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Present: A. Swan (Chair); T. Band (Vice-chair); S. Anderson; B. Buglass; J. Fairgrieve;  K. Fairgrieve; P. Ingram; A. Mackie, G. Lawson, Harbourmaster; M. Brown, Minutes

Apologies: B. Cleator; B. Fisher; R. Hamilton; K. Maule

Minutes of meeting of 13 August and matters arising: The Minutes of the previous meeting were taken as a true record.

  1. Motorhome policy – nothing to report at present.
  2. FLAG meeting – Meeting in Dunfermline confirmed that the three FLAG areas of Borders, East Lothian & Fife will be combined into one new FLAG area,
  3. RNLI cage -  RNLI crew  to be reminded of  their commitment.

Matters arising:

  • Scottish Water has responded and explained how the legislation is on its side
  • The abuse of lasers has been added to the incident log.
  • There has been no ELC response to our correspondence on the harbour bridge.
  • The RNLI has been informed of our approval in principle of the introduction of a concrete ramp at the end of the slipway. .
  • A Civic Pride fund application has been submitted for the North Wall benches.

Port & Marine Safety Code and the Health & Safety Report:

Recent  incident reports:

  • The rope of a small angling boat rope caught on to a fishing boat in Cromwell Harbour. Matter amicably settled 
  • Hooks: The problem of the straightening hooks may be being caused by the hooks being attached to the bar on the davits. Ropes will be attached to the davits as fixing points which will ease the strain

New risk assessments: The Board considered the risk assessments surrounding the activities in the harbour and ranked the hazards such as serious damage to persons or property and-maritime hazards The suggestion by EL Council that a 2.4 m fence be erected at the end of the harbour was not seen as an effective deterrent. The Trust's risk assessment on the subject was considered at the meeting and approved and will now be sent on to ELC 

Finance Report:  Sparkling Dunbar had made a small profit. Fuel stores were down on last year Landings were also down . It was felt that consideration should be given to attempting to raise the level of donations. Different methods to be investigated

Harbour Management Committee report:  The need for regular maintenance of lifting bridge. Recognition of increasing cost of repairs on Budget. Recommendation to Board that mooring charges for 2016 be increased by 3%. - Approved. A suggestion that Harbour Trust Directors on DHMC  be reduced from 3 to 2 retaining an option for a third, if required.

Harbour Security:  Bye Laws are notoriously difficult to enforce.   It is therefore proposed that the byelaw 14.1.4 be amended to add a new sentence at the end, ‘If the Harbour Master so decides he may request the police to enforce the Bye Laws.’ 

McArthur’s Stores report:      Estimates are being obtained for paintwork which need to comply with the stipulations of Historic Scotland 


  • The Propeller Project:  This has gone out to tender which should be available next week.
  • The Heritage Lottery Fund application is ongoing.
  • Toilets:  Alasdair had circulated the proposed plans and costings. He will now seek the opinion of ELC     whom we will seek to work in partnership with, and of the local residents. 
  • Chill/Cold store:  Funding still being sought
  • Fuel supplies: Kate raised the issue of compensation for loss of earnings for fishermen unable to obtain fuel.  The matter had been dealt with at the time by the Trust. A motion was proposed for compensation which was defeated by 3 votes to 2.
  • Sparkling Dunbar: It was reported to have been a very successful day which had been well attended.