Minute of Directors’ meeting held on Wednesday 7th December 

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; R.Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; 

Others present:  Q. Dimmer, Harbour Master; (M. Brown, Minutes)

1.Apologies: B. Buglass; B. Fisher; K. Maule

2.Minutes of meeting held on 10 November 2016:

The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted.

3.Port & Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:

a) Incident log review – Aquila was damaged on the hardstanding. The third party’s insurance has accepted responsibility

b) MAIB investigation reports – none.

c) PMSC audit is scheduled for January

4.Harbour Security:  

A revised protocol will be reviewed at the January meeting

5. Finance Report:  

The Finance report for November was tabled and discussed

Authority was granted to the Chairman to sign the annual accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016. The accounts will then be lodged with Companies House and OSCR

Dunbar Harbour Developments Ltd

It was noted that Brian Cleator has tendered his resignation from DHD. It was acknowledged that a huge debt of gratitude was owed to Brian and Stuart Turnbull for pursuing the vision of getting a breakwater for Dunbar and a North Wall that would stand for decades. Their hope had been to make Dunbar a first class harbour for the RNLI all-weather boat all the year round and to boost Dunbar’s economy. The reaction to their efforts had frequently been hostile but they had succeeded in identifying a contractor who was willing to put the investment into Dunbar, thanks also to considerable support from our political leaders.

With recent developments in the off-shore windfarm industry it seems unlikely that anything will move forward in the foreseeable future, so it was decided to ask the Registrar of companies to remove DHD from the Register.

6. Harbour Management Committee Report:  

Alistair had circulated this report previously.

Matters raised in this month’s meeting included –

Skip hire:

Only two fishermen pay for a private skip. All other skips are provided by the Harbour Trust. The careless use of these skips last year resulted in a huge cost to the Trust and the Harbour Master is trying to educate the fishermen to use these skips more carefully.

Maintenance Bay:

Expectations need to be lowered of the Trust’s ability to deliver this project.

New davits and the Landing berth:

The logic behind changing the landing berth needs to be committed to writing, together with the proposed mooring positions for all the boats. There is no question of moving a davit in front of the fuel berth as the Trust has been told that this part of the harbour is not to be used for heavy loads and all traffic should be discouraged from putting strain on this part of the quay.

It may be possible to get one small davit to replace the existing manual davit. The Trust has asked whether it could apply for more davits and the immediate reaction was that there are now more than enough davits to meet the needs of the size of fleet that Dunbar has. The inability of the fishermen to keep their landing berth free appears to be the root of the problem. The reason for this needs to be discussed further at the DHMC.

RNLI container space

The RNLI intended to remove their container in October. The state of the container was then considered to be such that it would be risky to move it when the yachts were on the hardstanding. As soon as the boats are in the water the container will be removed. The use of the space will be determined at the February meeting after receiving the views of the Management Committee.

Mooring applications

All harbour users should have received applications either through the post or by e mail by the end of next week.

7.McArthur’s Stores report:  

  1. Lights have been repaired.
  2. Boiler repairs have been started and an estimate from Lothian Heating is awaited.
  3. New leases will be sent out to tenants before Christmas.
  4. A meeting has been held to communicate next year’s rent increase.

8. Projects:

a) Harbour wall repairs: 

The work in Cromwell Harbour starts in earnest next month, weather permitting.

Arch Henderson’s fees are covered by grant income.

b) Battery project on Lamer Island:  

The contractors have proved to be excellent and are making good progress.

The project is expected to be completed on time and within budget.

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

Harbour Users’  Meeting  was held on 24 November, 2016.   Grateful thanks were given to the speakers, RH, QD, SA and to Andre Coner who introduced the Trust’s new web-site.

10. Any other competent business:

a. Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th January 2017 – 6.45 p.m. at McArthur’s Store