Minutes of meeting held on Thursday 8 September 2016 

In McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 18.45

Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); J. Band; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton

Others present:  Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master); M. Brown (Minutes)

1.Apologies:  S. Anderson; A. Brooking; B. Buglass; P. Ingram; A. Mackie; K. Maule

Alasdair announced that Brian Cleator had resigned as a Director. He will write to Brian thanking him for his very valued participation in the work of the Trust.

2.Minutes of 11 August 2016 & matters arising:  The previous minutes were approved.

a. Broadhaven breakwater: Quentin will meet with Kevin Thomson to action the immediate short term repair.

b. North Berwick leaflets: These were now in the Discovery Centre and had been well received.

c. Pension Scheme – The Trust is now registered with NEST. 

d. Lamer Island press article: This has been submitted for publication.

3. Port Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:

Incident log review:

The only incidents recorded in August related to tombstoning. In each case the matter was referred to the Police.

MAIB Report: There were no relevant MAIB reports to add to the website in August.

Risk Assessment methodology:

Risk assessments:  The risks under review at the September Board meeting were:-

1.Unexpected wind strength or direction.

2.Unexpected tidal conditions or swell.

3.Operational planning error.

All of the above could cause collision or grounding.  They are mitigated by –

  • Paying attention to the weather forecast
  • Pre-assessing the swell conditions and wind direction.
  • Docking guidelines and advice.
  • Use of fenders
  • Use of anchors
  • Proper passage plans for visiting boats.

No amendments to the existing risk assessments were proposed.

Chain Register:  Quentin now had a Chain Register in place as a working document. 

A discussion took place with regard to the Main Chain.   There appear to be no defects. Photographic evidence of its condition from the end of the chain to the wall is available and this part will be replaced if and when necessary. Alasdair will check on the insurance cover situation.

Suggestion was made to draw up a schedule of replacement/repair and to budget for chain replacement at some time.

Raw Sewage at Broadhaven: Quentin will chase up SEPA.

4.Harbour security:  Nothing to report.

5.Finance Report: Alasdair had circulated this previously.

a. Mooring charges for next year agreed at 3% increase.

b. Launching charges agreed at £10.

c. Alasdair proposed a slight amendment to the wording regarding fishermen’s 25% discount and will refer this to the DHMC for their consideration.

6.Harbour Management Committee Report:  This had previously been circulated.

  1. Provision of a further davit -  Further consideration is needed as to why the number of davits on the South Pier are insufficient. The fishermen have not been able to keep at least one of them as a free working davit. The idea of using the fuel berth needs careful consideration as Arch Henderson have flagged up that part of the pier as being at risk. Tankers are not allowed to park by the edge, so it is perhaps not sensible to install a davit there until a major repair can be undertaken to that wall. At the moment this is not top of the list of priorities with the focus being on the main sea defences.  It was agreed to add this to the Project List in the Harbour Improvement plan
  2. Advertising of local businesses associated with harbour – agreed that this should be encouraged and supported.
  3. Johnson’s Hole breakwater – Required repairs were agreed.
  4. Harbour Bridge maintenance – Quentin has contacted MacScott Bond to service the bridge and to price for load-testing and will discuss with ELC thereafter.
  5. McArthur’s Store compound -  An extra container for hot work may have power supply issues but Ally Lugton’s request was approved  Quentin will assist Kevin Keillor in drawing up a plan of allocation of compound space.
  6. Lamer Island Battery project – As part of this project it is planned to replace the rusting Victoria Harbour railings to hold the new interpretation panels. 
  7. Maintenance Bay – Fishing boats using the work bay on the east pier are having to tie up using strong points across the road. Consideration will be given to providing two more mooring points for them.  Quentin will  liaise with fishermen.

7.McArthur’s Store report:

a. Painting project – this is currently underway and is expected to cost c £25,000 in total. As a historic building the Trust must comply with the standards it has agreed with Historic Environment Scotland and is restoring the building to exactly the same specification as that used in 2008.

b. Termination and renewal of licences -  tenants have been written to, explaining that they are not going to be asked to pay for this current work in addition to the rents they have already paid, but that the rents will be going up by 20% next April, the first increase in eight years, to meet the on-going maintenance and repairs cost of the building which will only escalate with age. The rent will be still well below market rate with the sole objective of recovering the costs of maintaining and administering the building. The Trust makes no profit from the provision of this store to its tenants

c. Housekeeping/Compound – a methodology for keeping the outside of the building clear needs to be developed. It was confirmed that the A frame has not moved now all year. 


a. Harbour wall repairs:  R. Hamilton.

