Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 11 January 2018

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 16.45

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; A. Brown; B. Buglass;

B. Fisher; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule; E. Robertson

Apology: Q. Dimmer (Harbourmaster)

1.Minutes of meeting held on 14 December 2017 & matters arising:

Thelma pointed out that according to records there were 2 boats still on the hard standing with unpaid fees. Subject to this qualification the minute was taken as a true record.

2. Port Marine Safety Code & Health & Safety report:-

a. Incident log review: There were no new incidents to review.

b. Risk Assessment review:

A further 3 items (G,H and I) in RA 1 were reviewed and minor amendments were adopted. These risks related to grounding or collision as a result of either unexpected wind or tidal conditions.

c. 2017 Annual Safety Review:

The report had been circulated previously and was approved. It will be updated on the website.         

Introduction: As part of its commitment to the Port Marine Safety Code Dunbar Harbour Trust formally reviews its safety record at the first Board Meeting after the end of the year. The aim of this review is to identify any trends that may guide the Trust to find new ways to improve the safety of the harbour.

2017 Safety Review   --     The incident log for 2017 shows




Status of investigation report



Swimmers on Lamer Island




Damage to boats caused by Branders




A public order incident

Completed –











Theft from boats




Battery Rocks Death




Falling Masonry from castle




A public order incident




Fire raising on North wall


  • There were 10 incidents in the year (2016 -13)

  • There were no RIDDOR reportable incidents ( 2016 – 0) The angler’s death was not a reportable workplace accident but it was reported to the Police

The greatest risks continue to centre round the behaviour of the young people of the town, mainly in the summer months. The number of incident reports does not reflect the occasions when children were tombstoning, jumping off the North Wall or swimming in a harbour used by commercial fishermen.

The damage to property caused by inadequate branders is currently being addressed by the Harbour Trust. New branders will be brought in during 2018.

Apart from the unfortunate death during the year there were other concerns with the behaviour of night-time anglers including creating fires on the harbour walls.

Most likely to cause serious damage to persons or property:

  1. Falls from climbing

  2. Run down by vessel entering harbour while diving or swimming

  3. Trips on uneven surfaces

Looking at the maritime hazards only these were ranked:

  1. Operational planning error – grounding (especially when moving from Victoria Harbour into the Broadhaven)

  2. Unplanned movement of berthed vessel resulting in collision or sinking.

  3. Unexpected tidal conditions, including swell – collision with quayside (especially in the harbour entrance) Better reporting will result in better analysis of the root cause of any problem and thence better action plans, so this remains a key objective. It was agreed to consider some items from the Review for inclusion in the Risk Assessment.

3. Finance report:

a. December report:

1. There was a small surplus in December

2. It was poor month for fishing with both fuel sales and landing down significantly on last year

 because of the weather.

3. There were no unusual costs in the month.

Unpaid debts will be followed up.                                                              

b. Moorings Committee:

A meeting had been held on Tuesday to go over the applications and a follow-up meeting will take place on 30 January to allocate moorings. Mooring vacancies will be advertised. Chains: The repair of 4 sections of the side chains was in hand. A working party will be drawn up to consider how best to inspect the main chain, and indeed whether it is prudent to interfere with the chain. There was unanimous agreement that any part of the chain that can be inspected without interference should be photographed & documented.

4. Harbour Management Committee:

There had been no DHMC meeting this month.

i) A House in Multiple Occupation Licence has been applied for a Harbour Court house. The Trust has lodged its concern about the impact this might have on the limited parking on Trust property, interference with the commercial activities on the South Pier and the impact on the feel of the harbour area which is an important tourist destination for Dunbar.

ii) The positioning of the memorial bench was approved for Gus Sheilds but it does not amount to a precedent for all and sundry. It was agreed to consider whether there are any other suitable sites for future memorials.   Barry F. will report back with alternative ideas for those wishing to remember the deceased in the harbour area.

5. McArthur’s Stores:

a, Boiler:

This has been repaired following a recent failure

b. Rent increase – April 2018:

As previously agreed, the rent increase will be 6.5%

Because of the high maintenance costs this year to the lighting and the heating of the store, and the replacement of electricity meters, the costs have exceeded the income for the first nine months. However, despite this, it was agreed that the rent increase should be in line with last year’s agreement and the matter will be reviewed again in a year’s time if costs continue to run ahead of income.

6. Projects:

a. Harbour Walls:

The slip way panel had been repaired. There had been very good feedback on the improvements to date.

Breakwater ideas – It was agreed that Robin investigate the possibility of working with E.L. Council and AG Thomson for the provision of rock armour stone. This is required for the East Beach project and there may be economies to secure if the Trust and Council can work together. Application has been made to Marine Scotland for repairs to North Wall, these repairs to be carried out over the summer.

b. North Wall & Cromwell notices :

Notices were on schedule for completion, artwork having been finalised and ready for printing. It was hoped to have notices displayed by end of March.

c. Branders :

Tender documents were almost completed. John Fairgrieve Snr has been a great help in advising on the design for this project and has agreed to mark the exact positions on the quayside (for the new branders) which will produce the greatest benefit for the fishing fleet.                          

d.Pontoons for Cromwell Harbour:

It was agreed that a costed plan will be produced for the Cromwell Harbour. There is a strong case for this pontoon which will help the smaller commercial fishing boats and ease the mooring pressure on the larger boats. There were conflicting views on the viability of a Victoria Harbour pontoon but it was agreed to look at possibilities and costings.                                                                                             

7. Harbour Improvement Plan:

a. Toilets : A simpler design is being considered and Eric will circulate draft drawing.                          

b. Harbour Improvement Plan – 2018 to 2020:

To be published on the website for all to see. A friendly film version has been produced and will be circulated.                                                          

8.Friends of Dunbar Battery:

Steve reported that a few outstanding snagging works were still to be completed. A meeting of the “Friends” was scheduled for next Thursday. Following up on the idea to outsource Events arrangements, Steve felt that there might be possible interest. He also listed a number of potential events for 2018.

9. Any other competent business:

Alasdair had carried out the first History Tour in December. This had proved a great success.

Re-election of Directors – In accordance with requirements of the Constitution the posts will be duly advertised.                    

The possibility of purchasing a refurbished telescope for the Cromwell Harbour Wall will be investigated. The telescope will move only between Broxmouth and the Bass Rock and will be unable to be turned towards any domestic residence.                                                                                                          

Date of next meeting: This will be held on Thursday 8 February 2018 at 16.45.

The meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.