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Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 12 October 2017

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar, at 18.45

Present:   A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); J. Band; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule; E. Robertson

          Others present: Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master); M. Brown (minute)

           Apologies: S. Anderson; A. Brown; B. Buglass; B. Fisher

2.Minutes of meeting held on 14 September 2017 :

The minute was taken as a true record.

Matters arising:

Historic Environment Scotland grant for Dunbar Battery – Steve has secured 90% of the grant and is working to secure the balance of 10%.                                                                       

Current ownership of the “Tasty Toastie” – There has been no change.

Invoices will be sent to all retailers for their electricity usage during the season.                      

The DHMC felt that the small grass area under the Castle should be returned to what it was, namely a nice place for visitors to sit and enjoy the Harbour view. There were already benches there but these could hardly be seen far less used owing to the amount of weed growth surrounding. Eric felt that a picnic tale sited there would further enhance the area and perhaps some wild flowers. This project will be taken forward once Jimmy Wilson has scythed. Quentin will chase this up.                                                    

Card reader purchase – it was agreed that Paul and Quentin would investigate and proceed with purchase.

SMS Update – The current version (15) of the Harbour’s Safety Management System has been posted on the website by Thelma.

Castle Vault – The Castle vault entrance will be made by Micky McLoughlin.

Grant – An application for funding from the Alexander Amos Charitable Trust has been submitted.

Disabled Parking – Spaces do not currently comply with regulations. They are not wide enough. There are not enough spaces to make it necessary to provide these spaces and it was not considered necessary to make these spaces disabled available and thereby to reduce the very few other parking spaces that are frequently needed by our commercial fishermen and others. Thelma will arrange for the reference to disabled parking to be removed from the Access Statement.                                                                     

3. Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:

a. Incident Log review - No incidents had taken place.

b. Risk Assessment Review – Paul circulated Version 3 in the new format. This is now available in Dropbox.

c. SMS update – Paul will amend Appendix F in the next SMS update to reflect the current method of assessing risks.                                                                                                  

4. Finance Report:

a. September report : This had been circulated previously by Paul.   Diesel sales had dropped by 20% from their 2016 level. As fuel prices are higher than last year the actual fuel used will have been even less than this, reflecting a difficult month for our fishermen. Landings in September were up on last year but these included payments for landings in August. It will therefore come as no surprise if October’s landings are down on last year’s.

Cash flow remains strong.

b. Statutory Accounts approval: These were approved by the Board. Alasdair will also sign the Letter of Representation.    The accounts will then be lodged at Companies House and with OSCR.                      

c. Harbour charges 2018: These will be finalised at next meeting.

d. Terms and Conditions: Thelma was asked to review the Terms & Conditions. Anything unenforceable will be discussed by the Board.                                                                  

5. Harbour Management Committee:

a. Management of waste oil: Quentin is currently dealing with the disposal of waste oil. He felt that the problem was due to heavy stocks during the summer and that issue should resolve itself during winter months.

Waste filters were the responsibility of boat owners but it was agreed that the Trust would provide a wheelie bin for their disposal on a trial basis. This should encourage harbour users to use a legal and proper way to dispose of oil filters                                                      

b. Harbour bridge: The Harbour Master has obtained one quote for repainting the bridge before the winter, both to enhance its appearance and to protect it. – Quentin will seek to obtain another quote for comparison.                                                                       

Quentin mentioned that the pistons are weeping rust from the seal area and the plates are also severely corroded as are the bolts. He has raised these issues with MacScott Bond but, as yet, has received no response. This matter is to be chased up so that we can plan whether additional work is needed a the time of the annual service.                          

c. Other matters raised at DHMC meeting:

i. Alistair reported that there had been keen enthusiasm for the work being done with regard to the toilet block facilities.

ii. Waste clearance from Harbour bottom – This was best done during a Spring/Low tide. Matter to be referred back to DHMC to select a date.                                          

6. McArthur’s Stores:

a. Water : Quentin will chase up again with Neil McIntosh.                                                          

b. Lights: Should be attended to within next 7 days by George Sutherland                               

7. Projects:

a. Harbour Walls:

1. Cromwell quayside improvements are to be finished with a new surface on walkway.

2. Cromwell slipway (Coal Hurst) improvements. Discussion on site with interested parties about priorities will continue to determine what the scope on any work in this area should be.                                             

3. 2017 Overall Harbour Survey and Report by Arch Henderson was received at the end of last week. (The last Consultants’ survey was undertaken in 2015 and because of the impact of the North Sea on the harbour walls it is important to have regular reviews to see which parts of the walls have moved since the last inspection).

