Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 12 April 2018

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar.

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-Chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; B. Buglass; 

B. Fisher; R. Hamilton: P. Ingram (Treasurer); K. Maule E. Robertson

1.Apologies: A. Brown; Q. Dimmer

2.Minutes of the meeting held on 8 March 2018 and matters arising:

The minute was adopted.   There were no matters arising.

3. Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety report:

a. Incident log review:  There had been no reported incidents.

b. Risk Assessment Review: A further three risks were subjected to a review at the meeting and the recommended changes were adopted. The risks under review were –

  1. Adverse swell
  2. Crew error
  3. Unplanned movement of a berthed vessel

It was noted that the branders project is intended to improve the safety of berthed vessels.

The importance of the control of wearing lifejackets will be highlighted.

c. Safety Guidance:

Where boats are being moved in and out of the water the Harbour Trust has identified various risks and issued guidance for all, viz.

  1. People not associated with the lift can drift into the area…therefore we recommend that the area be cordoned off.
  2. The crane operator or banksman may not see one of the team……..therefore we recommend that hi-vis jackets be worn to make team members more visible.
  3. Objects have fallen off boats as they are being moved……..therefore we recommend that team members wear hard hats to protect themselves.

The wearing of life jackets is a recommended practice for anyone going on the water in a boat.

The guidance “rules” apply to all. Where individual businesses choose to ignore what are standard safety guidelines the insurance companies of those businesses may take a hard look should any accident occur as a result of the lifting operation.

Safety when working on the harbour bed:

The rules relating to the lifting of boats are not applicable to the fixing of harbour chains. (They are different activities). Protective equipment is recommended according to the risks associate4d with each operation.

  • There is no significant water in the harbour at low Spring Tide……..therefore no risk of being run down by a boat, so no need for a hi-vis jacket or life jacket.
  • There is no risk of anything falling on the heads of those repairing the chains…so there is no need for a hard hat.

4. Finance Report:  

a. March report:  

The report had been circulated previously and was approved.

It was noted that March had been a terrible month for the fishermen and the start of April had been even worse for them.

b. Moorings Committee:

Recent achievements:

  • Mooring applications were sent out as planned.
  • 2018 Moorings have been invoiced.
  • Planned chain inspections have been completed
  • Chains have been replaced where repairs were identified as being necessary.
  • Vacant moorings have been advertised successfully
  • Indications are that 2018 occupancy will be at least at the level of 2017.

Plans moving forward:

  1. Produce a timetable to inspect all chains and anchors in all 3 harbours where possible to update the chain register.
  2. Identify the next repairs that are needed and review the possible costed options for replacing them.
  3. Recommend a methodology for inspecting all chains.
  4. Remover old mooring chains to avoid boats attaching to deteriorated chain.
  5. Inspect riser chains and advise if action required.
  6. Check the invoiced mooring revenue to ensure that it is complete and accurate.

It is anticipated that this work will be completed before the end of September and monthly updates will be given to the DHT Board.

Designated fund:

Funds could be designated for the future replacement of the chains. Once designated, the funds could only be used for this purpose, restricting the freedom of the Board if other demands were put on the Trust’s funds (such as matched funding for other projects).

The amount to be set aside each year needs to be determined.

This suggestion was agreed in principle and a final decision will be made at the next meeting.

Terms of reference for the Mooring Committee:

The Mooring Committee’s remit is to manage all aspects of the moorings from allocations and maintenance to development and planning.

  • Manage, maintain and repair the moorings in all three harbours
  • Check payment of mooring fees.
  • Check insurance cover is in place - £1,000,000 Third Party Insurance.
  • Maintain waiting list – allocations are carried out on a points basis.
  • Ensure a boat is allocated to a mooring suitable for its size and weight.
  • Ensure that conditions, rules and policies on moorings are adhered to.
  • Inspect riser chains annually to ensure they are minimum size and condition of shackles.
  • Conduct a rolling inspection programme for mooring chains and record work carried out.

Progress against these objectives will be reported on the Harbour Trust Board on a monthly basis.

The application from Edward Ingle has been considered by the Moorings Committee and rejected. Mr Ingle entered the harbour in 2017 without following the proper procedure and has not paid his debts. The views of the other harbour users have also been taken into consideration in arriving at this decision. The Board ratified the decision of the Moorings Committee and Mr Ingle will be informed. QD

c. 2018/19 Budget: This had been previously circulated and was adopted.

d. Bank Mandate change:  The Mandate change is being actioned. It was noted that some Directors were awaiting card readers. AS

5. Harbour Management Committee:   

Eric Robertson agreed to take over as DHT Chair of the DHMC.

a.Harbour Bridge: A quotation of £11,000+ had been received from MacScotbond in relation to the replacement of two rams.  It was felt that this quotation lacked detail.

