Minute of meeting held on Thursday 12 January 2017

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 16.45

Present:          A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-Chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; B. Buglass;

                        B. Fisher; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule

Others present: A. Brown; E. Robertson; Q. Dimmer (Harbourmaster); M. Brown (Minutes)

Alasdair welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2017 and particularly Andrew Brown and Eric Robertson who had both expressed an interest in joining the Board of Directors.

1.Apologies: R. Hamilton

2.Minutes of meeting held on 7 December 2016 and matters arising:

The minute was taken as a true record.

  1. DHD update – action has been completed to strike the company off the Register at Companies House.

  2. RNLI container space – The container will be removed once the boats have been put back into the water. A plan needs to be formulated to make best use of the space where the yachts stand in the winter and where the container currently stands. This matter will be referred to DHMC for views/suggestions and the Board will review any draft plan at the next meeting.                                                                        

3.Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety report:

a. Incident log review: Quentin reported one incident had taken place on New Year’s Day – Two people had swum out to Lamer Island, had been unable to return, suffered hypothermia and required rescuing. They were spoken to by himself and the RNLI. It was agreed that the harbourmaster should complete an incident report.                             

b. Annual Safety Review - 2016:

This had been circulated previously.


As part of its commitment to the Port Marine Safety Code Dunbar Harbour Trust formally reviews its safety record at the first Board Meeting after the end of the year. The aim of this review is to identify any trends that may guide the Trust to find new ways to improve the safety of the harbour.

2016 Safety Review

The incident log for 2016 shows –

27 25/03/16 Yacht cradle collapses Completed
28 06/05/16 Boat drifts from mooring chain Completed
29 12/05/16 Dive Boat sinks in the harbour Completed
30 09/05/16 Weedkiller sprayed on visitor Completed
31 22/5/16 Attempted Theft of Outboards Completed
32 28/5/16 Climbing on the castle Completed
33 29/05/16 Swimmers in the harbour Completed
34 7/7/16 Tender capsizes with 1 occupant Completed
35 24.7/16 Fishermen’s stores fire Completed
36 31/7/16 Slipway launches RNLI rescue Completed
37 15/8/16 Tombstoning Completed
38 19/8/16 Tombstoning Completed
39 1/10/16 Tender capsized with 3 occupants Completed
  • There were 13 incidents in the year (2015 -16)

  • There were no RIDDOR reportable incidents ( 2015 – 16)

The greatest risks centred round the behaviour of the young people of the town, mainly in the summer months. The number of incident reports does not reflect the occasions when children were tombstoning, jumping off the North Wall or swimming in a harbour used by commercial fishermen. The decision to ask the harbourmaster to address the schoolchildren before the summer holidays may make a difference in 2017.

There is concern at the facilities that are provided for the elderly sailors in the harbour. Action will be taken to repair the North Wall steps before the 2017 Boats In Day.

The most serious incident was the sinking of the dive boat. Greater vigilance at low water to spot and remove potential hazards will reduce this risk area.

Most likely risks to cause serious damage to persons or property are considered to be:

  1. Falls from climbing

  2. Run down by vessel entering harbour while diving or swimming

  3. Trips on uneven surfaces

Looking at the maritime hazards only these were ranked:

  1. Operational planning error – grounding (especially when moving from Victoria Harbour into the Broadhaven)

  2. Unplanned movement of berthed vessel resulting in collision or sinking.

  3. Unexpected tidal conditions, including swell – collision with quayside (especially in the harbour entrance)

Better reporting will result in better analysis of the root cause of any problem and thence better action plans, so this remains a key objective.

c. MAIB investigation reports – There are no new reports that are relevant to the operations at Dunbar Harbour.

d. PMSC Internal Audit – This will take place shortly and will focus on the matters raised in the latest external audit. These have been actioned.                                                   

4. Harbour Security:

Draft Protocol – This had been circulated previously, was discussed and reviewed. The protocol will be amended as suggested.                                                                             

Guidance to those with access to the CCTV cameras will be given by the Chairman      

It was agreed to look into the purchase of a suitable webcam to provide the coverage of the harbour that had always been intended for those interested in watching the activities at the harbour from the comfort of their homes. Filming of the activities at the harbour entrance also remains a possibility as we have planning permission for these cameras.                    

5. Finance Report:

The December report had been circulated.

Cash flow management of the Battery project had proved to be successful and there had been no need to borrow money.

The current deficit of income over expenditure is due to the Battery project operations.   This should resolve itself once Historic environment Scotland’s grant is received.

Additional costs during the year had been applied to the repainting of McArthur’s Stores and this and the Battery project have been the two major projects in the year.

Debtors list had increased slightly but is not giving cause for concern at present. A legal letter will be sent out to one non-payer.

Moorings Invoicing will begin next week

Harbour side retailers – Big Blue and Tasty Toastie are expected to return. James Bisset is hoping to sell fresh fish. Investigate possible specialist cheese retailer.                                  It was agreed that retailers should be asked to pay at the start of the financial year in line with other harbour users.

