Minute of Director’s meeting held on Thursday 8 February 2018

In McArthur’s Stores Dunbar, at 18.45

Present:          A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (vice-chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; A. Brown; B. Buglass; B. Fisher;

                        P. Ingram (Treasurer); E. Robertson

Others present: Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master)

1.Apologies:   R. Hamilton; K. Maule: A. Mackie

2.Minutes of meeting of 11 January 2018 and matters arising:-  The minute was taken as a true record.

Harbour Improvement Plan:   still to be published on the web-site                                             

Telescope: K. Maule was delegated with the task of procuring.                                       

3.Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:

a.Accident Log review: - No incidents to report.

b. Risk Assessment Review: The following Items were reviewed and the proposed changes were adopted.


Hazard Effect





Unexpected tidal conditions including swell

Collision with quayside


Operational planning error



Vessel unprepared to dock

Collision with quayside


4.Finance Report:

a.December Report

Landings and sales were down compared to last year.

Moorings letters for 2018 have been sent out.  

Invoices for the Rowing Club and Skiffs are to be sent out.                                                          

The number of moorings applications is similar to last year. Vacancies are being advertised on the website and Quentin will arrange to do same on Facebook.                                      

b. Moorings Committee

i) The Moorings Committee had met on 30 January.

Thelma reported that the Committee had identified the cross chains which should be replaced under the same arrangement as 2015.

Quentin was of the opinion that the whole chain needed to be inspected. There was no Chain Register to identify the condition of the chain and, in the absence of such information, he was uncomfortable with his level of responsibility but would of course abide by the decision of the DHT.

Quentin has been working on an alternative plan of which the Moorings Committee had no knowledge.

It was agreed that the Moorings Committee should meet with Quentin to come to a suitable decision.                                                                                                                              

ii) It was agreed that if an owner was “between boats” it was in order for him/her to retain the mooring in anticipation of getting a new boat, during which time there could be a short term sublet of the mooring. However this arrangement would not be extended for more than one year.

iii) A proposal to reinstate the mooring permits was not accepted. There is a comprehensive record as to who has been invoiced and who has paid for a mooring, so the proposal would add nothing but cost to the Harbour Trust.

iv) There is a lack of hard standing places available, particularly for small boats and visitors.

There was a discussion as to how to deal with boats on the hardstanding with no official mooring for the following year. Quentin will find out what happens at other harbours and report back.                               

Whatever the solution the hardstanding in front of the retail area must be cleared at Boats- in Day, either by moving them onto a designated mooring or taking the boats off-site to other storage.

Equally the area at Cromwell Harbour needs to be kept sufficiently clear to allow the commercial fishermen adequate space to repair their boats.

vi) Day launch boats without insurance cover. The Trust will investigate the possibility of putting cover in place. Any cost could be added to the launching fees. However there are major practical difficulties involved with this proposal, so there will be no rush to implement it.

It was however agreed that those applying for an annual launching permit should be asked to supply a note of their insurance cover.                                                                           

c. Hot work container: The Trust were asked to consider the purchase of the hot work container and the subsequent sale to the current tenants, but the proposal was not considered to be appropriate, potentially setting a difficult precedent if any other harbour user wanted the Trust to buy an asset on their behalf.

5. Security:

There had been a number of minor theft crimes at Cromwell Harbour. John and Paul will investigate possibility of CCTV. Barry Buglass came up with some very positive suggestions which will be followed up.      

Whatever solution is put in place must not be capable of intruding into anyone’s private dwelling

6.Harbour Management Committee:

a.Waste Oil Tank: Quentin will report back with details and siting suggestions.                       

b. Safety barrier between harbour edge and road: Proposals to be submitted by HMC.

c. Recycling facilities: Thelma will find out if an offer to supply and maintain a container is still available.            

7.McArthur’s Stores:

Quentin was commended for his efforts in having the area around the stores tidied up.

2 lights are still to be fixed inside the stores.                                                                                 

Tenants to be sent letters with details of the rent increase. Although the costs of McArthur’s Store have exceeded the income this year the rent increase will be restricted to the 6.5% previously agreed. It is hoped that the maintenance fund will begin to be built up during 2018/19.                                          


a) North Wall and Cromwell notices: (K. Maule): Board had been advised that these are at the steel printer and enamellers. These are expected to be installed early March.

b) Branders (A. Brown):   Andrew had received no response. However, Alasdair was able to report that the number and size had been agreed.

c) Toilets (E. Robertson): Eric was able to report that the Planning Application will be submitted. Advice was that sedum for the roof was not the best option and this will now be reviewed.

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

Pontoons: Suggested requirement for Cromwell had been agreed. Awaiting report.    

10. Friends of Dunbar Battery:

A meeting had taken place on Thursday 18 January. Future meetings are likely to take place on last Monday of the month. Some interest had been generated.

A Year Planner is available on website for those interested in making bookings.

Bow Chaser event on 23/24 June as part of Civic Week.

Also Harbour Festival on Saturday 28th July.

Steve will email a list of future events as and when they occur.

11. Annual appointment of Directors:

The advertisement will appear in the next issue of East Lothian Courier.                                               

Alasdair announced that Alistair Mackie was stepping down. He will be greatly missed and the Board expressed their appreciation at the service that Alistair had given, not only to the Board, but also as Chair of the Harbour Management Committee.

Eric Robertson, John Band and Paul Ingram will all offer themselves for re-election.

12. Any other competent business:-

(I) Change of banking system. It was agreed that the mandate should be changed to allow any two signatories from four named directors to make payments.                                              

(ii) Alasdair will contact Enjoy Leisure to confirm the arrangement for storage.             

(iii) An application for an HMO licence had been submitted for 1 Cromwell Court. The Harbour Trust has noted its concerns which are shared by many of the residents.

(iv) Eric was given permission to scatter wild flower seeds at the Battery.                                  

(v) Eric was concerned at speeding in the Harbour area. He will discuss with Ken the possibility of welcoming signage which incorporates the fact that this is a working harbour. This signage would be placed where drivers turn off Victoria Street and first enter the harbour.                                                                

(vi) Quentin asked that the Board seriously considers the lifting of ALL chains and also the creation of a Chain Register.

(vii) Steve enquired on behalf of E. Linton Primary School whether it would be possible to acquire a small boat for their playground.   John and Thelma offered to donate one they no longer needed.

(viii) Paul asked about the Rowing Club storing road trailers at The Maggie. This will be considered. As far as is possible it will be better to keep this access clear and clean for visitors to enjoy. The positioning of trailers there (that then did not move all summer) added nothing to the harbour improvements in this area.

(ix) Andrew pointed out that there was no signage in the town guiding visitors to the location of The Battery. This will be investigated.

(x) Andrew intimated that Rotary had made a donation towards the cost of the North Wall interpretation boards. This was very much appreciated.

(xi) Donations: Paul proposed various online options and these will be pursued.                     

Date of next meeting: This will take place on Thursday 8 March 2018 at 16.45.

The meeting closed at 8.55 p.m.