Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on

Thursday 12 April 2017 in McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar, at 18.45

_Present: A. Swan (Chair); S. Anderson; T. Band (Vice-chair); J. Band; A. Brown; B. Buglass; R. Hamilton;

P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule; E. Robertson

Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master); M Brown (Minutes)

1.Apologies: B. Fisher

2. Minutes of meeting held on 9 March 2017 & matter arising: The minute was adopted as a true record.

i. It was noted that the “Sea Salt” has yet to be moved.   Quentin will deal with this.    

ii. Appointment of new Directors – The official letters confirming the re-appointment of the four directors have not yet been issued, and this will be corrected before the next   meeting.                                                                                                                                              

3. Port Marine Safety Code & the Health and Safety Report:

a. Incident Log Review – There had been three incidents recorded. (Fighting, tomb-stoning and a boat caught on the branders).

b. Risk Assessment review – Three items were discussed and amendments identified. Paul will make these amendments and circulate before the next meeting. It was agreed that, in future, revision of the risk assessments will be considered offline, but this review does require the participation of all of the directors to comply with the Port Marine Safety Code. The offline decisions will be ratified at the Board Meetings to keep a proper record of the reviews.

c. MAIB investigation reports – Three reports had been uploaded.

4. Harbour Security:

a. Webcam – Paul is developing a proposal that will provide internet capability and CCTV coverage as well as allowing for a webcam.

b. The positioning of any mast remains a challenge.

5. Finance Report:

a. March report- This had been previously circulated.

b. Moorings update – All invoices had been sent out. There had been an increase in the number of moorings.

c. Landing dues – All of the fishermen have been paying their landing dues, usually through their merchants. The only exception has been the three prawn boats that land most of their catch at Port Seton. Some of their Dunbar dues have been received, but only up to November 2016. An apology from the Port Seton merchant has been received indirectly and a promise to correct the situation and to pay the landing dues on a regular monthly basis. It was agreed that the 25% discount for these three mooring charges might be awarded retrospectively at the end of the financial year if significant monthly dues have been received on a regular basis. This concession will be communicated to the three owners. The Board was reminded that a significant loss had been incurred in prior years when a Port Seton merchant had failed to pay across dues and other charges.

d. Credit control – Reminders and invoices for the additional visitor’s charges will be sent out this month to all harbour users who have not paid their mooring charges but who have boats in the water.                  

e. ELC Grant for 2017/18 – The grant had been received: £17,500 + £2,500 for bridge maintenance. A percentage of the bridge allowance will be set aside for future repairs.

The Board expressed its appreciation to the Council for this additional support.

6. Harbour Management Committee: A. Mackie

a. Bridge Maintenance: MacScott Bond has arranged to meet up with the harbourmaster this month to complete the annual service and to show the harbourmaster how to check the operation of the bridge on a monthly basis. He will then report on his findings each month to the DHMC.

b. Additional Davit: Quentin informed the meeting that he was investigating the cost of a cheaper davit and had also approached A.G. Thomson regarding the relocation of an existing davit to the fuel berth.       

The Board repeated its position that there is no intention to proceed with this project for the reasons previously given, so this is simply a fact gathering exercise at the moment.

c. Maintenance Bay: Andrew is costing the plans for this, and will be sent the original plans which were prepared with the help of John Fairgrieve Snr but which should be checked again with the DFA and DHMC to ensure that the plans meet the current needs. This project will probably best be combined with the Branders project so that a more comprehensive harbour improvement project can be submitted for EMFF funding while this funding remains available.                    

d. Contaminated oil: There is a problem with contaminated oil which cannot be passed to garages. Amounts in excess of 500 litres can be uplifted but at a cost to the Board. Quentin will obtain an estimate and report back. 

e. Loose handrails: This is in hand. And the rails will be tightened up.                                                    

f. North Wall Steps: The suggestion that other harbour users such as the Sailing Club might apply for grants to assist with the repair costs was considered. It is not possible for the Club to apply for grants to repair property which is not in their ownership. The suggestion has more merit if plans to introduce pontoons, for example, are to be pursued in the future.

g. Dog Fouling: It was suggested that the provision of dog litter bags in dispensers around the harbour would largely solve the problem. There is a cost implication in this proposal and it was not clear why harbour users should pay for dog owners’ bags and the installation of dispensers. There was also concern that many of the bags might be found floating in the harbour if abused by the irresponsible youths in the area. Alistair will investigate the cost of bag dispensers and bags. Meanwhile the proven action plan of picking up the dog mess will be re-introduced. Weekly pick-ups along Cromwell Harbour will be resumed.

