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Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 14 July 2016 at 18.45

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar.

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-Chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; A. Brooking; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule

Others present: Q. Dimmer, Harbour Master;  (M. Brown, Minutes)

1.Apologies: B. Buglass; B. Cleator; B. Fisher

2. Minutes of meeting held on 9 June 2016 & matters arising:   The minute was taken as a true record.

Matters arising:

PPE equipment:   Steve will have this available for next meeting.                                                             

Swimming in the harbour:   The linkage with the schools will now take place before next year’s summer holidays.

Harbour Bridge: ELC’s test certification does not meet the Trust’s requirements. A quotation will be sought from Brown Bros so that a certificate from a certified engineer can be obtained.                                                         

Tidal Gauge : Ready to be fitted.                                                                                                                              

3.Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety report:

a) Bill Taylor incident:  Concern was expressed re risk to life when any individual enters the water without a life jacket/flotation aid and particularly if he is unable to swim. It was agreed that Alasdair would write to Bill Taylor, enclosing the Incident Report, and drawing attention to the concerns of the Board. Should there be another similar incident the Board would have the right to refuse a mooring for next year to reduce the risk of injury or death to the individual and to those who have to rescue him.                                              

Quentin raised the matter of greater accessibility to the harbour for older and disabled users. It was agreed to give due consideration to a practical, robust solution in the future.

b) Angus MacDonald’s letter:

Mr MacDonald wishes to change both incident reports that affected his boat. As a matter of principle the Board will not change its internal safety records to suit individual harbour user’s wishes.

It has been recorded that Mr MacDonald believes that Nyvaig’s keel never touched the ground. This was not a key part of the incident report but it would have been irresponsible of the Trust not to bring the matter to the owner’s attention. The incident report records that this communication has taken place and that Mr MacDonald has dismissed it as an event that he believed never happened. The major issue that was reviewed in the incident report was whether we should allow cradles to be used that are incapable of taking the boat back if anything goes wrong with the lift. Mr MacDonald has agreed to take remedial action.

The other complaint is that Mr MacDonald wants it to be recorded that his boat was attached to the Main Chain when it broke free. His view has been recorded but the broken chain handed to the Harbourmaster does not look as if it was part of the Main Chain. An inspection of the Main Chain will verify what really happened but the balance of probability is that it was a lateral chain that broke.  Nyvaig is now attached to the Main Chain.

c) Risk assessment methodology: Graham Vale had approved current arrangements.  It was suggested that Board looked at three incidents per meeting.  Andrew will bring further thoughts on the subject to the next meeting.                                                                               

MAIB report:

MAIB reports are on the website.

Consideration will be given to the capsizing of the fishing vessel JMT. Reasons for the fatalities included –

  • Vessel’s stability had been adversely affected by structural modifications and by aspects of the vessel’s operation.

  • Crew members were not wearing life jackets.

Safety record:

The 2015 safety record is on the website now

4.Harbour Security:

CCTV – The initial investigation was to obtain a cost for a CCTV camera covering the mooring in Cromwell Harbour. A quotation was obtained from A1 Alarms for the supply of an all-weather camera, wireless transmitter and receiver, wind down pole and installation. 

After a short discussion on this installation it was decided to postpone any action until a later date. A further discussion is needed to decide a future strategy on security and CCTV coverage, particularly in view of the pending Battery development.

5.Finance Report: (P. Ingram)

The monthly report was tabled showing the high costs of the repairs to the North Walls.

The debtors’ list showed a marked increase for this year.

6. Harbour Management Committee report:

This report had been circulated previously.

There were no matters to discuss that were not raised elsewhere on the agenda.

7. McArthur’s Store report:

a. Painting project: This is underway.  The scope of the roof repairs will be established when the scaffolding is in place. Communication will now take place with the tenants so that the site can be cleared prior to the contractor arriving on site.                                                                

b. Store waiting list and protocol: Two names are on the waiting list.  There are currently no vacancies at present but there is a possibility of one becoming available at the end of September.  The Board agreed that a store should be allocated to a fisherman who does not have a store before a store is allocated to an existing tenant. It was also agreed that a store should not be allocated to a harbour user who is struggling to pay his existing debts.

c. 2017/18 Store Budget: A rent increase is required to avoid a shortfall next year.  Alasdair will let the tenants know what the proposed cost per square metre will be next year and what the budget is that supports the increase. It was agreed that at least £4,500 should be set aside for the major works that will be required on the exterior of the building, given the costs that are being incurred this year. The necessary costs will only get larger as the building gets older.                                                                                                                   


a. Harbour wall repairs

Harbour walls:

The 2015 Consultants condition report identified urgent priorities as:

North Wall - 4 locations where underpinning of outer wall are needed. Estimated cost £110k (extensive long term repair)

Cromwell -4 areas where core grouting and parapet strengthening needed. Estimated cost £120k.

North Wall: In June local underpinning of NW was carried out at the two of worst areas costing £7k using DHT funding, a further 2 repairs are still needed. Approach made to Marine Scotland MS for funds.

Cromwell: Grants awarded from Historic Scotland and Viridor .Application is being made to Heritage Lottery Fund .

Application has also been made to Marine Scotland for Cromwell funds.

b. Battery project on Lamer Island:

i) Design has been developed and is progressing with a full planning application about to be submitted.

ii) Fabric repairs for Battery. Drawings and tender package have been sent out and it was agreed to proceed with the lowest cost response.

Work should start on site next month and Steve will prepare Press article                            

iii) Second tender package will be distributed to the preferred contractors in a month’s time.

c.North Wall benches:

Work has nearly been completed.

Ken had received quotes for “Sails”. Consideration may be given for this in future.

d. North Wall stairs:

Quotation had been received from Ian Watt for metal stairs.

e)Ornithological viewing point:

Discussions are ongoing with RSPB and also Scottish Ornithological Club. RSPB wants different location. No decisions being taken at Scottish Ornithological Club at present.

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

New report had been circulated and can now be published.                                                       

10. Any other competent business:

a. Angus MacDonald’s claim v Harbour Trust – Claim has been tabled and rejected.

b. Lifeboat Day – Arrangements are in place for Saturday 16 July.

c. Crown Estate – Scotland portfolio: Due to devolution of powers to the Scottish Government no grants are likely to be available for next 2 years, by which time the Crown Estate in Scotland will have a better idea as to what its reduced annual income will be.

d. Battery – When work starts the Brunton bench will need to be moved to a different location to avoid any damage to it. Quentin agreed to discuss this matter with a member of the Brunton family.                          

e. Scottish Water –tidal depth monitor to be installed.

f. Thelma was arranging to have website modernised to include the newsletter. She also asked for items for inclusion in the newsletters.                                                                                      

g. Thelma circulated a draft leaflet for North Berwick Seabird Centre which will be displayed next to Dunbar camera.

h. Electricity costs for Rhona Bell are to be agreed.

Also, the trader selling ice cream without permission will be asked to desist.

i. Rowing Club - The club will be carrying out mock rescue trials.   They also intend to hold a Muster in August.

j. Quentin suggested the position of the Big Belly be reviewed.

Next meeting: This will take place on Thursday 11 August 2016 at 18.45.

The meeting closed at 21.15.