Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-Chair); S. Anderson; B. Buglass; B. Fisher; P. Ingram (Treasurer); K. Maule. (M.Brown, minutes)

1.Apologies: B. Cleator; R. Hamilton; A. Mackie

2.Minutes of adjourned meeting held on 14 January 2016 were approved. 3. Port & Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:

  • There have been no reported incidents. The 2015 Safety review was completed.
  • Safe practices will be discussed again with Coast-to-Coast who have always been very responsible in their approach to safety.
  • Concern was expressed at the electric davits being left in a live condition.
  • ELC has recommended that improved fencing be introduced at the end of Victoria Harbour. North Wall steps have been closed off while a plan is developed for the repair of the steps.

4.Finance Report:

The Harbour Trust is close to a break even position for the year. Landings had been down and fuel sales lower as a result of the dreadful January weather conditions.

Changes will be required to the administration of salaries and pensions in the coming year.

Harbour Management Committee:

  • a. Fuel grade – situation being reviewed.
  • b. Branders – DHMC to be asked to provide solution and cost.
  • c. CCTV in Cromwell Harbour – John Band is pricing this up at present.
  • d. Mooring update – emails and letters have been issued to those who have not yet applied.
  • e. Composition of the DHMC – this Committee is working well and has a good balance among its members. It was decided to make no change to the Committee membership.
  • f. Victoria Harbour electricity usage – Meter readings are being taken to show that there was no abuse of this harbour facility in January.

McArthur’s Stores:

  • Roy Muller’s request to use the Store on 28 May was granted.
  • Repainting project – The tender process has been commissioned.
  • Cleaning contract – This will go out to tender.

7. Projects:

  • Propeller project - Work had been completed.
  • Battery project – HLF funding application has been submitted
  • Chill/cold store – DFA will arrange its own electricity supply
  • Big Belly – Compactor is due shortly
  • North Wall benches – The plan is in place to be implemented shortly.

8. Harbour Improvement Plan: Some items on list to be deferred until later date. The plan will be updated.

9. Appointment process for Harbourmaster: Six applications have been received. Interviews will take place shortly.

10. Annual advertising for Directors will be published this month.

11. Any other business:

  • Border Tyres will provide these free of charge if they would protect the fishing boats.
  • Propeller Board – Ideas to build on the old noticeboard were tabled.
  • Proposed A2 information boards for Victoria Harbour are being developed.
  • Two boats were "lifted out" of Cromwell Harbour last Sunday without safety gear.