Present:  A Swan (Chair); T.Band (Vice Chair); B. Buglass;    J Fairgrieve; K Fairgrieve; B Fisher; R Hamilton; P Ingram; A. Mackie; M Brown (minutes) G. Lawson (Harbourmaster)

Apologies: S. Anderson; B.Cleator; ;  K. Maule  

Approval of Previous Minutes :  The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved. 

Matters arising – 

  • Hardstanding charges for yachts 
  • Access to the Fishermen’s Monument
  • FLAG representation
  • Reporting to Historic Scotland
  • Harbour Security
  • Accounting for McArthur’s Stores  

Port & Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Items:

  • There were no incidents to report.
  • Safety Management System is up to date. 
  • Harbour Special Directions have been agreed.
  • Internal Audit to be concluded shortly
  • Annual Health & Safety performance over last 12 months will be reviewed at the January meeting.
  • Security fencing for the yachts.

Finance Director’s Report:

  • tabled and reviewed. 
  • October’s surplus included good landing income, a reduced insurance premium and various repair jobs.
  • The Statutory Accounts were approved for signing.  

DHMC Report: tabled and reviewed

  • The problems with the electric davits has been solved.
  • Spill Kit was missing from Fuel Store.  This will be relocated from Harbour Master’s store.
  • Insecure cradle – this will be improved. The owner has been written to.
  • MacScott Bond carried out maintenance work to Harbour Bridge.
  • Additional security required at Cromwell Harbour.  GL reported that CCTV installation is being evaluated.
  • Harbour Bridge not lifting high enough.  A higher mark has been put on the opening position.
  • Allocation of moorings – some boats may be relocated after discussion with their owners.
  • Pointing work required at Victoria Harbour
  • Rats in the vaults are feeding off the material washed off the creels
  • 3% increase for next year’s moorings confirmed.  

McArthur’s Store Report:

  • No update.  

Projects: Lamer Island:

  • Propellor project starts this month
  • HLF funding application is to be formally submitted Walls:
  • Application for a grant has been made to Marine Scotland
  • Application for a grant has been made to Historic Scotland  

Any other competent business:

  • a) Motorhome policy –  Awaiting a meeting with Bill Axon.
  • b) Harbour meeting set for 23 November 2015.
  • c) Date of next meeting – This will take place on Thursday 10 December 2015 at 18.30p.m.
  • d) EL Council would like Dunbar Harbour to champion their “Fishing for Litter” campaign.                                                    
  • e) Protocol for Directors non-attendance at meetings