Minute of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 9 February 2017 In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 18.45

Present:A. Swan (Chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; A. Brown; P. Ingram (Treasurer);A.Mackie; K. Maule Others present:  Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master); M. Brown (Minutes)

1.Apologies: T. Band (Vice-Chair; B. Buglass; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton; E. Robertson

2. Minutes of meeting held on 12 January 2017 and matters arising: The minute was adopted as a true record. Matters arising were: a) Swimming (hypothermia) incident report – Still in hand.    b) Webcam option – John still investigating possibilities.    c) Cheese retailer – Eric to report         A tentative enquiry has been made as to whether it will be possible to introduce a lobster shack at Dunbar Harbour. d) Moorings Committee – Quentin reported that a meeting with interested parties is to be set up within the next 2 weeks.      

3. Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report: a) Incident log review – no new incidents to report b) Risk assessment review – Battery risks-  Alasdair tabled the risk of anti-social behaviour at the harbour that is currently a problem elsewhere in the town and, in particular, how to possibly mitigate any impact on the Battery once completed.  CCTV coverage of the entrance can be arranged from the existing approved camera positions. Alasdair will check up on the insurance cover and conditions.   c) MAIB investigation reports – No new reports to discuss. d) PMSC Internal audit & annual review process – Paul has started the process.        e) November 2016 revision PMSC/Guide to good practice – It was noted that these guidelines needed to be considered when reviewing the current Safety Management System. The challenge is to identify where these guidelines have changed from the previous version

4. Harbour Security:  Nothing to report at present.

5. Finance report: a) The January report had been circulated. The fishing remains buoyant with landings and fuel sales at record levels.

b) Moorings update –   There have been a few slow leisure applicants who will be sent a text reminder to-morrow. The majority of the fishermen also require a reminder as they have not applied for a 2017 mooring. 

c) Historic environment Scotland Standard Securities The Board agreed that Alasdair S. and Alistair M. will deal with this matter and they were authorised to complete the security documentation.        

6.Harbour Management Committee: (A. Mackie): a) Opening Day for Battery – The view had been expressed that this should be a public event.   It was agreed that there would be an opening of the Battery for the General public when the builders moved off site, but that the Harbour Trust should be entitled to have a subsequent private event to thank  its funders and supporters. b) Additional davit – It does appear to be unlikely that any funding will be available from either FLAG or the EMFF funding managed by Marine Scotland for an additional davit. Every  effort needs to be made to keep the landing berth clear. c) Harbour Bridge – There was unanimous support for the proposed inspection and servicing arrangements.  Concern was expressed for the Harbour Master’s safety when servicing the bridge and a proper method statement needs to be in place.   Arrangements are in place for Quentin to attend the first servicing/maintenance inspection to see what is involved.  It was suggested that both Quentin and the Assistant Harbourmaster should receive the training. Alasdair will contact MacScott Bond to arrange the first servicing of the bridge. d) The Maggie – The ideas as to how the area under the Maggie might be used to greater advantage will be built into the Harbour Improvement Plan as soon as they are formulated. e) Fisherman’s Monument – The current view is that the monument should be allowed to return to its natural sandstone. Paint is not adhering with the moisture that is still within the stone. f) Use of container space – The view of the DHMC is that this should be a shared facility available to all.  The RNLI is committed to moving its container after “Boats In “ day. There was general agreement that the area should be used for some of the harbour’s retailers, as hard standing for yachts in the winter, and for the rowing skiffs in the summer. Day launchers will be encouraged to take their trailers elsewhere as this is not a suitable area for parking trailers or cars.        An amenities block is planned to go at right angles to where the RNLI container currently stands but further away from the water, designed to avoid obscuring any resident’s view of the castle or the harbour entrance. No planning application has yet been submitted. The current costing is going to be very difficult/impossible to fund, so a solution needs to be found which is affordable that can then be discussed with local residents. Some alternative solutions were discussed for a site for an amenities block  - on the Battery itself; under the Maggie; on the enjoyleisure site; on the East Lothian Council area under the houses; in the Sailing Club; using a suite of portaloos – but the only option left standing was the proposed one. g) Branders – Quentin and Andrew are in discussion with the fishermen to ensure that this project is properly scoped. Funding is likely to be sought from the Marine Scotland EMFF fund            h) Retrieving people from water in the event of an accident  -  Quentin explained that procedures were in place with the RNLI but it would be useful to purchase a couple of throw lines.  This was agreed. However, it must be stressed that the wearing of life jackets would prevent the necessity of rescues and ALL harbour users should be encouraged to do so. There was a discussion as to whether the Harbour Trust should refuse a mooring to any harbour user who had put other lives at risk by falling into the harbour water while not wearing a life jacket. This action has not been taken with anyone this year but it was agreed that there must come a time when this is the right action for the Harbour Trust to take.

