DUNBAR HARBOUR TRUST Minute of Directors’ meeting held on Thursday 10 August 2017 In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 18.45

Present: A. Swan (Chair) T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; A. Brown; J. Band; B. Fisher; A. Mackie ;R. Hamilton;

1.Apologies: P. Ingram (Treasurer); K. Maule; E. Robertson.

2.Minutes of meeting held on 13th July 2017 & Matters arising:

  • The issue of debris falling in the harbour entrance was noted and the need for an incident log required. The scale of the problem is not understood which is why a proper investigation is needed.
  • A letter has been sent to enjoyleisure expressing the Trust’s willingness to manage the site if this will prevent it from being entirely cut off from all use. enjoyleisure has been very understanding about the benefit this space can bring for events like RNLI Day and for harbour authorised traffic and storage. No response has been received to date so there has been no further progress. There was some discussion about this being “community land”. This matter was clarified. The land belongs to enjoyleisure who are open minded to ideas of how it might be used for charitable purposes in line with its constitution. The action to limit access to this land has been taken by enjoyleisure because of health & safety concerns. There is no common right to use the land without the owner’s consent.
  • It was noted that the problem of wet weather coverage for the Battery stage has now been resolved in time for Sparkling Dunbar.
  • The purchase of a card reader to enable the harbourmaster to take credit card payments is still being explored and evaluated.

3. Port Marine Safety Code & the Health & Safety Report:

  • Incident log review: No incidents were discussed. Nothing has been logged in the Register and no director present was aware of any recent accident, incident or near miss.
  • Eddie Ingle – It was noted that there have been no recent appearances by the Ingle family
  • Risk Assessment Review: Marine Risk assessments were discussed and further discussions will take place at our next meeting. RA1 forms were circulated. The first assessment of “Likelihood” relates to the “Hazard Effect” rather than the “Hazard” itself. Paul has pointed out that some of these assessments merit revisiting. Perhaps of more relevance are the assessments of likelihood after the controls have been put in place. At present all of the RA! Risks are assessed as being unlikely to occur if the controls are in place, an assessment that is supported by our historic records of accidents and incidents. However John did point out that he thought that the final assessment for the likelihood of collisions with another vessel as a result of skipper error merited review for a number of reasons.
  • Harbour detritus is becoming a H & S issue – a letter to be sent to the DFA . It was noted that the area under the castle is an unnecessary mess, access to the toilet is difficult and the cleanliness around and inside McArthur’s Store is below an acceptable standard
  • There has been no recent SMS update.
  • New MAIB Flyer added to the web site

4. Harbour Security:

  • No issues were raised

5. Finance Report:

  • The report had been circulated.
  • Whitelaw Wells is currently conducting the external audit of the 2016/17 accounts.
  • We are still awaiting the Civic Pride grant but the matter is in hand.
  • Director’s report to be drafted. This provides the Directors with an opportunity to record all of the achievements and improvements during 2016/17 which in itself becomes an interesting historical record.
  •  Public Mooring fees were down on previous years. There are still many moorings available in the Cromwell Harbour but it is too late in the season to take advantage of these.
  •  Credit control issues were discussed.

6. Harbour Management Committee:

  • The issue of abandoned boats arose and the HM was tasked to clarify.
  • Bridge maintenance – it has been agreed that there must be a proper register of bridge inspections
  • In addition the HMC is asked to record in its minutes each month the date of the last inspection, the planned date for the next inspection and any recent defects that have been reported. Although concern had been expressed at the lack of funds for any major repair. The best way of avoiding such a large cost is to ensure that regular checks are made and greasing takes place whenever necessary.
  • Dog waste Stations were discussed but it was felt there were enough bins in place.

7. Projects:

  • Castle vault entrance: Work is underway and a gate will be designed and erected to allow access to the vaults (which is very rarely needed). Access will always remain difficult because of the lack of height.
  • Sparkling Dunbar: This will be held on 19 August from 11a.m. until 4 p.m. and will be based around the Battery. It will be in the form of a small Music Festival. The gazebo has been acquired to provide some form of protection from the elements
  • Cromwell Harbour repairs (R. Hamilton): o Improved surface to Cromwell walkway will get underway shortly. Red whin is to be preferred. o Breakwater improvement – ongoing but weather dependent. A week of settled weather at spring tides is required. o Coal hirst repairs to be undertaken. Care will be taken to maintain the character of the area.

8. Harbour Improvement Plan:

  • Toilets: (Eric Robertson). The original site on the south Pier is being investigated – ongoing
  • Pontoon at Victoria Harbour – It was felt this would benefit many harbour user groups. It was agreed that the need and demand for disabled to use Victoria Harbour was very tenuous. The practicality and cost of introducing a ramp that was completely compliant would kill the project. This is a project that will encourage the young to take up rowing and sailing and will make it easier for harbour users to gain access to, and to load and unload, their boats. It is not a project that will generate additional revenue and it is not designed to create additional moorings. A meeting to discuss possible funding has taken place. A meeting to look at technical matters will take place later this month
  • Pontoon at Cromwell Harbour – Ongoing – funding may be sought though EMFF funding as it will primarily be introduced to help the smaller commercial fishermen. However it was noted that approval from Historical environment Scotland should not be assumed for any changes to Cromwell Harbour
  • Maintenance Bay – ongoing – funding to be sought from EMFF. A final meeting is needed which will be arranged to include the advisors from the DFA
  • Branders – ongoing. – funding to be sought at the same time as for the Maintenance Bay

9. Friends of Dunbar Battery:

  • a) Last meeting of the Friends was two months ago – a meeting to be arranged in the near future
  • b) Appreciation was expressed to Paul and Steve in particular for arranging the very popular programme of events that had made the first year such a success.
  • c) It was noted that short, sharp events have been the most popular. A concert lasting several hours is likely to test the stamina of the audience. 10. Any other competent business:
  • The DFA has requested a meeting with trustees – it was agreed to suggest a meeting on Tuesday 22nd August at 1800hrs if this is suitable.
  • Doors Open Day will take place on Saturday 23rd September – Barry Fisher, Steve Anderson and Andrew Brown are available to show visitors round

Date of next meeting – Thursday 14th September 2017 at 18.45.

The meeting closed at 20.25