Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday  8 March 2018

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 16.45

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T.Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; 

P. Ingram (Treasurer);  A. Mackie; K. Maule

Others present:  Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master); M Brown (Minutes)

1.Apologies:       A. Brown; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton; E. Robertson; B Buglass

Alasdair opened the meeting by expressing the Board’s sincere condolences to the family of Bill Taylor. A letter of sympathy will be sent by the Board to Bill’s family. AS

2.Minutes of meeting held on 8 February 2018 & matters arising:  

The Minute was taken as a true record. There was one matter arising  -

Recycling: Thelma reported that E.L. Council was happy to provide a Recycling Node free of charge for a trial period of 6 months (April – September). This would be sited on the hard-standing and serviced by Biffa.  It was agreed to proceed on this basis. TB

3. Port Marine Safety Code & Health and safety report:

a) Incident log review:  No incidents to report.

b) Risk Assessment Review:  Suggestions were agreed in respect to the risks associated with collisions in the harbour which might give rise to loss of product, fire, sinking or injury to swimmers. It was noted that there has never been a collision incident logged at Dunbar Harbour under these headings.

4. Finance Report:  

a. February report:  P. Ingram

This had been circulated previously.  

The year to date results were looking favourable.  Landings in February were better than in the  previous year and fuel sales had increased.

b. Moorings committee: T. Band 

Several sections of the cross chains had been repaired last weekend.  It was agreed that future work on the moorings will need to be funded and will be taken into consideration in forthcoming budgets.

The question was asked as to whether the main chain was covered under the Combined Marine policy. This is unlikely but the insurance status of the main chain will be checked. AS

Angus Macdonald had written in to suggest that the Sailing Club would like the Harbour Trust to accept liability in the event of a failure of the ground chains, proposing that the advice of underwriters would be sought from members of the Sailing Club. This is driving the Harbour Trust towards the position that will protect the Trust viz. raising the chains on a regular basis to inspect them. However the cost of this operation will need to be paid for through a subsidy on the Victoria Harbour moorings which will in all probability double the annual cost to the boat owners. Previously harbour users in Victoria Harbour have been glad to rely on the voluntary work done by the Mooring Committee which have kept costs down. The matter will be referred back to the Sailing club for their views on the matter. PI

5.Harbour Management Committee: A. Mackie:

i) Bridge: 

There was concern as to whether there is a programme showing what needs to be inspected, maintained, serviced and replaced and at what intervals.

Quentin explained that he carries out monthly inspections of what is accessible and undertakes regular greasing of the bridge. 

MacScott Bond is contracted to do an annual service and provides a service record.  

MSB has provided a quote to purchase two new rams with a proposal to refurbish two rams at a  time. The current view is that this refurbishment is now due and should be undertaken once every five years. An evaluation of the proposal will be sent to Board members. AS

Steve will investigate the possibility of engaging another company with knowledge of bridge maintenance. SA

ii)Bridge failure

If the bridge fails and interferes with fishing boats going into or leaving Cromwell Harbour there is no insurance cover. There are however ways of raising the bridge provided the hydraulics are still working.

iii) Barrier at Harbour edge:  

This item will be added to Harbour Improvement Plan for evaluation.

It would appear that the main reason for suggesting this was a fear that the DFA fork lift truck would be driven into the harbour.

All drivers have been properly licensed but this point of concern will be clarified with the DFA. AS

iv) Chain Register: 

It has already been agreed that this will be implemented. QD

v) Environmental Policy similar to Peterhead Harbour: 

This will be evaluated in the context of Dunbar Harbour prior to any implementation.

6. McArthur’s Stores: A. Swan:

a) Lights in the stores will be repaired on Friday week.

b) Foul water – Scottish Water has taken samples. Action will be taken once the results come back

7. Projects:

Harbour Walls: R. Hamilton

Beast from the East:  

A brief inspection on Friday revealed the following deterioration:-

1.North Wall at harbour entrance (where 2012 major repair carried out).  The buttress on outer wall has had further undermining and needs a detailed inspection.  Both Kenny’s video and assistant harbourmaster confirmed storm concentrated on this area.

2. North Wall Inner Wall: Moorings committee while doing chain work identified a section part way along where there is undermining, block movement and voids.  Photos taken.

3. Breakwater: Clearly took a battering and needs repair work.

Other areas may come to light in due course.