The process that the Board feels is necessary is for:

  1. the purchase of two new rams;
  2. the removal of two of the existing rams (on one side of the bridge or the other).
  3. the insertion of the two new rams;
  4. the refurbishment of the original two rams;
  5. the removal of the remaining existing rams (on the other side of the bridge);
  6. the insertion of the now refurbished original rams;
  7. the refurbishment of the original two rams that have been removed in 5 above;
  8. the safe storage of the spare two rams for the next five years (when the procedure will be repeated)
  9. the provision of scaffolding and fork lift truck for both operations (2 and 5 above)

It would seem that the MacScott Bond quote simply covers items 1 to 3 above. 

On this basis it was agreed to obtain other quotations. SA

b. DHMC relationship with Moorings Committee.

The Harbour Trust Board has determined that it has been more effective to have a hands-on Moorings Committee reporting directly to the Board than to have an extra layer of management through the Management Committee.  The latter should be briefed each month on the progress of the Moorings Committee and any member of the DHMC who wishes to help the Moorings Committee will be most welcome to offer his services.

Terms of reference of the DHMC will be revised and communicated again. ER

c.DHMC representation:  

It was felt that the current complement was sufficient and adhered to the Terms of Reference for the HMC. New members are always welcome if they have something to contribute, and Robin will be attending meeting sin the near future to discuss the Broadhaven breakwater with the DHMC.             RH


It was confirmed that fourteen new branders will be provided as the first phase of a project that is expected to be completed by next autumn.

e.Waste oil tank: 

The siting of this will not conflict with the siting (or re-siting) of a proposed toilet block.

The order for the new tank will now be placed. AS

f.Breakwater:  Robin circulated a proposal to add 1 ton stones to the existing breakwater.  He will obtain a price and report back to the DHMC. RH

6.McArthur’s Stores: 

Internet access:  

Paul reported that the signal was inconsistent within the building.


a. Telescope:  This had arrived and will be installed when weather improves. KM

b. Branders update:

The DFA has agreed to work with Kevin Thomson to determine the exact positioning of the branders.

The placing of an order for the second phase of this project will take place after there has been a full de-brief of the first phase to determine the best way to complete the project.

The target date for completion of the project is the end of October 2018.

c. Toilets: 

Eric reported that the Planning Application had been approved.  He had attended a residents’ meeting where it had been suggested that the siting of the toilet block be changed. The Board was very appreciative of the considered and thoughtful approach of the residents and agreed to obtain drainage plans to see whether the alternative site proposed by the residents was feasible and what, if any, the additional cost implications might be of such a proposal. ER

8.Harbour Improvement Plan:

a. Development of area under Castle:  

It was agreed that this area be cleared and the grass cut. Steve will report back with a proposal. SA

b. Development of area under the Maggie:  

Steve will report back with a proposed plan. SA

There is demand for a garage for the DFA forklift, a container for extra storage for one fisherman,  a covered area for the skiffs and an increasing storage requirement for creels.

All of these need to be taken into consideration as part of the Improvement Plan.

c. North Wall Artwork: 

There has been no recent update from Ali McCleary.

9. Friends of Dunbar Battery: 

A meeting was planned for Monday 16 April 2018.

Good ideas had been put forward for planting out  the coastal garden.

A number of requests had been received for use of the Battery.

Some new planting will be required. SA

10. Any other competent business:


The length of service of John Band has been queried over the last month.

No Director of Dunbar Harbour Trust has served or will serve more than 12 years.  The law does not allow it.

The Trust was established by law in 2004 and John Band served on the Trust between 2004 and February 2011, a period of less than seven years.  John re-joined the Board of Directors again in 2016 and has served for a further two years. (Any period of service that John devoted to the harbour prior to 2004 is not covered by the Dunbar Harbour Revision Order.)

John has just been re-elected for a further three years.

i. It was agreed that a letter of thanks be sent to Tom Shearer, E.L. Council, who is about to retire.  His assistance over the years has been much appreciated.           AS

ii. Notice Board:  This was unable to be seen due to creels being piled up in front of it.  The Harbour Master will request users to be more thoughtful. QD

iii. Propeller:   This requires refurbishment.  It was understood that Dunbar Community Council had agreed to maintain it.  Alasdair will check this out. AS

iv. McLean Photography is happy to allow access to their videos of drone shots taken at  the harbour. KM

v. Ken will set up a drop box of image archives. KM

vi. An invitation had been received to attend the RNLI Annual General Meeting.

vii. A representative from Viridor will visit on Saturday 14 April to review the projects for which they had provided funding.

viii. Approval was given for a rowing boat to be planted out and placed on the North Side of the harbour close to the pathway to the Battery. ER

ix. Robin will arrange for his files relating to grant applications to be transferred to DHT office for this year’s independent review. RH

Date of next meeting:  This will take place on Thursday 10 May 2018 at 16.45.

The meeting closed at 20.50.