Cromwell Harbour Repairs

Tenders for repairs to Cromwell East Pier are due to be returned on 9 September from three contractors. After assessing tenders by Arch Henderson a successful contractor will be appointed and work started before 17 November, the deadline of drawdown of Viridor Credit Award of £50k.

Historic Environment Scotland £47k and Marine Scotland £20k will make up remaining funding. Contributing Third Party contribution to Viridor Credits can now be made.   

The application to the Heritage Lottery Fund was unsuccessful for Cromwell Repairs, Information panels and the Bird Viewing Station.

HLF have suggested a further application but this is not possible given the current progress being made on the other projects that HLF say they will now consider.

The repair work to the East Pier involves grouting of the core at three locations and strengthening of parapets.

North Wall Inspection

In mid-August an inspection of the outer North Wall was carried out by Quentin, Kevin Thomson, Kevin Keillor and Robin.  Using the Arch Henderson Condition Survey of August 2015 the condition of priority areas were updated.

The undermining repairs of June 2016  looked secure and further undermining repairs still need to be carried out as funds become available.

b. Battery Project on Lamer Island 

  • G. Brown, Main Contractor for fabric repairs, started on site this week.
  • Negotiating rest of works by end of September. Tender info has been released.
  • Brown confident it can be delivered – meeting tomorrow to discuss further.
  • Planners finally now registered application.  To be determined by end of October.  Trying for an earlier decision.
  • HES funding still to be confirmed but all info in place and HES issuing “without prejudice” letter to allow start.
  • Studio LR developing interesting interpretation for Hub.
  • Article should appeal in local press this week or next.

c.North Wall benches 

Close to completion.

9.Harbour Improvement Plan.

2017 Project Budget.

The HIP includes the projects that the Trust would like to deliver.  The challenge is to find funders for any/all of these projects.  Then there is the requirement to identify who can work up the detailed design and costing for each project.

Targets for discussion.

  1. Repairs to North Wall
  2. Introduction of a permanent Broadhaven breakwater.
  3. Repairs to Cromwell Harbour Wall.
  4. Repairs to South Wall.
  5. Introduction of an Amenities Block.
  6. Pontoon(s) in the harbour. (Quentin has approached Gael Force Group for quote).
  7. New maintenance bay.
  8. Additional harbour crane.
  9. Net storage system.
  10. South wall ponding. (Kevin Thomson has a proposal).
  11. New branders in Cromwell Harbour.
  12. Improved access to vaults and castle.
  13. Fencing at the end of Victoria Harbour.
  14. Fishermen’s Monument. (Surface should be original sandstone).
  15. Additional car parking – see below

Enjoyleisure has indicated its willingness to listen to any of the harbour projects that require the use of the land above the vaults. Any such project needs to be compatible with Enjoyleisure has been approached about the possibility of erecting an amenity block on this site. There is a reluctance to support this idea as Enjoyleisure has a facility not far away in the Swimming Pool and is keen to maximise the footfall and utilisation of this facility.

The other criterion that Enjoyleisure has mentioned is that any project will only be supported if there is general support for it among the harbour users.

Harbour walls inspection:

Provision of a small boat for the Harbour Master would be beneficial and will be considered as part of the HIP,

10.Any Other Competent Business:

i) Harbour Users meeting will be arranged for November.

ii) James Bisset has asked to bring a fish van onto harbour – agreed that this is a project that would be warmly supported.

iii) Transport Scotland will attend the next Board meeting.

iv) 750+ followers on Facebook. This is in tandem with website.

v) Zero Waste Dunbar have supplied litter bins which are being well used.

vi) A Litter Survey is to be carried out on 18 September.

vii) “Fishing for Litter” scheme being implemented.

viii) “Tasty Toastie” to be relocated and will remain at the harbour over the Winter.

ix) “Wee Dram” to be moved from the present position on the hardstanding at Cromwell Harbour.

11.Next meeting:  This will take place on Thursday 13 October 2016 in McArthur’s Stores, Dunbar at 18.45.

The meeting closed at 19.45.