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Minutes of Directors’ Meeting held on Thursday 13 October 2016 in McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 18.45

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; B. Buglass; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule

Others present: N. Gosling, Shipping & European Maritime Co-ordinator, Transport Scotland; Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master); M. Brown (Minutes)

1.Alastair welcomed Nick Gosling to the meeting. Nick expressed his appreciation of the opportunity to attend and he explained that representatives made occasional visits to a number of Trust Board meetings to see how each one operated.

2.Apologies: B. Fisher; R. Hamilton

3.Andrew Brooking:

It was with great sadness that the board learned of the untimely death of Andrew Brooking on 6th October.

Andrew joined the Dunbar Harbour Trust as a Director in April 2016 and contributed with great good humour to many important aspects of the management of the harbour. He actively participated in the Port & Marine Safety Code agenda, and will be remembered as the champion of our chain inspection programme. He volunteered to join the Harbour Management Committee and provided valuable information to that body. Andrew was also a keen user of the harbour and his boat Jalan Jalan was moored in Cromwell Harbour. He had spent fifty years in the Merchant Navy, both in command at sea and in the most senior shore based management positions. He was able to provide expert opinions on safety, port and terminal development, ice navigation, oil spill response and marine risk assessment. His breadth of knowledge far exceeded what is needed at Dunbar but he provided help and advice in the most modest of manners to the Trust.The Directors have written to Andrew’s family to offer their condolences at their sad loss. He will be sorely missed by all at Dunbar Harbour. Alistair and Thelma will attend Andrew’s funeral.

4. Minutes of meeting of 8 September 2016 & matters arising:

The minute was adopted as a true and fair record.

a) Broadhaven breakwater – immediate short term repair.

Repairs were done in the Spring in preparation for this winter’s storms. It was agreed to carry out repairs again next Spring. Meantime space would be made available in Cromwell Harbour for any Broadhaven boats requiring shelter.

b) James Bisset fish van :

This venture has the support of the DHT. James is finding out what is needed to obtain the appropriate licences.

5.Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:

a. Incident log review:

(i) Quentin reported that 3 people had fallen into the water from a yacht and had been rescued by another vessel. The individuals had not been wearing life-jackets.

(ii) Mike Shaw had also fallen on Harbour ground. He had suffered concussion and had been unable to relate details of incident. To date no witnesses have come forward, so no further action can be taken. Mike himself acknowledges that a contributory factor was the slippy nature of his new shoes.

b. Risk Assessment review:

The meeting reviewed the risks of –

  • Cooking on board

  • Crew working with davits

  • Falling off ladders

The meeting concluded that these risks had been correctly assessed and required no amendment

c. Chain inspection:

A Chain Register has been started showing all chains and their location.

An annual photograph is to be taken of all chains.

There was a discussion of the various uncontrolled maps of the harbour and it is important that there should be a controlled document that defines each of the chains and includes a report (and photo) of each of them. This document will then be submitted to our insurers as a record of a professional inspection process.

6. Harbour security:  Nothing to report.

7. Finance Report:

The report had been circulated previously. The following note relates to September’s accounts.

  1. Appointment of Auditor – It was agreed to appoint Whitelaw Wells.

  2. Option to tax rents – Current procedure will continue. Once the option has been exercised it cannot be changed for twenty years.

  3. Insurance cover for Battery – Steve will check details of awards from funders.

  4. Bank Mandate – changes are now complete.

8.Harbour Management Committee report:

Meeting had not taken place this month because of Andrew’s death.

  1. Bridge servicing – Quentin will contact E.L. Council. It is ELC responsibility to order and pay for the servicing.

  2. Committee membership – Duncan Forbes is stepping down. The Harbour Trust is very grateful for his service. (Alistair will write with thanks.)

  3. Discount on moorings – It was agreed that next year’s mooring application letter will include the proviso that (i) written proof of mooring charges from a second harbour will be required if a discount is to be awarded and (ii) a track record of landings fees having been paid each month during 2016/17 must be in place.

  4. Role of mooring committee – To be discussed at next HMC meeting.

9. McArthur’s Stores Report:

a) Painting project – completed.

b) Meeting with tenants – This will take place on Tuesday 18 October at 2.30p.m.

c) Compound allocation – in hand, but yet to be finalised and formalised.


a. Harbour wall repairs –

The contract for the Cromwell harbour repairs is due to be awarded shortly.

b. Battery project on Lamer Island:

Work has commenced.

Awaiting Graham Brown’s ( Contractor) price for improvement project.

Excavation works for amphitheatre and interpretation room proceeding well. Historic Building Record Survey being carried out.

Wall repair works under way.

Planning consent expected by 28 October 2016.

Lammermuir Festival has noted interest.

Text for interpretation panels has been completed.

c. North Wall benches:

Benches have been completed.

d. North Wall stairs:

Work to be carried out next Spring. (Alasdair to try for Civic Pride Grant and include 6 windbreaks for benches).       

11. Harbour Improvement Plan:

Harbour Users’ Meeting to take place on Thursday 24 November at 18.00. The launch of the new Website will take place then.

Publicity for the HUM will take place in the Newsletter, on the Web-site and on the Notice Board.

12. Any other competent business:

1. Rotary Club would like to plant purple crocuses near Tom Badger’s memorial seat – Purple for Polio appeal.   This was agreed.

2. Marine Litter Survey had been very successful, 23 volunteers turning up. There has already been evidence of changed behaviour.

3. A visit from Club Scouts had taken place. Quentin is keen to encourage other organisations to visit.

4. Two Grammar School girls will be undertaking work experience during November.

5. The DFA has an AGT mini-digger beside the Cold Store - awaiting Scottish Power.

6. A Scottish Government Minister will meet with DFA on site next month. Alasdair will also attend as FLAG representative.

7. Castle /Vaults area – improvements to these areas are still part of future plans.

13. Next meeting: This will take place on Thursday 10 November 2016 in McArthur’s Stores at 18.45.

The meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.