can reduce the number of potato boxes. In the meantime no new boxes can be brought onto harbour land.

There has been much favourable comment about the South Pier with its single file boxes.

Musselburgh Subaqua Club –

A request has been received from The Musselburgh Subaqua Club which is part of SCOTSAC, supported by Sport Scotland. MUSAC has been discussing with fellow Scotsac divers how the access and exit at Dunbar Harbour might be improved. The proposal is that the diving fraternity will raise the finance to install a robust harbour style ladder leading down to the Pebble Beach. The ladder would obviously have to be approved with appropriate signs for its safe usage. However this seems to be the best way forward to ensure continued safe diving at the harbour. 

Since this is clearly a welcome harbour improvement at no cost to the Harbour Trust the proposal was approved in principle subject to receiving the details in due course.

RNLI ramp –

The relationship with the Crown Estate was discussed. The matter will be taken forward with the RNLI.


Branders –

The next phase is due to take place at Cromwell Harbour once the children are back at school.

Toilets –

No moves forward this month.

The absence of toilets has been keenly felt by visitors to the harbour and there was a large queue following the Nevis Ensemble performance last week.

The options need to be revisited.

Broadhaven breakwater –

Work to begin this month

Two boats need to be moved.

100 x 1 tonne rocks will be moved into position from the Broadhaven

Harbour improvement plan:

Harbour wall repairs –

Works to the North Wall have been identified and an application has gone in to Marine Scotland, looking for £100k of funding to undertake it.

Development of the area under the castle –

No update from the artist. Follow up.

Development of the area under the Maggie –

Ros McArthur is arranging a meeting between the FLAG, the DFA and the Trust.

If containers are a problem it may be that a simple building will be the answer to provide the necessary storage.

Increasing storage capacity is essential given the extra demands coming from the commercial users of the harbour.

Cromwell Harbour surface repairs –

Undertaken by A G Thomson

Friends of Dunbar Battery:

Recent events on Dunbar Battery have been a great success, most notably the Battery theatre Group’s production of ‘The Homecoming’, a play written about Dunbar in the Great War and the role that Dunbar Battery played in it.

The publicity surrounding the activities is being reviewed with plans in place to use the noticeboard outside the Town House.

Grant opportunities are being considered by the group.

Sparkling Dunbar :

The Board expressed its thanks to Yvonne for organising such a successful day.

It was clear that we have an on-going problem with stalls/ bouncy castles if the wind is 20 mph or more.


Kenny asked all Board members to send him photos in October and November for the newsletter.

Any other competent business:

Remembrance Day, Sunday 11th November 2018 –

Will Collin is organising events on Remembrance Sunday to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War.

The Harbour Trust has been asked to organise the lighting of a beacon (probably on top of the castle) at 19:00. The Royal Legion Pipe Band (or at least a piper from the Band) will be on site.

A Norwegian candle may be the answer for the beacon but whatever is proposed will be tested before the day to avoid any disrespect on the occasion.

The possibility of offering refreshments on Dunbar Battery after the event was also mooted, together with other singing.

Minor repairs –

The Depth gauges need to be fitted to the harbour walls.

Dr Badger’s Bench needs to be repaired.

Trust archives –

Meeting will be arranged to progress.

Additional revenue –

Forth Wild should be asked to pay for their advertising trailer. 

Details of the Fizz Bar will be sent to Alasdair

Double decker Noodle Bar –

The request to bring a double decker bus on site as a noodle bar was considered to be not appropriate to the size and scale of the harbour.

The next meeting of the directors will be held on Thursday 13th September 2018.