Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 11 May 2017

In McArthurs Stores, Dunbar at 16.45

Present:          A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); J. Band; A. Brown; B. Fisher; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie

Others present: Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master); M. Brown (Minutes)

1. Apologies:     Apologies received from S. Anderson; B. Buglass; R. Hamilton; K. Maule;

E. Robertson. ( Retrospective apologies from B. Fisher for April meeting.)

2. Minutes of meeting held on 13 April 2017: Adopted as a true record.

3. Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety report:

a. Incident log review: No reportable incidents.

b. Risk Assessment Review:

Contact Graham Vale to arrange an external audit.                                                                      

The proposed changes to the three risk assessments reviewed at the last meeting were ratified and will now be actioned.                                                                                       

Feed-back on the review of the three new risk assessments was considered and the necessary changes will be made to clarify the controls that will reduce the risks to as low as reasonably practicable.                

c. MAIB investigation reports:  

Updated by Thelma on the website for all to see. The majority of relevant messages focus on the need to wear life jackets at sea. Failure to listen to this message is what turns many accidents into fatalities.

4. Harbour security:   This is ongoing. Paul will chase up.                                                

5. Finance Report:

The April finance report had been circulated.                                                                    

The Debtors’ list has three fairly large outstanding amounts which were currently within the 90 day period. Statements will be sent out to slow payers.                                       

Port Seton is now sending in its landing dues in a most helpful manner each month.

Alastair reported that the DHMC had expressed concern at the cost of the Bridge inspection in relation to work done and had suggested seeking an alternative, cheaper engineer. It was agreed that this work required a professional, experienced firm with knowledge of the bridge and recorded evidence of inspections, particularly from the viewpoint of insurance cover and we will stick with MacScott Bond for the time being.

2017/18 Budget was discussed in the context of this year’s capital requirements.                                             

The External Audit will take place in August.

6. Harbour Management Committee:

(i) Abandoned boats – A trial experiment will be initiated whereby a red sticker is placed on any offending boat. The owner will be contacted and advised that unless overdue fees are paid within 2 weeks they will be deprived of their boat.                                                

(ii) Craning In operation – lifting guidelines: These had been distributed. Alistair will report back on progress.                                                                                                                 

iii) Waste disposal – request for smaller lockable skips.

Referred back to DHMC for further guidance from the DFA.                                             

Most of the tenants wrote in last year to say that there was no need to provide them with skips as they could dispose of their industrial waste themselves. Two tenants requested and pay for a lockable skip. This process works well for them and it may be possible for other tenants to change their mind and offer to pay for their share of the lockable skip. However this will require the agreement of the two tenants who currently pay for the skips and this agreement cannot be taken for granted.

The Trust does not want a proliferation of skips around McArthur’s Store and had asked the tenants who did not want to use the skip to ensure that they could remove the waste themselves.

The plan next year will be to return to the former system of placing one large skip for one week in Victoria Harbour and one in Cromwell Harbour for one week to help with the common need to dispose of old creels.

All other industrial waste should be removed as agreed by the tenants themselves.

(iv) RNLI Container:

Alasdair will write to RNLI Head Office to seek its removal                                                           

(v) Freezer outside store at end of pier:

This is not Harbour Trust land. The freezer stands on private ground.

(vi) “Sea Salt” has not been moved:

The Harbourmaster explained that the owner is replacing an engine. A hardstanding charge has been paid.

(vii) Fisherman from Cove drawing fuel:

Neil Barnard has a fuel agreement with the Harbour Trust.

It is the view that the Harbour Trust should support any visiting fishermen, but this is usually done through cash on delivery. In this case drawings were sufficiently frequent for it to be a nuisance for both Neil Barnard and the Harbour staff. A fuel agreement was the answer. Payments are always made in a timely fashion, and the drawings contribute to the cost of running the fuel installation.

(viii) Propane bottles being dumped: “Red sticker” arrangement will be tried.              

(ix) Gardening

It was agreed that the Trust should enter into a contract with Jimmy Wilson for both harbours. This contract does not extend to Dunbar Battery.                                            

7. McArthur’s Stores:

John reported that new system was in place.   There is now frost protection on 3 levels.

The thermostat has been set in accordance with the Operating Manual recommendations to protect the building.

The boiler has been working for a disproportionate length of time and this should help to reduce the cost of gas for the tenants.

The new hand-dryer is in place.

Rhona has given up her cleaning business, but Paul, who has done the cleaning for her, is taking on the contract in his own name.

8. Projects:

a. Battery project on Lamer Island:

Official Opening will be on 3 June. Grants from Historic Scotland are still not forthcoming – Alistair will continue to chase this up.                                                                             

Harbour Users’ meeting. There had been a low turnout but those who attended had been enthusiastic.

Rectification of concrete path is underway.

Website and Facebook are both up and running.

b. North wall steps: Work to commence early June at a cost of £5262.

Quentin will obtain a quote for steam cleaning the steps and wall.                                            

c. Hatchery fencing: Quentin had received a quote in the region of £6000 plus extra £2000 to powder coat it blue. Quote will be circulated for consideration.                                        

d. Castle vault entrance: Planned to be actioned this month by AGT.

e. Branders: Andrew almost ready to submit application for grant.                                            

f. Notice board: Quentin had obtained a quote of £600. Quote to be circulated.              

g. “Sparkling Dunbar”: This event has been deferred until September.

h. Wall repairs: R. Hamilton.

1. AGT have been carrying out strengthening of Cromwell Walkway Parapet Wall. Started Monday and will carry on next week. (Part of contract carried out Jan-March 2017 to grout core of wall).

2. Improving the Broadhaven Breakwater will start at the most suitable low tides in next couple of months.

3. Full inspection of all harbour walls by our engineering consultant Arch Henderson will take place on 26 May (last inspection by consultants August 2015). Quentin and Robin inspected last year.

A current engineering inspection required for grant funding applications.

4. Following inspection 3 above and Quentin’s discussion with DHMC fishermen we will identify areas of South Wall needing repair/pointing.

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

The latest update will be on the website.                                                                          

The next three year plan 2018-2020 requires consultation with the usual user groups, with the feed-back to be collated for the September meeting.

Consultation with the following groups will be sought by –

  1. Fishermen                                                                                                                 AS

  2. Sailing Club                                                                                                                 PI

  3. Motor Boat owners                                                                                                  QD

  4. RNLI                                                                                                                             QD

  5. Rowing Club                                                                                                               KM

  6. Sea Cadets                                                                                                                  AS

  7. Residents                                                                                                                    ER

  8. General Public                                                                                                           BF

10. Any Other competent business:

1. Toilet Block – Alasdair will begin investigating with ELC.                                                           

2. Possibility of moving portaloos nearer to Battery if an event is taking place there.

3. Date of next meeting – Thursday 8 June at 18.45.

The meeting closed at 20.40.