Present:   A. Swan (Chair);  T. Band (Vice-chair);  S. Anderson; J. Band; B. Buglass; B. Fisher; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule Others present: Q. Dimmer (Harbour Master); M. Brown (Minutes)

1.Apologies:  B. Cleator; A. Brooking; R. Hamilton

2.Minutes of meeting held on 12 May 2016 & Matters arising:  The minutes of the previous meeting were taken as read, Matters arising:   PPE equipment -  Steve has this in hand to organise and order.  

3. Port Marine Safety Code & Health and Safety report: Incident reports:

The following incidents were reviewed:

27. Nyvaig cradle collapses:

  • Risk assessed: If anything goes wrong with a lift and the boat needs to be returned to its cradle there is a risk to life and limb if the cradle is no longer able to receive the boat back.
  • Remedial action: Members of the Sailing club will be asked to provide cradles that do not collapse once the boat has been lifted off them.
  • It has been recorded that the owner was not happy with some of the facts in the report and said that the keel had never touched the ground. AS explained that the Trust needed to bring this matter to the owner’s attention if witnesses said that they had seen this happen. Once the owner was satisfied that the keel had not been damaged in any way this matter was closed.

28. Nyvaig’s mooring:

  • Risk assessed: Breakage of the main chain would put many of the Victoria Harbour boats at risk. This did not appear to be the case here where Nyvaig was moored to a lateral chain.
  • Remedial action: This incident highlighted the fact that the Harbour Trust is unable to inspect the main chain in its entirety while some of it is buried. During next winter at an appropriate spring tide the main chain will be uncovered and inspected and an inspection cycle will at that point be agreed.
  • A small bottom barge might be needed to raise the main chain, but it has been suggested that Robert Davis and Spitfire might help in this regard,

29. Lady Angela is holed in the Cromwell Harbour:

  • Risk assessed: Protruding rocks, stones, or other obstacles on the harbour floor will provide a permanent risk of damage to vessels settling at low tide.
  • Remedial action: Any such obstacles will be reported to the Harbourmaster and will be removed at the earliest opportunity.
  • There will also be a regular recorded inspection of the harbour floor by the harbourmaster. Barry B reported loose cobble stones at Cromwell Harbour – Quentin will check out.    30. Weed-killer sprayed on a tourist:
  • Risk assessed: Damage to the health of those visiting the harbour if chemicals are sprayed onto their food.
  • Remedial action: The matter has been discussed with the Trust’s current contractor, East Lothian Council. Sections of the harbour will be taped off during spraying to discourage tourists from entering areas where their food might be contaminated.

The following reviews are pending –

31. Theft of outboard motors – evidence is flimsy.

32. Swimming in the harbour – • Education at the school will take place before the holidays      • Engagement with the police has started…but not their top priority • Incidents will be recorded against the one report to capture the statistics • Dynamic risk assessments will be adopted where necessary    

The External PMSC audit has been completed by Capt Graham Vale. The 2015 Safety Record will be put on website.  Alasdair will arrange.    The Board gave approval for Quentin to join the Association of Harbourmasters. MAIB Reports are placed on the website whenever they are relevant to harbour users. Ken brought attention to dangerous practices by youths on the Harbour Bridge.  Such behaviour to be reported to Police as soon as possible.     

4.Finance Report:   P.Ingram A small profit of £500 had been made during month. There will be a number of expenses to be met over next few months – e.g. Lamer Island, North Wall stairs, North Wall repairs, painting of McArthur Store There was a discussion about action that needed to be taken with outstanding debtors.

5.Harbour Management Committee report: A. Swan 1. Harbour Bridge –Reminder letter to be sent to ELC requesting confirmation that bridge is fit for purpose.           2. Benches have been removed by Kevin Thomson.  Thelma to check on their location.    3. Tidal gauges – Harbour Master to mount these.      