The current no.1 Priority is once again the outer North Wall.

Robin will make application to Marine Scotland for repair funds which could be in the region of £100,000.

4. Broadhaven repairs – currently repairs are being carried out twice yearly but these are only a stopgap. A more permanent solution will be extremely costly and the biggest problem is finding the funding for this. A proposal earlier this year to pull back very large stones from the seaward side of the Broadhaven breakwater was assessed as being far too dangerous.

b. North Wall /Cromwell notice: K Maule.

Ken gave a resume of the detail on the proposed notice boards and their positioning.

Planning permission has been received for this work.

8. Harbour Improvement Plan:

a. Toilets:

Eric reported that the design stage had been reached and is currently being worked on.

It was agreed that it would be preferable to have 3 W.C’s – one with disabled facilities and also baby changing unit.  

Quotations will be sought once design stage is complete.

b. Victoria Harbour Pontoon:

This will be kept under consideration but no immediate plans are in place to move this project forward. The risks and disadvantages are not yet outweighed by a compelling benefits case.

c. Cromwell Harbour pontoon:

The promised meeting with Marine Scotland has not yet materialised but this project will only progress with MS support.

d. Maintenance Bay:

As in c above

e. Branders:

Although it is hoped to get grant support for this project it was agreed that it will be considered for internal funding if all else fails. This is an important improvement for the fishing fleet.

f. Draft for 2018 – 2020: Harbour Users’ Meeting will be held on Thursday 16 November 2017 at 6p.m. in the Methodist Church Hall. This will review the achievements over the last three years to improve the harbour and consider the plans for the coming three years.

9. Friends of Dunbar Battery:.

The Assessment visit for the architectural awards had taken place on 4 October and the outcome is expected between December and March next year.

A group of Directors will consider the application for a major event at the Battery at the end of May next year.                                                                                                                      

10. Any other competent business:

1. Thelma will act as chair on Moorings Committee.                                                         

The following principles were ratified-

Composition of the Mooring Committee:

  1. Board member…..Thelma Band (Committee Chairman)

  2. Harbourmaster

  3. Harbour user…..Kevin Keillor

  4. Harbour user…. Ian Combe


  • To meet in November to consider paperwork and methodology for seeking mooring applications.

  • To meet in January to review applications, (allocating boats to moorings while trying to maintain the status quo wherever possible), determine how to follow up with non-respondents, and to plan the inspection of mooring chains prior to Boats-In Day.

  • To meet in March to record the results of the chain inspections and agree procedures for Boats-In Day.

  • To meet in June to finalise the hardstanding plan for the autumn and to plan for the annual craning out.

Feed-back to the Harbour Trust Board:

  • December Board Meeting ….confirmation that application forms have been sent out;

  • February Board Meeting…..Mooring Master Schedule, showing who has applied for a mooring; the current year’s map showing where each numbered mooring is.

  • April Board Meeting…..Updated Mooring Master Schedule showing invoice details against each user; recommendations from chain inspections; confirmation that Boats-In plans were effective.

  • July board Meeting…..Hardstanding plan and confirmation that plns are in place for the craning out.

Delegated power:

The Harbourmaster is authorised to allocate a mooring to a vacant space as he sees fit. The Harbourmaster will keep the Committee informed by updating the Mooring Schedule in a timely fashion.

If a member of the Committee is unhappy about a mooring allocation decision a meeting can be called to discuss the matter.

2. Murals on harbour walls – Quentin circulated a proposal for a Harbour Wall Community Project and Mural proposal, which had been prepared a submitted by Paul Togneri and Ali Cleary. It was agreed to proceed with this project on the basis that all of the funds for the project would come from external sources. Eric will assist.                                               

The project will brighten up the far side of Victoria Harbour, but it is a key objective of the artists that the community should feel a part of the project and that people will literally become a part of the mural.

3. Ken reported an incidence of a motorhome owner who was parking at the Harbour and whose generator had been running all night, thus disturbing surrounding residents. This same individual had also been seen disposing of effluent into the Harbour.  

4. Ken also noted a safety incident involving the Dunbar Skiff Club had been reported to the Eyemouth Harbour Trust.

11. Date of next meeting: This will take place on Thursday 9 November 2017 at 18:45.

The meeting closed at 20.40.