Present:          A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; B, Buglass; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); K. Maule. (M. Brown, Minutes)

1. Apologies: B. Cleator; B. Fisher; A. Mackie

2.Transport Scotland Visit: Due to illness this has been postponed until a subsequent meeting.

3.Minutes of previous meeting and matters arising: The minute was taken as a true record.

Matters arising:

  • Coast to Coast Safety measures: Risk Assessment to be distributed to Board members for discussion at the next meeting. There are risks associated with the paddle boarders crossing over the harbour entrance to the castle side of the entrance; there are risks of the paddle boarders not being seen by incoming boats if they stick to the north wall. There is no easy answer.                             

  • Davit electricity supply: BB to check out and report back as to whether they are left live or not.                                                                                                      

  • Fencing at Victoria Harbour: A. Coull of East Lothian Council had submitted proposed plan. SA looked at them and was happy with the proposed approach . An application for a grant will now be made                                                                                         

  • North wall steps: This project will be discussed with the new Harbourmaster.

  • Carioca’s Cradle: Letter to be sent intimating that unless this is replaced the boat will not be allowed to use the hardstanding next autumn           

  • Salaries & Pensions: Meeting with Becky Donald next week to progress   

  • Electricity query has been settled.

  • Repainting project: AS taking this forward.                                                 

  • Propeller Boards: No further action to be taken.

4. Port & Marine Safety Code & Health & Safety Report:

1. Portaloo had been overturned by children. Investigate securing to wall.

2. Annual Audit to be carried out in May.

5.Finance Report

February’s accounts were tabled and various credit control issues were discussed

6.Harbour Management Committee report:

Alasdair had distributed a Moorings update. There are currently 8 vacancies in Cromwell Harbour.

Reminder letter re daily charge will be sent to 16 commercial boats who have not yet applied.                                           

Kevin Keillor has requested a large skip for Victoria Harbour – AS will arrange.

7.McArthur’s Stores Report:

a. Repainting project – AS hopes to have costs for next meeting, following the tender process.

b. Cleaning contract – SA has in hand.                                                                      

c. Alarms – There had been a few problems with alarm going off. It was thought this was caused by dust. Thelma has been in touch with Claymore and awaiting their response.

d. A request for use of Stores from Alistair Cook during Civic Week – granted.

e. DFA request for use of meeting room next Friday was agreed.

8. Projects:

1. Harbour wall repairs (RH):   Robin gave an update on the situation. Cromwell Harbour repairs will be in region of £120,000. There is no funding at present from Marine Scotland Emergency Harbour Repair fund. Grant from Historic Scotland would only cover 40% of costs.

Essential repairs were required on North Wall. It was hoped to do these in 4 individual stages at an approx.. cost of £10,000 per stage with Phase 1 to be carried out in summer months.   It was agreed to proceed with Phase 1 and seek funding.

2.Battery Project on Lamer Island (SA): Steve updated the Board. He had met with Michael Cunningham for quarterly update.

No news as yet from HLF.   It was hoped to submit planning application by end of March.

During next week or so Structural Engineers will carry out trial pits for interpretive room.

Propeller had been completed and claim submitted to Viridor.

3. Chill/Cold store : nothing further.

4. Big Belly – this as now in place.

5. North wall benches – plastic wood has been ordered.

6. Toilets – although this is not an active project Angus Macdonald has expressed concern on behalf of the Sailing Club. TB will explain where this project lies at the Club’s AGM       

9. Harbour Improvement Plan:

a) Continue repairs to harbour wall.

b) Complete Lamer project and promote use.

c) RNLI – a planning application for a building extension has been submitted, but there is no progress with the RNLI improvement actions in the HIP

d) Ponding on the South wall – RH believes that part of the problem may be caused by voids in the wall.

10. Appointment of Harbourmaster:   Four candidates had been interviewed. The recommendation was to offer the position to Quentin Dimmer with a view to him taking up duties on 11 April 2016.                                                                                            

11. Any other business:

a. The date of the next meeting will be on 14 April 2016 at 6.45 p.m. perhaps with Transport Scotland.

b. FLAG meeting – AS had attended yesterday.

1. Funds have been allocated by Marine Scotland for the next 5 years.

2. The total FLAG funding for all of Berwickshire, East Lothian and Fife is £1,052,000 for all of the 5 years.

3. East Lothian’s allocation is 31%.

4. Funds pencilled in for East Lothian for 2016/17 are £32,500 and for the following year £65,000, rising to £97,500 in 2018/19.

5. The first projects will be considered for funding on 31 August 2016.

6. A co-ordinator will be appointed in May to help with the submission of online applications.

7. Grahame Sinclair (Eyemouth) is the FLAG Chair.

8. Alison Cosgrove (East Linton) is the FLAG Vice-chair.

c. Cromwell Harbour – land with no title – It was noted what the DFA had claimed certain rights to this land but no action will be taken until Alistair Mackie returns/