6.McArthurs Stores report: A. Swan S. Wight is giving up his store.  Allocation to be made to Liam Brunton.    A sustainable answer to the rubbish around the Store needs to be found.    Exterior painting – quotes expected next week. Cleaner – this has been arranged and now needs to be implemented.   


a) Harbour wall repairs – R. Hamilton in absentia. 1. Repairs to North Wall undermining have started (crane in place). Repairs required at 2-4 locations depending on progress.  (Swell prediction 1-2 ft. and low tides till Thursday). 2. Start has been made on repairs to high level walkway on North Wall. 3. Cromwell Grants of £97k from Historic Scotland (£47k) and Viridor (£50k) have been awarded. Working with Ken/Steve on HLF application for various outcomes (Cromwell repairs plus info panels, bird viewing platform, volunteer guides for school/community, link to Battery etc.) 4. Informal discussions with Marine Scotland on above works to see if any grant available. Quentin reported that more work on the undermining of the north wall is required.

b) Battery project on Lamer Island – S. Anderson. 1. Appointment of design team and Consultants – still to be formally completed   2. Meeting has been held with planners to discuss information for planning application for Battery works.  Full Planning Application to be submitted by end of June. 3. Design development is ongoing.   First package out early next week followed by second package in July. 4. Separate meeting suggested to discuss more fully what is happening on the project.  Steve will circulate proposed date.         5. Archaeologists are currently on site. 6. Funding – Steve has met with ELC officials re contingency fund and short term cash flow. 7. Historic Scotland – still chasing up.         8. Obtaining quote for replacement of all railings.      

c) Chill/Cold Store:  ongoing d) North Wall benches: these are in place. e) Victoria Harbour fencing: ongoing f) North Wall stairs:  Quentin meeting contractor on Saturday to get competitive quotes. g) Ornithological viewing point: Ken has had talks with both the RSPB and the British Ornithological Society. 8. Harbour Improvement Plan: i) Harbour Users Meeting – next meeting planned for later in the year ii) Mobile reception -  booster arrangement would be required.  Paul investigating. iii) Castle Flag and Wind sock – ongoing. 9. Any other competent business: a. DFA Meeting held on 6 June –

Store access: Disappointment was expressed that access had been given to the stores without the tenants receiving prior notice. The lease permits the landlord to access the stores for necessary work including repairs to the utility supplies or alarms. Wherever possible advance notice will be given to tenants but, more often than not, the Trust receives a call to say that the engineer is on his way. In these circumstances advance notice of the specific time when the stores will need to be opened is not possible and priority is given to fixing the problem for the benefit of the tenants.

Store repainting: The question was asked whether the rents would go up immediately to pay for the repainting of the building. No. However the costs of the project will be shared with the tenants together with an on-going budget for operating and repairing the building which will determine the level of next year's rents. There will be a consultation process.

Escrow account - Chill Store project: John Fairgrieve has agreed that he would get an official letter sent to the Trust to confirm who is now holding the Escrow Account.

FLAG: The Fishermen's Association suggested that there might have been a misunderstanding and that the DFA will be happy for the DHT to apply for grants for the benefit of the fishing industry.

AS explained why he had hoped that the DFA and DHT should work together to prioritise and apply for the EMFF grants. However he respected the DFA's wish to pursue their own applications. This created the problem that the Association and Trust could be competing for the same pot of money. It was agreed that the Association will co-ordinate the projects, determining what projects should be prioritised and which body should apply for them.

McArthur's Store compound: The harbourmaster asked whether the allocation of space was working well within the compound. Micky McLoughlin has spread into much of the area. However the work he does is greatly appreciated by the fishermen. No conclusions were arrived at re change to the use of the compound.

b. RNLI Day – 16 July.    Arrangements as in previous years.     c. Mission Statement 2014 – Thelma will update as necessary.    d. Extension to Website – Paul is working on a new concept to bring the harbour to life. e. Sea Cadets will use the harbour for a Regional Bowchaser event on 27th August. f. Power to visitors’ berths on East Quay – investigate.     g. Webcam and weather station – Thelma and John hoped to have prices for next meeting.          

10. Next meeting:  This will be held on Thursday 14 July 2016 at 18.45. The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.