Present: A. Swan (Chair; T. Band (Vice-Chair); S. Anderson; J. Band; B. Buglass; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); A. Mackie; K. Maule.

Others present: Q. Dimmer, Harbourmaster; M. Brown (Minutes)

1. Apologies:   B. Cleator

2. Minute of meeting of 10 March 2016 and matters arising: The minute of the previous meeting was taken as read.

Matters arising:

Salaries and pensions are now being administered by AS.

Reminder letters have been sent out to those paying mooring charges late.

Skips were provided for the harbour clear-up.

3. Update on appointment of new Directors: John Band was welcomed back as a member of the Board.  Paul intimated that the process was ongoing and it was hoped a final decision would be taken by the Appointing Body by the middle of next week.

4. Appointment of Harbourmaster:   The Board welcomed Quentin Dimmer as the new Harbourmaster. He had commenced duties on 11 April 2016. Quentin thanked the Board for giving him this opportunity. He was making himself known to other harbour users and will be operating an open door policy.

5. Port & Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:  

1. There has been one incident to report since the last meeting related to Craning In Day when Nyvaig’s cradle collapsed in (as it is designed to do) preventing the boat from being lowered back in when it slipped on its sling.

2. The matter is currently under investigation and a full report is awaited.

3. Two questions are being asked –

            a. Was the banksman at fault in signalling that Nyvaig was properly in the sling before she was lifted?

             b. Should these collapsing cradles be altered so that they remain in position if such a situation occurred again?

4. Last year’s PMSC report will be reviewed with Quentin Dimmer before a date is set for the next external Audit with Graham Vale.

6. Finance Report:

The finance Report was tabled

7. Harbour Management Committee report:

1. Incompatibility of Class D fuel – still awaiting analysis report from Kevin Keillor.

Alasdair said that a quote was being obtained for emptying and cleaning the fuel tank.  

2. Nyvaig incident – already discussed.

3. Davits – being left locked but in a live state.

4. Awaiting report from N. Brunton and K. Keillor on branders for Cromwell Harbour.

5. Bridge – Maintenance inspection due.   AS will meet with D. Northcott, EL Council. Also with John Blyth to explain requirements re lubrication of bridge.                                 

6. Mooring Committee reported there are still 6 spare moorings in Cromwell Harbour.

7. Unpaid Mooring fees

9. North Wall Steps - RH and QD will meet with Kevin Thomson to discuss possible solution and report back.                  

10. Purchase of tools for Harbourmaster has been approved.

11. Security at Cromwell Harbour – JB is obtaining advice and will report back.                

8. McArthur’s Stores Report:

a. Repainting project

b. Cleaning contract

c. Skips – As from 1 April hire charge will be met by only 2 occupants.

d. Claymore Alarms update.

9. Projects:

a. Harbour wall repairs:

Cromwell Harbour -

Red priority costs for Cromwell Harbour have been estimated at £120k.

Progress with grant applications was reviewed

North Wall -

North Wall repairs – phase 1 repairs to 4 undermined voids (red priority) as discussed at last Trust meeting. Estimated cost £10k. Initial discussions with AGT on doing work this summer during low tides.

Marine Scotland – Aware of our needs. They will know this month if they have an Emergency Repair Budget for 2016/17.

South Wall –

Voids exist and there is an awareness that a comprehensive repair would be hugely expensive.

A review of the areas most in need of repointing will be undertaken.

b. Battery Project on Lamer Island:

Funding review – expected to be complete by end April

Project completion date – end March 2017

c. Chill/Cold Store: Nothing to report.

d. North Wall Benches:

TB said that plastic wood benches have been delivered. There was a discussion about whether we should delay installing the benches until RH speaks with Keven Thomson re condition of wall behind. It was agreed that the benches should be installed as quickly as possible to meet the conditions of the grant and have the facility in place for the start of the season.                                                                                                  

E. Victoria Harbour fencing: Waiting to hear from ELC. This project will not proceed without grant funding.

f. North Wall stairs: Already discussed.

10. Harbour Improvement Plan: North Wall windbreaks and also a Bird Hide on Cromwell Harbour wall will be incorporated in the Plan.                                                  

11. Any other competent business:

a. Correspondence from Norman Hampshire.

b. Dunbar Shore & Harbour Neighbourhood Victoria Street Project

c. Use of gazebo for civic Week was granted

d. Kirsty Gurr application – Coffee van next to “Big Blue”

e. Sailing Club – will be submitting a request for cradle storage.

f. Yellow markings on South Pier require repainting.

g. Certain signs also needed repainting.                                                                               

h. Coast to Coast Paddle Boarders – Risk Assessment has been agreed.

i. Request for use of McArthur’s Stores as meeting place for community-based groups. A fee of £15 will be the norm for non-charitable organisations.

j. Harbour Festival – Due to the possibility of some work taking place in the area of the Battery during August it was agreed not to hold the festival this year.

k. Next meeting – Thursday 16 May 2016 at 18.45.   The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.