Minute of Directors’ meeting held on Thursday 10 November 2016 in McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 16.45


Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; B. Buglass; R.Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule

Others present: Q. Dimmer, Harbour Master; (M. Brown, Minutes)

1. Apologies: B. Fisher

2. Minutes of meeting held on 13 October 2016 & matters arising:

The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted.

Matters arising: It was confirmed that Whitelaw Wells has been appointed as next year’s auditor.

3. Port & Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:

a) Incident log review – none.

b) MAIB investigation reports – none.

c) PMSC Internal audit & annual review process – P. Ingram agreed to carry this out for early next year.           

d) The request to place a davit next to the fuel berth raises a safety issue. The Trust has been advised not to put any more strain onto that part of the South Wall. AGThomson has provided costed suggestions as to how to solve the ponding problem along the South Wall. Robin, Quentin & Kevin Thomson will look at options & possible funding for strengthening the South Wall and solving the ponding problem.

4. Harbour Security:

It was noted that the CCTV cameras had been able to identify who had removed a fisherman's bait from the quayside last month. Although this proved to be a misunderstanding and not a criminal act it was encouraging to see how the cameras were able to establish the facts. Winter security arrangements were agreed.

5. Finance Report:

Paul reported that the landing fees were back on track.

The October management accounts were reviewed.

The draft Directors' Report for the Annual Accounts was considered and approved

6. Harbour Management Committee Report:

Alistair had circulated this report previously. He was pleased to intimate that George Johnstone and James Bisset had been duly appointed as members of the Committee.

  1. Condition of Fishermen’s Monument - This will be re-visited in the Spring.

    ii) Additional davits – Proper assessment needed to be carried out. It was felt that provision of 3 further davits may be unnecessary. The Trust needs to understand why the Landing Berth cannot be kept free for working boats, just in the way that the Fuel Berth is kept free. The manual davit definitely should be replaced but it was noted that its weight bearing capacity can be much lower than the latest davits. Quentin will investigate solutions from other harbours e.g. Anstruther for alternative/less expensive options but it was noted that any Flag application would require to be submitted by the end of November.

    iii) Provision of larger skips - One large skip will be made available for a short period of time in each of the main harbours.

    iv) Harbour railings under Castle – Alasdair has this in hand.

    v) Condition of Maintenance Bay – Alasdair and Robin will consult with Ros and look to funding from EMFF.

    vi) North Wall stairs - Alasdair will apply to Civic Pride for funding.           

    vii) Harbour Trust minutes on website – Minutes after July are not on the old website but are available on the new website which will be launched at the Harbour Users’ Meeting.

    viii) Pro rata charge for boats staying for less than a year – It was agreed that new boats arriving after September will be charged 6 month rate. This applies to commercial as well as leisure boats.

    ix) Differentiation between leisure & commercial boat charges – Paul circulated a Comparator Schedule listing a number of East Coast harbours which clearly showed that leisure users are not getting a cheaper rate compared with other Forth harbours. It was however agreed that the rates should be reviewed if and when good pontoon facilities could be introduced for the leisure users. The rates for commercial users also were considered to be fair compared to other harbours with Dunbar having the lowest rate for landing dues in the area.

    x) Broadhaven breakwater – Robin will consult with Kevin Thomson and Kevin Keillor to consider an immediate, low cost solution for winter.                              

    xi) Surface condition of South wall road - Robin and Quentin will discuss with K. Thomson.                      

    7. McArthur’s Stores report:

  2. The fishermen appear to sorting out the use of the compound among themselves. No intervention is required

    b) “A” Frame has still not been moved.

    c) Lights are to be repaired outside the building.

    d) Lease for tenants – The tenants had asked the Trust to reduce the proposed 20% increase in next year's rent. An alternative suggestion was proposed. A meeting will be arranged with the tenants to communicate this idea. An inspection of the building will be carried out annually to assess the adequacy of the maintenance reserve.

    8. Projects:

    a) Harbour wall repairs:

    Cromwell - the funding is in place from Viridor, Marine Scotland and Historic Environment Scotland.

    Three Tenders had been received with K. Thomson’s being the lowest. Work to start on 5 January 2017.

    £110,000 funding made up as follows:- £50,000 Viridor; £40,000 Historic Scotland; £20,000 Marine Scotland. Another inspection will take place March/April next year. All “red” areas have been addressed.

    b) Battery project on Lamer Island:

    (i) Contractor has started on fabric repairs over last month – ongoing.

    (ii) Planning Permission has finally been granted. This has seriously held up the project.

    (iii) Contract terms have been agreed. The contractor will start on the site improvements next week. Due to delay in receiving planning permission a request was made to Viridor for an extended deadline but this was denied. The project needs to be finished by the end of January 2017. Consequently, the decision has been taken to omit the Interpretation Room and submit a revised design for an Open Interpretation Space.

    9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

    Harbour Users’ Meeting - 24 November, 2016. Intimation on Newsletter.

    10. Any other competent business:

    a. Lady Angela’s request – agreed

    b. Date of next meeting – 7 December 2016

    c. Quentin has enrolled with RNLI.

    d. Requests had been received for more recycling bins for McArthur’s Stores.

    e. “Fishing for Litter” started to-day.

    f. “No Parking” signs in vicinity of “Tasty Toastie” to be enforced.


The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.