Regular pick-ups at The Battery will take place once it has re-opened. The fishermen will be encouraged to pick up around their own McArthur’s Stores               

h. The Maggie: Further work is needed to determine whether the site is to be used for industrial storage or is to be preserved as an area of natural beauty or both. The suggestion that the introduction of container storage under the Maggie would sort out the untidy area in front of the existing stores by the fuel berth ignores the fact that there are different owners involved at both sites. To date all storage facilities, at McArthur’s Store and at the Fuel Berth, have resulted in an untidy environment. Clarity is needed as to how and why this new storage facility will be any different, for it will be important to ensure that it does not simply become a dumping ground. It was noted that a previous plan to provide storage facilities under the Maggie had proved to be too expensive for the fishermen. It may be that grants will be available for the fishermen to buy containers and to undertake the necessary groundwork, so the DHMC will be asked to clarify what is in their mind. If the requirement is for the Harbour Trust to provide these facilities the Board will need to know what the tenants would be prepared to pay for this facility.                                                                          

7. McArthur’s Stores:

a. Lease update – Alasdair will report back at next meeting. Most of the tenants have now signed their new leases and payments should all be received before the end of April.                          

b. Electricity sub-meter failure – George Sutherland will check the malfunctioning sub-meter and will either repair or replace it next Tuesday 18 April.                                                                                     

c. Termination of hand-drier lease – The leased hand-drier has been removed at the request of the tenants and the contract has been terminated early. The cost of a replacement will be identified so that the tenants can decide whether or not they wish to pay for it.

8. Projects:

a. Battery project on Lamer Island –

Steve reported that final touches are in hand. The coastal garden will be planted out next week.

He had received positive feedback from the Lammermuir Festival organisers. He was arranging for mention of the facility to be made in the Dunbar Civic Week programme. It was agreed that the site be referred to as “Dunbar Battery”. Paul suggested that an Open Evening be held for organisations and others who may be interested in using the space and requested any names to be passed to him for inclusion.              

Alasdair confirmed that applications for use of the space will require to be vetted by the Trust and appropriate guidelines issued. There has been some public concern that the Trust is turning Dunbar Battery into an events venue. For most of the year it remains a Public Open Space and every effort has been made to retain the essential character and accessibility of the place. Quentin suggested that the Sculptor be contacted to advise on the maintenance of the sculpture.  

b. North Wall Steps – Quentin reported that work was due to commence at beginning of May.

c. Hatchery fencing – Awaiting proposal from Iain Watt to fit in with the ideas for the Maggie.

d. Castle vault entrance – AGT will carry out this work at the beginning of May

e. Branders – Andrew will report full proposal after the next DHMC meeting.               

f. Notice board – Still in hand.                                                                                             

g. “Sparkling Dunbar” – Thelma confirmed the date as Saturday 19 August 2017. She will distribute a list of assistance needed.                                                                                 

h. Grants

Robin reported that the Historic environment Scotland Grants were imminent.  

Alistair will contact Historic Scotland.                                                                                 

i. Next priorities

Robin is now looking at where to get funding for -

1. Parapet repairs in Cromwell Quay.

2. Strengthening of the Broadhaven Breakwater.

3. Further inspection of all of the harbour walls (needed for major funding applications).

4. South wall repairs.

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

Update to be published                                                                                                       

10. Any other competent business:

a. Abandoned boats policy – Change of terms and conditions. Alistair will discuss with DHMC and report back.                    

b. It had been noted that during a craning in on 29 March the safety guidelines had been breached. It was agreed to raise this at the next DHMC meeting emphasising that these safety regulations were part of the law of the land, the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. Alistair was asked to consider with the DHMC what changes to the lifting guidelines the fishermen wished to see and how these changes would leave the Trust in case of an accident.                                 

c. Eric enquired as to when the RNLI container will be removed. – No firm arrangement has been received from the RNLI.     Follow up.                                                                             

d. John had received a further quote for the heating system in the sum of £891. He was authorised to proceed to keep the cost of gas under control.

e. Cold Store site – It was understood that, as agreed with the DHT, the store will be accommodated within the present footprint. The DFA has been asked to keep the Trust informed if there is any change to this position.

f. Date of next meeting – This will take place on Thursday 11 May 2017 at 18.45. The meeting closed at 21.45.