Cromwell Slipway:  

Following repairs in December and January to two large areas of slipway (lower) a further 12 smaller areas in (upper) were repaired in February.  Unfortunately the dye being used to darken concrete ran out in the last few repairs.

To date all expenditure on the overall Cromwell Repairs (incl. fees) is about the same as the total of the three grants awarded. So the contract is now complete.

Broadhaven Breakwater:  

AGT are about to start repairs to the East Beach pipeline for ELC using 1t and 2t rock armour. AGT have been asked for a price to bring in similar stone for the breakwater. (They should have this in about a week).

If this is reasonable, a proposal will be put to DHT showing what could be achieved using similar imported stone possibly over a 3 year period and the costs involved.

North Wall Undermining Grant Application: 

Application with Marine Scotland will be considered in the new financial year.

North Wall & Cromwell notices: K. Maule

Due to be installed tomorrow Friday 10 March.

Branders: A. Brown

14 Branders are on order following a meeting with the DFA.

Further grant support has been requested from Marine Scotland. AS

Phase 1 of the project will provide branders on either side of 7 ladders.

Phase 2 will deal with the two remaining ladders and the rubber D tenders on the existing branders.

The exact positioning of the branders will be determined by the DFA in consultation with

A G Thomson, taking into account the requirements of the existing fleet.

Toilets: E. Robertson

Nothing to report. There is strong resistance from residents to the project which will be taken into account before the project proceeds.

8. Harbour Improvement Plan:

a) RNLI ramp: This was approved.  Alasdair will write to RNLI. AS

b) Telescope: This has been ordered and delivery is expected within 3 weeks. KM

c) Fork lift garage:  The DFA has asked for a contained garage to be located on South pier adjacent to Castle. DHT will investigate the potential of locating a store in the Maggie and tidying up of the area with a new seat underneath the Castle as part of wider plan for the area. The Master plan for the area under the Maggie is under review and it was noted that the DFA was concerned about the lighting and security over areas outside the main pier. Security should be less of an issue if a lockable container can be accommodated. It was also noted that other harbour users want additional storage.

d) Rowing Club boat shed for skips:  This will be evaluated in the context of the Maggie plan.

e) The tank for waste lube oil has yet to be finally specified. A paper will be circulated to enable a final decision to be made on this subject. AS

f) The 2018-2020 plan will be published on the website TB

9. Friends of Dunbar Battery : S. Anderson:

There had been an improvement in membership.  Meetings will be held on 3rd Monday of each month.

Battery Clean up on Sunday 11 March at 2 p.m.

Brown signs in Town: - Steve reported that the cost for 2 signs would be £300, plus £130 for accreditation.

The Meeting with Civic Trust on Monday had gone very well.

Booking events at Battery was progressing well.  Information can be accessed on website.  Alasdair reiterated the importance of booking going through the website.

Steve offered to take over the management of the website. SA

10. Annual appointment of Directors:  

The administration is in place.

11.Any other competent business:

i)  Request from Jasmes Bissett for seal feeding pontoon:  

Proposal should be submitted for clarification. The meeting was not clear whether the pontoons were needed for people or for the seals to climb up on.

ii) Wall inspection at Cromwell Harbour (loose rocks): Quentin and Robin will investigate.


iii) Storage of Sea Cadets dinghies on hard standing area: 

The problem is recognised and will be evaluated.

iv) Navigation Lights:  

These are approaching halfway in their life cycle of 10 years.  Quentin will contact ELC  to establish responsibility for replacement.


v) Environmental Policy: 

Quentin had removed 6 bins. He is working with local businesses to replace plastic straws with biodegradable substitutes.

vi) Wi-fi booster for McArthur’s Stores:   

It was agreed that this will be an asset. PI

vii) Speed signs:  

Quentin will contact  E.L. Council to discuss options. QD

viii) Artwork:

Paul is investigating an offer of some funded  Artwork.  He will report back. PI

ix) Photographic archive:

Ken suggested a library of photographs on Dropbox. KM

x)  There was a request that the DFA should update the DHT on the timescales and programme of works for the completion of the temperature controlled storage project which has taken longer than was originally anticipated.

Alistair Mackie

A vote of thanks was given to Alistair Mackie for his 6 years of service. Throughout his period of office Alistair has provided legal advice to the Trust and over recent years has chaired the meetings of the Harbour Management Committee.

Date of next meeting:  This will take place on Thursday 11 April 2018 at 18:45.

The meeting closed at 20.45.