Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); B. Cleator; P. Ingram (Treasurer); J.Fairgrieve; K. Fairgrieve; A. Mackie; (M. Brown, minutes) Apologies: S. Anderson; B. Buglass; B Fisher; R. Hamilton

1.Minutes of meeting held on 12 November 2015 & matters arising: The Minutes were taken as read. John and Kate Fairgrieve wished it to be minuted that they had not been present at the meeting in October 2015 when it had been agreed that the Harbourmaster should continue his duties.

2. Appointment process – Harbour Master: It was agreed to advertise the post with a closing date the end of January 2016. Interviews will be held in February 2016. The advertisement would indicate that the post was permanent full-time in the Summer and part-time in Winter and the salary will also be included. An Application Form will also be available on the Website.

Kate asked about the make-up of the panel when the previous interviews had taken place and whether a Police check had been done on the successful candidate. Alasdair gave the names of the panel members. He also confirmed that a clear Police check had been received for the previous appointee. Kate wished the Job Description to include wording to the effect that a Police check will be made on all applicants. Alasdair explained that this is common practice but the requirement will be included before any appointment is made.

Kate and John also expressed a vote of no confidence in Alasdair and Thelma as Directors. Kate said this was because the two of them had attended the harbourmaster's trial. Alasdair had also suggested that the Trust should support the harbourmaster until the trial was finished.

Alistair M. said that Kate's remarks were not very helpful. The Board should be working together in unison, for the benefit of all. Alasdair intimated that the harbourmaster had resigned and temporary arrangements had been put in place in his absence. Asst. Harbour Master, Denholm Horsburgh will do a 5 day week from December and Stuart Pirrie a 2 day week. In January they will reverse this pattern until a new Harbour Master has been appointed. Kate expressed her concern about one of the temporary harbourmasters

3. Port Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:

The Internal Audit Report has been completed. Updates have been made to the Safety Management System. There were no incidents to report.

4. Finance Report: P. Ingram.

1. There was a surplus of £193 in November.

2, Fuel sales were down from £11,465 in November 14 to £5207 in Nov. 15. Landings were nearly one-third of the previous year. It has been a bad month for the fishing industry.

3. The repairs of £1000 were the cost of tidying up the area under the Castle. The harbour staff is now replacing the railings for safety reasons.

4. The cost of wages will increase again from December as we have moved Denholm Horsburgh onto a 5 day week and Stuart Pirie onto a 2 day week.

5. In December we will also pay £2000 for the independent review of our statutory accounts which have now been lodged with OSCR and Companies House.

5. Harbour Management Committee Report: A. Mackie

  • Electric Davits - A process is now in place for the servicing and maintenance of the electric davits.

  • Following the recent escape of fuel the delivery hose has been replaced and 2 spill trays are to be

       purchased for the oil bunker.

  • State of some of the cradles supporting the yachts is still giving concern. One owner had

        moved home without telling the Trust. His new address has now been obtained.

  • The DHMC Budget overspend has been on approved harbour improvements.

  • Awaiting a reply from David Northcott, ELC, with regard to maintenance of Harbour bridge.

  • Security – additional camera at Cromwell Quay being considered.

  • Planning permission has been received for the replacement Harbour steps. Kate asked why

        the cost of this project was not being met by the Yacht Club as they were the people who used

        these steps. It was explained to her that the Trust tries to look after the interests of all harbour


  • Mooring Committee report – Satisfied that boats are properly allotted.

  • Robert Aitchison’s mooring request was considered. It was agreed that Mr. Aitchison should be

       encouraged to apply in the normal way for a 2016 mooring and that he should be accommodated

       in the Victoria Harbour if a mooring should become available.

    6.McArthur’s Stores Report: J. Fairgrieve. JF said there was nothing further to report. The tenants were currently reviewing the accounts. They had a number of queries and hoped to arrange a meeting to discuss. Alasdair confirmed again that whatever funds needed to be transferred between the General Fund and McArthur's Store Fund would be transferred. As the published November accounts showed it is not a simple exercise. Paul asked if the list of repairs could be submitted as soon as possible to find out what is required so that estimates for the work can be sourced. He confirmed that the Trust will do whatever is necessary to keep the Stores in a good state of repair, but nothing could be done until this specification is forthcoming. John will endeavour to speak to tenants next week.


    a. Battery project on Lamer Island - Propeller Project – Rankin Fraser report that the Forth Bridge issue means a longer drive over for Gilmartins which they are factoring in to the daily scheduling. Bench dowels in the foundations have been finalised and crane hire has been scheduled for Friday. They are to use a Hiab lorry located on the harbour side, subject topermission from the Acting Harbour Master. Following the installation of the benches on Friday hard surfacing and landscaping are lined up for early next week. Steel work back rests are complete and handrails are being finalised for installation next week also.

    b. Chill/Cold Store – It was understood that this was making headway and funding will be from EL Council and Marine Scotland.

    c. North Wall Benches – The probable cost is £2200 for the wood and £3277 for labour and stainless steel bolts. This would mean a contribution of around £500 from our own funds on top of the Civic Pride grant. If concrete supports are required there will be a need for a further £1100. It was agreed to proceed with Thomson’s quote and Thelma will make enquiries about the need for the supports.

    d. Big Belly – Funding for Big Belly compactor has been received from Civic Pride. Kate felt that this was an unnecessary expense but Alasdair explained that the grant had been awarded on the basis of improving the appearance of the Harbour area. Litter is an on-going challenge for the Trust which greatly appreciated the support of the Council.

    8. Any other competent business:

    1, Kitchen facilities for the Stores – Kate intimated that she will seek public funding for this through the local press. It was pointed out that this was inappropriate and would bring the Trust into disrepute. Paul suggested that she should find out the cost of providing a kitchen in the stores, and the way to do this, so that we could consider the best way to fund this project if it could be delivered within Historic Scotland’s parameters. Thelma re-iterated Alistair’s previous comment that the purpose of the DHT Directors was to work together for the benefit of all Harbour users. Kate agreed that this should be the case but that she was here to represent the fishermen. Alistair explained that a trustee can be removed by resolution as previously explained in correspondence to all Directors if they are not complying with their statutory duty or behaving in a proper manner. Kate challenged the Board to try. John said that the fishermen would then withhold payment to the Trust.

    2. Camera at Harbour Master’s Office – Kate stated that this was pointing at the yachts only. Alasdair will investigate and, if necessary, arrange for re-positioning. Thelma pointed out that it is regularly checked and currently covers the south pier.

    3. John enquired why Brian Cleator remained as a Board member. He had a poor attendance at meetings and there were other stakeholders who would be happy to replace him. It was explained that although Brian was unable to attend on a regular basis he worked hard for the Harbour Trust out with the meetings and is unable to attend Board Meetings when he is working overseas.

    At this point the meeting became very personal and reluctantly the Chair closed the meeting at 7.30 p.m. with Kate informing him that he did not care about the fishermen and had done nothing for them.