6. Harbour Management Committee:

a. Fuel Supplies – Class A2 or Class D:

It was agreed to maintain the status quo. The Harbourmaster had consulted widely among the harbour users and also with the oil suppliers. Class D is not only cheaper, it is more suitable for most of the engines in the commercial fleet.

b. Mooring update –

The majority of leisure craft mooring applications are in.

Quentin will remind the fishing fleet.

A Moorings Committee meeting to be held early February.                                             

c. Directors’ appointment to DHMC –

Andrew Brown agreed to take on this role.

Eric Robertson will consider whether to join the Management Committee                    

7. McArthur’s Stores:

a. Boiler quote and the need for a new control –

Referred to Paul and John to investigate.                                                   

b. Lease update –

New leases have been issued. A request has been received from tenants for a meeting next Thursday at 2.30 p.m.                                                              

8. Projects:

a) Harbour wall repairs:

Work on Cromwell Wall (East Pier) – repairs have commenced.

b)Battery project on Lamer Island:

Battery access path has been cleared. Groundworks have been completed. Work has commenced on the amphitheatre structure. Project is going well.

Focus is needed on the Opening event on 21st April.          Views welcomed.                 

A programme will be devised to canvass interested parties for the “Friends of the Battery” group.                     

Steve will draw up a draft Constitution for “Friends of Battery” for next meeting.

Donald Urquhart, Artist, is to hold an audio-visual exhibition in Town House.

c.North Wall steps:

Alasdair reported that funding had been received from Civic Pride. This work will proceed before the boats go back into the water.                                                   

d. Hatchery fencing:

An order has been placed with Iain Watt. This work should be completed in the first quarter of 2017.

e. Castle Vault entrance:

Kevin Thomson had been approached for a quote to clear the entrance to the castle vaults, to secure the earth banks on either side and to repair the steps as necessary.

f. Notice Board :

This requires upgrading. Quentin will discuss with Iain Watt to see whether it is possible to replace the notice board within the existing stands with something that is waterproof and easier to use.                                                                              

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

a. Broadhaven –

Robin & Quentin had discussed with Kevin Thomson ways of improving/raising the breakwater other than the annual putting back the stones/material that has been washed into harbour.

During low spring/summer tides it is proposed to cut through the breakwater with an excavator, form a road and then bring back the larger stones on the foreshore to reinforce and raise the level of breakwater. The largest stones will be placed on the front face and the smaller stones on the inside face. Approx. cost £4-5000. This proposal was approved and it was agreed that it would be put into action.          

b. Planning permission –

It was agreed that planning permission was needed for a new Amenities block and for the new Maintenance Bay, as well as the North Wall windbreaks. Plans needed to be finalised and permission granted before attempts could be made to secure funding.               

c. Davits –

Attempts to raise funds for a new davit had not met with success because there are a significant number of davits for the size of the Dunbar fleet. The problem exists because the boats will not leave the landing berth clear.

Location of landing berth is to be changed.                                                           

The matter will then be kept under review but it remains the Trust’s policy that the landing berth should be left clear when not in use. There was a discussion about the situation when a boat comes in at low water and has insufficient water to move off the berth. In those circumstances it is hard to envisage why another boat would then want to land when there was no water, so it would incumbent on the skipper to move off the landing berth at the first available opportunity if the boat was not going out to sea the following day.

10. Any other competent business:

a. Casual vacancies –

In accordance with Section 12 of the Dunbar Harbour Revision (Transfer) Order 2004 it was agreed that Andrew Brown’s experience as a qualified surveyor would be invaluable to the work of the Trust and that he should be appointed a trustee to replace Brian Cleator who had recently resigned from the Trust.

It was further agreed that Eric Robertson, who is a harbour resident and local businessman, was also well qualified to act as trustee and he was appointed to replace the late Andrew Brooking.

Both these trustees will continue in office for the period that the person in whose place the co-opted trustee was appointed would in the ordinary course have continued in office.

Both Andrew and Eric will join the DHMC if they so wish.                        

b. Selection of appointing body & advertising –

Andrew, Thelma, Robin and Ken are up for re-election this year. They are all willing to stand again. Vacancies will be advertised as required.                                          

c. Historic environment Scotland Harbour map query – in hand.

d. “Sparkling Dunbar” – It is planned that this should take place in August.                               

e. Skiff Regatta will be held on 24 June.

f. Quentin is assisting Dunbar Grammar with an environmental project. 1000 tons of marine litter had been collected.

g. Retail units –

Positioning them along the South Wall is not ideal. This solution was only adopted to accommodate the Battery project and will be avoided in future if possible.

h. Amenities Block – approach Viridor for possible funding.

i. Interpretation Boards for Victoria Harbour – Scheduled to be implemented on Friday 13 January.

11. Date of next meeting: Thursday 9 February 2017 at 18.45

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m