DUNBAR HARBOUR TRUST

                       Minute of Directors’ meeting held on Thursday 14 December 2017 at 19:00

       Present:               A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); J. Band; R. Hamilton; A Mackie; P. Ingram; E. Robertson; B Fisher

Others present: Q. Dimmer (Harbour master)

1. Apologies: M Brown; S Anderson; A. Brown; B Buglass; K Maule

2. Minutes of meeting held on 9 November2017 & matters arising:

The minute was taken as read. There were no matters arising. The Directors confirmed that there were no conflicts of interest that would prevent them considering all the matters on the agenda.

3. Port Marine Safety Code & Health & Safety report:

a. Incident log review:

No new incidents since the fire raising on the North Wall.

The harbourmaster has made it clear to anglers that the bridge will be raised If there is any re-occurrence of this dangerous behaviour).

The annual review of the Trust’s Safety performance will take place next month.

b. Risk assessment review:

The risks associated with skipper error were reviewed by the meeting. The adjustments to the risk assessments recommended by Paul Ingram were adopted by the meeting. All of the risks have been mitigated to be as low as reasonably practical.

c. SMS update:

It was noted that the Safety Management System Index had been corrupted in version 16 and this will be corrected for next month’s meeting.

4. Finance Report:

a. November report:

This had been circulated previously.

There was a small deficit in November as a result of all the recent work done to McArthur’s Store. November Landing dues were higher than last year.

The Cash position remains healthy.

b. Terms and conditions:

The final version of the 2018 terms and conditions was ratified.                                  

c. Administration process for moorings:

The programme is on schedule

d. Hard standing charges:

Thelma has kindly checked that all boats on the hard standing have been properly charged and these invoices are now up to date.

5. Harbour Management Committee:

a. Harbour Bridge Maintenance.

The concerns about the structural integrity of the bridge are not shared by the Board. Bureau Veritas charge a significant amount to test the davits and simply do a visual inspection of the wires. It is likely that they will do a similar exercise on the bridge and the Trust knows from many years of practical experience that the bridge is able to take limited loads. The harbourmaster was authorised to find out what testing Bureau Veritas would actually do and what conclusions would be given to the Trust. There was no authorisation to proceed with this work until the Trust has considered whether it is getting good value for what is likely to be a considerable amount of money.

The Management Committee’s suggestion that there is no formal process for maintaining the bridge is wrong. There is an annual maintenance contract with MacScott Bond and it is the responsibility of the Management Committee to look at the bridge each month to ensure there is nothing obvious that needs to be remedied. In this regard the harbourmaster reported that one of the filter warnings has come on. An immediate order has been placed with Mac Scott Bond, the hydraulic engineers who carry out the annual maintenance programme. It is critical that this gets sorted without delay.

b. Toilet Block.

Eric reported on the up to date situation with the original proposals having to be abandoned due to the high costs involved and for the new concept to provide the same amount of accommodation of two toilets and one disabled toilet with the upper parts of the building being of wood rather than concrete. This would approximately halve the cost to a manageable £30,000 on present estimates and it was felt this a more feasible figure to present to our proposed funders, Viridor. Amended plans were awaited to incorporate these proposals and then drawings and a planning application would be submitted to the Council for approval. The amended structure would still have a sedum roof to enable it to blend in with the existing grass mound, which would surround it.

c. Pontoons, Branders and Maintenance Bay.

Andrew had reported that he would be attending a meeting with Marine Scotland to go over the plans for new branders and maintenance bay with a hope that funding would be forthcoming from them. The branders should be directed towards the Emergency Walls Fund. The Maintenance Bay should be directed towards the EMFF Main Fund. The pontoon should be directed towards the FLAG Fund. A large delegation of the DFA had taken the time to attend the meeting with Marine Scotland which was both helpful and productive. Planning permission will be needed for the Cromwell Harbour changes as the harbour is a Listed Building                                 

d. Victoria Harbour Pontoon

Quentin is investigating the funding of a pontoon for Victoria harbour with the RNLI involved as possible funders. The RNLI is clearly interested in such a pontoon if it will assist the RNLI in maximizing its use of the harbour, including the training and safe landing for persons. The Board will take no further action until the RNLI defines what facilities it needs (as it can have strict guidelines on such subjects) and what funding it can provide.

e. 2018 moorings

Invoices for next year have been sent out. The chains have recently been examined and four cross chains have been found to be in need of replacement. The spare chain will be used to deal with this. The Management Committee’s concern about the main chain is assumed to relate to the fact that parts of the chain have been underground (and therefore less likely to corrode) and have not been physically inspected for some years. The Committee wants to time-table action for 2019 and was asked to clarify what action it proposed to take, when, and how it was going to ensure that by lifting the chain it was not going to do damage where no damage currently exists.

f. McArthur’s Store litter

The harbourmaster has organised a skip to receive the litter surrounding Macarthur’s store. The Board approved the Management Committee’s intention to draft the Environmental Policy for the board’s review and approval.

g. Broadhaven Breakwater

Previous ideas have been frustrated either from a feasibility point of view or because of lack of funding. The matter is still under consideration and forms part of the next three year plan. 

6. McArthur’s Stores:

a. Electricity/lights:

Alasdair reported that these matters have now been attended to by Abbeyhill Electrical.

b. Water:

This work has been completed by Neil McIntosh.

c. Boiler and fan:

These issues have been addressed by Lothian Heating.

7. Projects:

a. Harbour walls:

b. North Wall & Cromwell notices:

All information is available on Dropbox. Work in progress and proceeding on schedule.

8. Harbour Improvement Plan:

The Harbour Users Meeting took place last month and the Board was grateful to those who took the time to attend and provide their input.

Kenny Maule has provided a visual record of the last three year’s improvements and this film is now in the public arena for all to see. There has been a hugely positive response to this form of communication. Kenny has also produced a similar film to outline the Board’s plans for the next three years, 2018 to 2020 and this will also be placed in the public arena for all to see.

9. Friends of Dunbar Battery:

There have been two new volunteers since the last meeting.

No action has been taken on a FLAG application until the Friends determine what is needed.

A Carol Concert takes place this Saturday, 16th December at 15:30 on Dunbar Battery.

A history tour will take place on Saturday 30th December at 11:00

10. Any other competent business:

Congratulations were given to Steve for the prestigious professional recognition of the Dunbar Battery Project – the AJ Architecture Award 2017

Date of next meeting – Thursday 11 January 18:45 the meeting closed at 21:00.