Present:   Alasdair Swan (Chair); Thelma Band (Vice-Chair); Steven Anderson; Barry Buglass; John Band; Andrew Brooking; Paul Ingram (Treasurer); Alistair Mackie.

Others present: Quentin Dimmer (Harbour Master); (M. Brown, Minutes)

Alasdair welcomed Andrew Brooking as a new Director of the Trust.

1. Apologies: Brian Cleator; Barry Fisher (late arrival); Robin Hamilton; Kenneth Maule

2. Minutes of meeting held on 14 April 2016: These were taken as a true record.

Matters arising:

  • There is no need to clean the fuel tank following the Industrial Services report.

  • The Alarm contractor is in process of being changed.

  • Donald Urquhart has run consultation sessions re the public art.

  • Cleaner for office – It was agreed to hire a cleaner for 2 hours per fortnight

3. Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:

Quentin reported the following incidents:

  1. The “Lady Angela” had sunk in Cromwell Harbour this morning and been taken out of the water this evening.   Quentin was in process of checking copies of insurance documents for all fishing boats.                                                                                   

  2. An incident had occurred where a member of the public was sprayed with herbicide during a weed-killing session. Appropriate measures will be taken to avoid such an occurrence in future.                                                                                                         

  3. It was suspected that the main chain in Victoria Harbour had snapped. Andrew said that there should be an annual inspection of the chain and it should also be on the UK Chain Register. Investigation will be made into this matter.                              

  4. The wearing of safety gear during lifting in/out - It was agreed to provide some PPE for these events.   The Harbourmaster’s presence was required on all such occasions. An annual reminder letter re the safety guidelines will be sent to all harbour users.

4. Finance Report:   (P. Ingram)

  1. The Finance Report for April was tabled showing a loss of £1782 for the month.

  2. The high cost of skip hire has been incurred to help the fishermen to dispose of their damaged equipment after a harsh winter.

  3. The fishing fleet is currently down on last year. Income from landings and fuel sales are over 50% down on the previous year, reflecting the continuing poor weather conditions for the fishermen.

  4. The public moorings are filling up well.

  5. Payroll costs will fall next month now that the transition period is over.

5. Harbour Management Committee report:

a) Bridge – Report not yet received. A Load Test should be carried out annually.

b) “Wee Bess” is still in harbour – This will be removed onto a trailer for disposal after getting the agreement of the owner.                                                                              

c) Seaweed on harbour walls and cleaning of the steps and slipway – This is a two-man job. Arrangements will be made to provide extra resource on these occasions.                        

d) Davit hooks are still being damaged – Harbour Master will monitor.

e) Waste fuel disposal – Harbour Master investigating possible sources for the waste fuel which will be environmentally friendly and avoid the new Council charges for waste disposal.                                                                                                                          

f) Increase in cost of weed-killing process – Quentin is happy to acquire certification if this would help to keep the cost down

g) A third Director to serve on HMC – Andrew Brooking volunteered.                                

h) Honesty Box for launching fees etc. – Harbour Master to investigate secure site.         

i) Fish box storage as per last year – this will be restored.                                                 

6. McArthur’s Stores report:

a) External painting quotes will be available for review shortly after the June Board Meeting.

b) Reported repairs are being actioned by Alan Gillespie

c) Matters previously considered by a separate McArthur’s Store Committee will now be considered by the Harbour Management Committee. Any defects in the building should be reported at the time to the Harbourmaster for immediate action.

7. Projects:

a. Harbour wall repairs – (R. Hamilton);

Cromwell Harbour –

Following £47,000 award by Historic Scotland for Cromwell, Viridor is considering a further application of £50,000 this month. Ideally we require a total of £120,000

Kenny and Robin have been looking at an HLF application involving wall repairs, information panels, bird viewing point and school/community visits with volunteers to Cromwell. This project is linked to, and building on, the work Steve has done for the Battery.

North Wall –

Inspected on 9 May at low tide with AGT to plan underpinning repairs hopefully during summer/autumn. (£10K)

b. Battery Project on Lamer Island – (S. Anderson);

The funding of the project has been finalised and the project will be completed before the end of March 2017.

c.Chill/Cold Store – (A. Swan) meeting with Neil Brunton & John Fairgrieve.

1.The DFA plan has not yet been finalised. In line with the planning permission the DFA would like to remove the earth bank so that the structural engineer and Kevin Thomson can advise on how much space can be created safely. In the unlikely event that no plan is then forthcoming the DFA will organise that the earth be put back (if that is the Trust’s wish).

