Present: T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; B. Buglass; J. Fairgrieve; K Fairgrieve; R. Hamilton; P. Ingram (Treasurer); K. Maule; A. Mackie, G. Lawson, Harbour Master; M. Brown, Minutes

Apologies:  A. Swan (Chair); B. Cleator; B. Fisher

Minutes of meeting of 10 September 2015 and matters arising:   The minutes were taken as read.

Matters arising:

  • No application has been submitted for the new FLAG Committee as no update has been received from the transitional committee.
  • There has been no further correspondence about the fence in front of the Magazine.
  • The issue of harbour security has been raised at the Community Council meeting and received the Council’s support in principle.

Port & Marine Safety Code and Health & Safety Report:

Recent incident report

A boat had broken from its moorings in Victoria Harbour due to a failed shackle. It was agreed that a reminder notice to go out with annual mooring invoices.     

Safety Management System Ken had drawn up a draft which had met with the approval of Graham Vale.  The meeting discussed where Notices to Mariners should be published and archived

Finance Report:    

Paul had previously circulated the accounts.  There was a small surplus. A request for a breakdown of the income & expenditure since 2010 in relation to McArthurs’ Stores was made and it was agreed to prepare this for next month’s meeting.     It was also felt that it would be useful to have a historical budget prepared possibly every 3 months.

Harbour Management Committee Report: 

  • Electrical davits were still being left in a live condition – It as agreed to write to the DFA and all fishermen about the dangers.       
  • Expenditure had been approved for the removal of the guano.
  • Bridge – manual operation procedures were now in place.
  • Security at Cromwell Harbour – CCTV being considered.
  • Civic Pride application has been launched.
  • New mooring committee formed with 6 members.  

McArthurs’ Stores report:   It was reported that the building will be inspected next week with a report to next meeting                     


  • Battery project on Lamer Island  - HLF application is about to be submitted. 
  • The Art Project - Artist had visited this week.  A distribution list of interested parties is being set up.
  • Propeller project – Planning permission has been received and project put out to tendering. 3 tenders had been received • Chill/Cold Store    This was still ongoing.
  • c. Walls (R. Hamilton):   The report on all the walls had been received from Arch Henderson who had identified new undermining in the North wall.  Robin was in touch with both Marine Scotland and also Historic Scotland in relation to Cromwell Harbour. Any grant available from Marine Scotland would have a very short turnaround so alternative solutions were also being considered. 

Any other competent business:

  • Motorhome policy:  Ken had drafted a policy for discussion.   It was agreed to re-visit this subject once a response had been received from Enjoy Leisure. 
  • Container money rent – EL Council documentation to be provided for next meeting.  
  • Attendance of Harbour Master at Directors’ Meetings was raised and as this was a previous decision of the Board to encourage the Harbour Master to attend meeting as it was felt his input was beneficial and saved time. A copy of the Articles of Association was requested