Minute of the Trustees’ and Directors’ meeting held on Thursday 8 June 2017

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 18.45

Present:          A. Swan (Chair); S. Anderson; B. Buglass; P. Ingram; A. Mackie; K. Maule;

                       E. Robertson

Others present: Q. Dimmer (Harbourmaster); M. Brown (minutes)

1.Apologies for absence: T. Band (Vice-chair); J. Band; A. Brown; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton

2. Minute of meeting held on 11 May 2017 & matters arising: The minute was adopted.

i) Red sticker policy:

Quentin had implemented the policy and disabled the boat. He had photographed the offending vessel, informed the police and contacted the owner advising that unless fees were settled the vessel would be seized. The police had encouraged the Harbourmaster to return all the goods to the owner to enable the boat to sail again despite the fees not having been paid.

Quentin was commended for his handling of the affair. The meeting expressed its disappointment that police attention had been turned on the Harbourmaster and not on a local offender. The Trust had communicated to the Police that it was possible that stolen property was involved but there had been no immediate interest or action taken. The Trust reserves the right to decline mooring rights, either temporary or permanent, to those with a criminal record whom the Trust, in its sole discretion, believes present a threat to the possessions of law-abiding harbour users.

The Harbourmaster asked to be given until next Tuesday to sort the matter out and to collect the promised outstanding visitor’s fees.                                                                 

3. Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety report:

a) Incident log review:

The following incidents have yet to be recorded -                                                                                       

i) Youths on North wall jumping into the North Sea

ii) Some thefts from boats, related to incident above.

iii) Mooring coming free from one boat.

b) Risk Assessment Review:

A formal assessment and improvement programme has been created after the recent visit of the Designated Person for implementation over the next year by the Directors of the Harbour Trust ….per section 1.8 Safety Management System, viz.

  1. The consideration of the effect of risks on people, assets, environment and business will be incorporated into the Trust’s risk assessment process.            

  2. This improvement programme will be included in the first minutes of the meeting after the visit of the Designated Person.

  3. The Directors will be identified as Duty Holders on the DHT website.                 

  4. The roles of the Harbourmaster and Deputy Harbourmaster will be reviewed in the context of the Safety Management System.                                                           

  5. A letter of compliance will be sent to the MCA.                                                     

  6. Safety Management System will be revised to take on board the Designated person’s comments.     

4. Harbour Security:

Nothing to report.

5. Finance Report:

The May report had been circulated.  

The Historic environment Scotland grants have been delayed because of legal technicalities and new documentation has been drawn up

Landings were down in May due to adverse weather.

There had also been fewer launchings for the same reason.

6.Harbour Management Committee:

a) Craning In operations:

AM asked that the Committee be given more time to draw up rules for Simple Lifts and rules for Complex Lifts.

The Commercial Users and Sailing Club can determine which set of rules is appropriate in any set of circumstances and the Harbourmaster will have the final say if there is any dubiety about Safety.

What is clear is that the Lift operator has a major part to play in any Lift operation and a copy of the Operator’s Safe Method of Working needs to be on file (and then adhered to).               

b) Bridge maintenance:

Quentin suggested that monthly inspections of the bridge were not necessary but that the bridge should be re-greased at least once per quarter. This was agreed.

It remains important that the DHMC reports in its minutes that there have been no reported problems with the bridge over the previous month, when the date of the next inspection by the Harbourmaster is due, and the results of any recent inspection.                                                     

c) Rubbish disposal:

Red sticker policy to be adopted.

d) Loose stones in coal hirst :

Consultants are aware of this and the matter is under review.

7.McArthur’s Stores: Nothing to report.


a. North Wall steps:

These will be repaired during the first Spring tide in June.

b. Hatchery fencing:

Quentin had submitted drawing. The fencing will be almost identical to existing but slightly lower. The project will now proceed.                                                              

c. Castle vault entrance:

This has fallen behind schedule, but Kevin Thomson has been very busy on other projects needed by the Trust.                                                                                              

d. Branders:

Still being costed.                                                                                                      

The meeting considered whether the firm branders were a better solution that the more forgiving tyre solution, and this matter will once again be referred back to the DHMC to ensure we are providing for the solution that will provide the best result for the fishermen.                                  

e. Notice board:

Quentin has submitted a quote but he was asked to consider whether a like-for-like solution was better than a magnetic solution which might make operating the board much easier in high winds.

f. Sparkling Dunbar:

This will take the form of a smaller festival in August based on Dunbar Battery.

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

a. Toilets:

Paul had been offered a Portacabin Toilet Block free for a period of 2-3 years. Alistair felt that emphasis should be on fund-raising for a permanent solution. It was agreed that Eric and Alasdair will explore possibilities and report back. It was suggested that there might be an eco friendly solution along the South Pier which might be more convenient for the commercial user and more acceptable to the residents.                                                                                                

b. Pontoon:

Quotes are to be circulated to all the Board.                                                                     

In an ideal world there might be a pontoon in both harbours but the quotation for the Victoria Harbour looks to be more relevant and financially justifiable.

c. Consultation:

Alasdair has contacted the fishermen. Designated Directors to contact others as agreed.                       

10. Friends of Dunbar Battery:  

  • Steve will hold an introductory meeting of interested parties on 15 June with a view to forming a committee to be part of the management of Dunbar Battery. There will be an informal meeting on Wednesday to thank those who had been involved in the project.

  • It is hoped to promote History tours.                                                               

  • Online booking for events is available on the website.

  • Interested parties will be able to donate on line.

11. Any other competent business:

1. Kenny reported the possibility of a rats’ nest at Broadhaven.

2. Electric sockets needed to be sorted out at the Battery. Steve will chase this up.     

3. Edges of the ramp to the Battery are crumbling. This is just one of a few minor snagging items which are being addressed.                                                                        

4. Oil patches have been observed outside the Harbour mouth.   Quentin will report any which appear/are reported within the Harbour.

Next meeting: This will take place on Thursday 13 July at 18.45.

The meeting closed at 20:50.