2.The Cold Store will be off the road. The store will be reduced in size if necessary.

3.Planning permission APP/15/0459/P was granted on 12 August 2015. It will need to be revised if the DFA changed its plan following the structural engineer’s report.

4. Building Control will not be able to pass an opinion until the final plan is determined. The question of drainage has yet to be finalised. The DFA method statement is to remove any debris by sweeping into bags and then sluicing out the floor into the harbour (with no use of chemicals). The licence imposes a condition on the DFA that there should be no nuisance which would include leaving any associated debris either on the South Wall road or a neighbouring bank.

5.Scottish Power has given the DFA a 3 year warranty that Scottish Power will remedy any damage they cause by bringing in a new power cable.

6.The funding has not yet been finalised because the plan has yet to be finalised. However, Marine Scotland has proved to be highly supportive and is very keen that this project should be driven through to a positive conclusion.

7.The Fork Lift Truck will be diesel powered so will not require charging facilities. Garaging facilities are still under consideration by the DFA. All drivers will be fully trained and properly licensed. The cab will be locked when not in use. Insurance will be in place and the FLT will be properly maintained and inspected.

d) North Wall benches – Hopefully these will be in place in the next few weeks.               

e) Victoria Harbour fencing – no further update, to be pursued.                                         

f) North Wall stairs – waiting for estimate of cost.                                                              

g) Ornithological viewing point – ongoing.                                                                           

8.Harbour Improvement Plan -

Paul is making enquiries re the provision of improved mobile reception in the Harbour area and this will be added as a new potential initiative as it will be warmly welcomed by many harbour users.

9. Any other competent business:

a. Meeting with George Kerevan – Alistair reported that the meeting had been held, views had been exchanged but no actions emerged from the meeting.

b. FLAG update –

  • RosalindMcArthur has been appointed as the Forth FLAG EMFF Programme Co-ordinator

  • EMFF allocation to Scotland until 2020 is c £100m in total

  • This £100m is allocated to seven schemes

    • Investment on board fishing vessels

    • Fishing gear and energy efficiency

    • Investment to shore based facilities

    • Partnerships and advisory services

    • Aquaculture. Processing and marketing

    • Marine environment and Inland fishing

    • Community led local development – 8 FLAGS – 6% of funds

  • Forth FLAG has £1.052m until 2020

  • FLAG objectives

    • Fisheries theme –

      • Supporting implementation of the Common Fisheries Policy

      • Not supportive of greater catch because of over-fishing

      • Adding value to the catch is good

      • Health & Safety for fishermen is good

      • Diversification of the maritime economy is supported.

    • Economic themes –

      • Diversification of the processing industry

      • Development of tourism

      • Renewables development

      • Developing community capacity, cohesion and collaboration

      • Developing an upskilled workforce

On 11 May Alasdair Swan tried to set up a meeting with Rosalind McArthur, the newly appointed EMFF Co-ordinator and senior members of the DSFA to work out which of the harbour improvement projects might best be funded by different parts of the EMFF Fund and to register the DFA’s early interest in a fork lift truck training project.

This was not considered to be helpful by the DFA who wrote in to say that any meeting between the EMFF Co-ordinator and the DFA will go through Peter Johnstone.

The DFA will be putting their on applications for FLAG funding with help from only the EMFF Co-ordinator.

The DFA don’t have to have a meeting to discuss FLAG funding for fishing improvements as the DFA is fully aware of the needs for the fishing industry. The DFA as an independent Association and will attend to its own business with the FLAG through Peter Johnstone or the EMFF Co-ordinator. It does not need others making decisions for it.

The Harbour Trust respect this position and will be making no further attempts to initiate funding for these projects for the fishermen. The Harbour Improvement Plan highlights those projects that were planned to benefit the fishermen and the Harbour Trust will leave it to the DFA to seek EMFF funding as and when it deems appropriate. Should the DFA want the Harbour Trust’s help at any point the door is always open.

DHT will determine which of the tourism initiatives might be small enough to be financed by FLAG and these will be discussed with Rosalind at a meeting to be convened in the coming month.

c. Date of next meeting – Thursday 9 June 2016 at 6.45 p.m.

d. Propeller interpretation boards – will be re-instated.                                                      

e. A complaint had been received regarding the toilet facility.

f. Flag missing from Castle – Quentin will contact RNLI for a replacement.                                   

g. Cromwell Harbour branders – included in HIP. Requires EMFF funding

h. Weather Station Webcam – this is also part of the Harbour Improvement Plan

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.