i) Storage of fuel – A 25litre fuel drum had been left in an unauthorised area resulting in it being vandalised. There is a dedicated bunker for storage and users should be encouraged to make use of it. The harbourmaster will ensure there is a tray to capture any leakage in the bunker and he disposes of the waste oil on a regular basis.  

7. McArthur’s Stores:   a) Boiler quote and the need for a new controller – The proposed cost was nearly £1,000 It was felt that this may not be necessary and Environmental Automatics will be invited to offer a solution that keeps the cost of gas down but provides the correct heat to different parts of the building. It was agreed that the office and meeting room needs no different treatment from the rest of the building so there is no requirement for zoning.            b) Lease update -  To date two of the eleven leases have been signed.

8. Projects: a) Harbour wall repairs:   Robin had circulated an update.

b) Battery project on Lamer Island:  Work is progressing.  The Amphitheatre and paths are taking shape.  Building Warrant approval has been granted.  Awaiting HES funding to complete the funding package. Completion is anticipated to be by the end of March. It was felt that the event to thank the funders should be a private one.  Steve will write to Viridor suggesting a date towards the end of June.  (Boats-in Day may impact on the original suggested date of 21 April).     

Friends of The Battery -  Steve will ask the local press to print an article inviting interested volunteers to contact him initially.  There are three groups that need to be considered –  • A small group with active roles • A group of interested users of the Battery site • An open group of those who will be willing to give some time and possibly money to support the work of the Battery

c) North Wall steps: A G Thomson has been asked to do this work as soon as the resources are available. A Civic Pride grant has been received. The specification of the work needs to be finally agreed with AGT.  

d) Hatchery fencing:  The order has been placed with ICI fabricators who have made such a good job of the harbour railings.   The hatchery fencing will be in place once ICI has finished its current contract at Torness. The interpretation panel telling the story of the hatchery has been produced.

e) Castle vault entrance:  A contract has been placed with A G Thomson to repair the access to the Castle Vault site. Protection will be introduced to prevent a further collapse of the earth bank.

f) Notice board:  Discussions are still outstanding with Iain Watt to determine whether a new notice board should be introduced. The current board is hard to use and ships in water.

g) “Sparkling Dunbar”: Provided sufficient assistance is available, Thelma is happy for this to proceed.  Suggested dates were 5, 26 August or 2 September.

9. Harbour Improvement  Plan):

a. 2016 Summary of improvements: Alasdair had circulated at list of 2016 achievements. This is an important record of the Trust’s stewardship so any omissions should be notified to him.  

b. 2017 Action plan: He has also circulated an Action Plan for 2017. Items need to be deleted from this list that the Board feels that it will not tackle in the coming year. These items can, if appropriate, be carried forward into the next three-year plan, but the 2017 plan should be realistic and deliverable. Views are sought on this subject before the latest update is published.         

10. Any other competent business: a. Appointment of new Directors:  Interviews will take place in March.  Tom Shearer and Elaine O’Brien have agreed to sit on the Appointing Body.

b. Repointing inside of the South wall in Victoria Harbour. The harbourmaster reminded the Board that water flows in and out of the South Wall and will be undermining what lies behind the wall. The Board is fully aware of these defects (and similar problems in all of the harbour walls) and is prioritising repairs in line with available funds. The harbourmaster’s view that a little repointing now would save significant money going forward was recognised, particularly if there are not already large voids behind the gaps in the pointing.

c. Approval was given for introduction of bollard under the castle for the RNLI.

d. Creels are piling up against houses in Custom House Square. Quentin to raise matter with fishermen as this is anti-social behaviour that we have undertaken to desist from in the past, the rights of the local residents needing to be respected.          

e. New blue harbour railings  Steve mentioned that some of the old railings are still in place.  Quentin will chase this up with Iain Watt.        

11. Date of next meeting: This will take place on Thursday 9 March 2017 in McArthur’s Stores at 18.45.

The meeting closed at 21.10.