Minute of Directors’ meeting held on Thursday 9 November 2017

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar, at 16.45

Present:          A. Swan (Chair); S. Anderson; T. Band (Vice-chair); J. Band; A. Brown; B. Buglass; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram; K. Maule; E. Robertson

Others present: Q. Dimmer (Harbour master); M. Brown (Minutes)

1.Apologies:   A. Mackie

2.Minutes of meeting held on 12 October 2017 & matters arising:

The minute was taken as read. There were no matters arising. The Directors confirmed that there were no conflicts of interest that would prevent them considering all the matters on the agenda.

3.Port Marine Safety Code & Health & Safety report:

a. Incident log review: Nothing to report.

b. Risk assessment review:

The risks associated with technical failure of a vessel were reviewed by the meeting. The adjustments to the risk assessments recommended by Paul Ingram were adopted by the meeting. All of the risks have been mitigated to be as low as reasonably practical.

c. SMS update:

Appendix F has been replaced to reflect the current methodology for assessing risks.

4. Finance Report:

a. October report :

This had been circulated previously. There was a small surplus in October. October Landing dues were higher than last year. The Cash position remains healthy.

b. Grants

HES remittance advice has been received for the final instalment of the Dunbar Battery grant.

Robin Hamilton is on top of the remaining Cromwell Harbour grant.

c. Auditor’s management letter

The Directors had been given an opportunity to consider the management letter from Whitelaw Wells (Auditors) and the areas for improvement were noted. The Chairman was asked to respond to the auditors on behalf of the Board to thank them for their advice.                                               

Alasdair will investigate with Bank of Scotland the possibility of a 2 signature electronic facility.      

d. Harbour charges 2018:

A 3% overall increase was approved for 2018/19

e. Terms and conditions:

Work in progress. These are still under review, with the intention that the Trust should delete any conditions that it does not intend to enforce.                        

f. Administration process for moorings:

Forms & timetable had been prepared & circulated. The Moorings Committee was thanked for its help.

5. Harbour Management Committee:

a. Memorial benches:

Consideration was given to an application to place a memorial bench on a particular place on the Harbour Trust property. This site is considered to be very important by the family. However the local residents have expressed displeasure at this proposal. East Lothian Council has submitted confirmation that it does not require planning permission for such a bench and therefore will not take the views of the residents into consideration. While it was pointed out that the Harbour Trust has no legal obligation to consult with the residents it remains the wish of the trustees to live in peace with the harbour residents and to take their views into consideration on such matters. Eric Robertson will therefore discuss the matter with the immediate residents before a final decision is made.                              

As a matter of future principle the Harbour Trust will not entertain the introduction of furniture onto Harbour Trust land without the prior permission of the trustees. It was agreed that consideration will be given as to where and how people can place plaques to remember their loved ones on existing harbour property.

b. Harbour bridge:

Quentin is still awaiting second quotation. This remains a priority project because of the importance of the bridge.

c. Lighting of Dunbar Battery:

This has been extremely effective and has met with very favourable responses from the public.

d. Yellow noodle bus:

The owner will be referred to Enjoy Leisure.           The bus is too heavy to cross the bridge.

There is nowhere on the south side for a bus to park without gross inconvenience to others.

The owner’s preferred position is on the enjoyleisure land.

e. Other matters raised at DHMC meeting:

i. Tidy up date to be arranged.

ii. The decision not to proceed with the pontoon at Victoria Harbour had been met with disappointment.

iii. Quentin will endeavour to clarify the position with regard to the Blue boat, currently owned by the Smuggler’s Cove owner (previously by James Bisset) which could serve well as a Harbourmaster’s boat.                                                                        

iv. James Bisset’s request to sell mackerel to the public to feed the seals in the harbour was agreed on a trial basis. Inform James.                                                           

v. Formal agreement with retailers will be introduced next year– a list of the current requirements for compliance is available on Dropbox.                                        

Thelma pointed out that the Trust had not received recent copies of the DHMC minutes. Eric agreed to rectify this matter.                                                

6. McArthur’s Stores:

a. Electricity/lights:

            Alasdair reported that these matters were being attended to by Abbeyhill Electrical.

b. Water:

            This work will be completed by the end of November by Neil McIntosh.

c. Accounts to September:

            These will be passed to DFA.                                                                                   

7. Projects:

a. Harbour walls:

Cromwell walkway has been completed. The Board expressed its pleasure at the work done by A G Thomson. Work on the Cromwell Slipway is still under discussion. The Parapet will be completed by end of December. Arch Henderson’s Dunbar Harbour Survey 2017 had been received – The North Wall is once again the priority but work cannot be done before the end of March due to tides. Hopefully work will be able to be carried out between May and September. Robin is making application for funding to Marine Scotland.

b. North Wall & Cromwell notices:

All information is available on Dropbox. Work in progress, proceeding on schedule.

8. Harbour Improvement Plan:

a. Toilets: E. Robertson:

Survey & Level & Measure information available next week. Application for planning in December.

b. Branders: A. Brown:

Ready for grant application.   Anticipated cost £25,000. Meeting to be held with DFA on Tuesday next to discuss possible sources of funding. Concern was expressed about the introduction of branders into the historic harbour but these were always part of the harbour. The matter will be discussed with Paul Zochowski of ELC who has always been very helpful with such matters in the past.                                                                       

c. Draft Harbour improvement Plan – 2018 to 2020:

Harbour Users’ meeting next Thursday. Alasdair had drawn up a list of items which had been completed to date. It was proposed to put this into digital format. Barry suggested that this record of achievement should be sent to Dunbar Community Council, E.L. Council and local MSP. This was approved.       

9. Friends of Dunbar Battery:

There had been a poor response for membership. It was always the intention that a group outside of the Board would look after Dunbar Battery and what happens on the site (subject to overall governance by the Harbour Trust). In reality all of the administration is being done at present by the Directors of the Harbour Trust. Alasdair proposed that it might be better to seek a funded post for one year to get the facility properly set up and marketed.

10. Any other competent business:

a) Ken suggested that a suitable site for bench would be at Cromwell Harbour.

b) A litter clean up is needed behind the Battery.

c) North Wall Artwork – artist is seeking funding.

d) Date of next meeting – Thursday 14 December 19:00

The meeting closed at 20:15.